Anime Review: The Third (Hitomi)

The Third


Now this is an interesting series. The main character, Honoka, goes through some adventure like episodes where her strength, both physical and mental, are tested to their limits and then beyond.

It is also an exceptionally fine and subtle portrayal of Alpha strength, the strength that Alphas have as leaders and front line troubleshooters.

The science fiction setting, with the post-apocalyptic environment, are very well done. Never does the series fall into the special effects or mechanized robotic SFX trap, where glitz is viewed as a good substitute for human drama, emotion, and self-determination.

The episodes are linked chronologically. The next one starts the second after the ending of the last episode in the chain. However, some creative editing has been done by the director of some episodes to present a mystery like environment where tidbits of information are given out about one episode’s plot while leaving the viewer (you) to figure out what is going on as more things become clear. It is like mystery shows in this venue.

The music isn’t as soul impacting as Clannad, Pandora Hearts, or Utawarerumono. However, the OP and the ED are still pleasant mini sound tracks for the endings of various arcs of the story.

On the nature of Alpha leadership and Alpha strength, the show definitely is a uniquely excellent portrayal of these issues. Alphas are trusted, diverse in their resources, focused more on protection than attack or revenge, and are not stressed or emotional when the shit hits the fan precisely because they know they have the resources required to solve a situation.

It is the scared person, the out of control person, that has so much stress that he explodes in a situation that he knows he cannot handle. Reference Ivy League Gates for an infamous example.

Alphas also conserve their resources because they know that problems cannot be solved with a simplistic solution of “more power” or “more money”. Alphas are always looking to learn from different sources and attempt to diversify their resource base so that they can handle various different situations and problems. Alphas are resilient. Whatever bad things happened to them in the past, they overcome their personal problems or weaknesses by focusing on the present and doing what it takes to survive until the future arrives.

Honoka is a very good example of a person that is mostly an Alpha yet has some insecure parts to her personality as well. I loved the various episodes that touched upon this theme, this philosophy. It was very entertaining and interesting, especially because unlike what the Left’s Hollywood likes to do, series like this treat the viewer and the characters as real people mature enough to decide for themselves what their fate should be. Hollywood and the Left thinks they know best, that everyone should, by the authority of the Left’s blue blood, connections, and power, obey the Left’s path to Utopia.

Honoka is a happy warrior. There were two episodes which somehow got the animation style wrong with the characters, but those just demonstrated how close of an emotional connection one had reached with the main characters to the extent that a difference in their animation style showed up as “wrong” on a facial recognition level.

Curiously there is a lot of life experience and philosophy tied up in life when contrasted with the post-apocalyptic scene. The apocalypse produces sci fi themes such as Ancient Technology=High Technology/Magic as well as a Vampire Hunter D style Western feel with guns and swords.

I gave it 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars, using the half gradation system which allows for a rating of 1-10. This makes those that got 5 stars rather than 4.5 stars or lower:

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More or less the order I viewed them in.

I clicked on the possibly related links because I was curious. I didn’t expect to find something actually related to this post, but I did in that link.

Both physical and intellectual strength require a strong mind and heart to succeed for both face limits that they must push through. Results too can be seen, though at times the intellectual ones are less tangible. The biggest difference and the one I find myself struggling with is how to improve to get better so that I can exceed my limits. There is no set training one can do to make oneself better to overcome a challenge, no way to tell whether the thing that you do will truly help you overcome the challenge. Sure you can always do research, but if you are facing a completely new problem, all the research may not help, it could be days, weeks, years, decades before you find something that puts you on just the right track. To make matters worse, is the constant loses, every new attempt at a solution is struck down with failure, at least with physical strength you can find small wins, race here, a performance there, but with solutions there really is one answer that you seek. I guess some comfort is found when you can say you make an ad hoc solution or believe you are making some progress, but how does one keep trying after failure after failure?

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