You’re Obsessed with Sex: You’re pathetic and I spit upon you all

Get accused twice of rape (Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh), repeatedly abuse your wife (Michael Pittman, Tampa Bay), regularly strangle and drown hapless dogs (Michael Vick, Atlanta)? Ah, well, boys will be boys, it is society’s fault — and besides, women and dogs don’t wear Super Bowl rings. But pray, work with the poor, and refuse to engage in casual sex — there’s something seriously wrong with you. Or, as one Sports Illustrated writer put it, you are a certified “wackdo.”


With rare exception (Denver Post columnist Woody Paige predicted stardom, maintaining that murder and mayhem are not the only qualifications for NFL success), the journalists have delighted in disparaging the Tebows as too “Christiany,” a journalistic synonym for “fascist.” You know, the kind of people whose vocal love for Jesus conjures up thoughts of a “Nazi rally,” as the largest Boston sports radio station described a family gathering.


Positively un-NFL, so much so that one front-office executive announced to Yahoo Sports that “I don’t want any part of him” and his nutty views. Yahoo Sports columnist Les Carpenter, reacting to this, noted that Tebow, “known for his goodness[,] has actually drawn a more visceral reaction [from the NFL and sports journalism establishment] than those players who are at their core, truly bad.”

But Tebow continues being Tebow. He responds with good-natured humor to a jeering press that accuses him of being a virgin with a simple statement: “Yes, I am.” And he goes on to explain the importance of commitment and marriage and ends with noting the discomfort in the room: “I think y’all are stunned right now.”

…To which Pro Sports Daily responded “Don’t be shocked if some of these guys want to take him out and kill the legend that is Tim Tebow.” NCAA Football Fanhouse expressed dismay that “the most popular player in SEC history is saving himself for marriage.” “Unbelievable” when he can have any girl he wants.

What is wrong with this guy? The Washington Post brought in professional atheist Richard Dawkins to reassure its readers that the NFL has nothing to fear. Too many hits from the blind side did not produce this “dummy.”


Let’s not forget some appropriate comments from myself here.

The sportscasters are not only idiots, they are wannabe cultists. They just want to lap up the KoolAid. They have no filters. They have no inherent value of themselves.

If women throw themselves at them, they see it as great, because in their heart of heart’s, they know that they don’t deserve the attention of real people. Thus it validates their own existence when women accept them.
Tebow needs no validation from random people. Unlike this cheap, decadent, and weak civilization revolving around huge money and indiscriminate sex, inner strength requires that one have value. And one has value because one is rare and nobody has equal access just because they came off the streets.

Tebow has essentially leveled up to the point where he has value and he knows it. You can’t just walk off the street and look hot to have the privilege of being with him. You have to have that “something” else. This elevates the value of the man but also that of the woman because women now start to understand that their body isn’t the only thing desired in the market place by high status males.

But these people with money in Hollywood and sports? Their souls have decayed. And they seek to corrupt the rest of us because their misery loves company.

Unfortunately for them, on a personal level, the power equation goes my way. On an institutional level, they can command more resources, but they lack mental fortitude, emotional strength, and the focus of a true man. They are cultists and they follow their cult of sex and money. That is all they are. Their favorite defense mechanism of telling those with high values that their values are invalidated, de-legitimatized, because they can’t get any woman they want, doesn’t work here. And they know it.

They are nothing but crabs in a bucket. Pulling any other crab down and preventing it from escaping. Well, I’m not a crab. I’m a human. And we have things called brains. And if a crab is weighing me down, I’ll simply smash it with the force of 100 pounds with my foot. Next I’ll go get my flamethrower and boil them in their own shells, those spineless socialites talking trash and smack on television. They embody the worst elements of the Left. And I would dearly love to purge them all from existence. Sonzaiyo

What is an Alpha?
Let’s start with the fact that being an alpha is a whole lot more than just ordering people around or intimidating people with the threat of violence (that’s called being a bully). And it’s definitely more than just being able to beat people up.

Being an alpha has to do with one’s involvement in a group. More specifically, it’s about the helping develop and maintaining a group dynamic, hierarchy and the functionality of the group. And this not just for your own benefit.

Being an alpha is about leadership and taking care of others.

Below are a list of traits that you will see in human alpha leadership. These are the traits that those engaged in the macho parody of manhood just … don’t … get. And because they don’t ‘get it,’ not only will they not be respected, but they won’t be trusted. Instead of being looked upon as ‘warriors,’ they’ll be looked upon as loose cannons on deck.

Alphas Look Out For Group
Before you can understand what an alpha is, you first need to understand something about the nature of power. Namely: Power is granted to you by the group. You don’t have power unless other people give it to you.

Here’s the catch, the group gives you power on the condition that you look out for their needs. That’s the deal. You get extra power to serve them. If you violate this trust then you will be stripped of your power by the group.

That simple point is the biggest stumbling block for people who want to be leaders but are not cut out for it. Such people are incapable (or unwilling) to look out for anyone’s interest except their own. And that brings us to the next point.

A layman’s definition of stress is: The belief that you don’t have the resources necessary to deal with a problem.

Now that’s pretty simplified, but it does convey an important point. And that is if you don’t think you can handle something — or you feel it is too great of drain on your resources — you’re going to get stressed. And when you are stressed you drop into an adrenal state. When that happens your brain start functioning differently. When you are stressed you get nervous, agitated, angry, aggressive and fearful. You tend to over-react, engage in threat displays and invade other people’s space. In short, you do all the things that are likely to get you attacked.

What’s ironic about this is that you are getting attacked because your stress created the same in the other person.

We thought about calling this section “Alphas are calm in the face of adversity” but the simple fact is, the reason they are calm is that they know they can handle it. They have the resources.

To be more specific, they have diversified.

It is not uncommon for betas to believe in simplistic solutions. In other words they commonly believe that if they become the ‘best’ at something they feel everything else will fall into line (e.g. the idea that becoming the best fighter will make them an alpha). Another common failing among betas is the belief that they are ‘good enough’ (i.e. because I’m good enough I don’t have to try to improve myself). Because of this when a situation occurs that taxes their limited resources they tend to overreact.

Alphas on the other hand have experience looking at problems from several perspectives and seeing alternative solutions. This allow them to be more calm and remain in their logical brain instead of their emotional one.

Insecure Alphas
Insecure Alphas is a term we picked up from the Dog Whisperer Caesar Millan. (Who, if you want some really good insights into how alpha/beta behavior works in pack animals, we highly recommend that you watch his TV show).

Basically Caesar’s summation of an insecure alpha is a beta dog that is thrust into a leadership position. This dog lacks alpha attributes. Most of all it doesn’t have the calm assurance of a true alpha. As such it is unstable and overly aggressive. An additional problem with this is other dogs in this situation also become unbalanced and aggressive.

Now it doesn’t take much imagination to take this out of the kennel and imagine the same dynamics occurring under a bad manager. A stressed out manager, gets the entire department upset and on edge.

This concept is especially applicable in a street confrontation, where fear of perceived loss of ‘respect’ will often motivate a beta (who is trying to convince everyone he is an alpha) to over react.

Here is where you get into a problem common among what if monkeys, lacking inner calm they project their insecurity onto everyone and assume they will act the way they would.

Let’s give an example, often violence can be avoided when you take ‘the bad guy’s advice.’ A great deal of violence would have been avoided if, when the bad guy said “You better get out of here,” the other person had just done so.

The person was given the option to leave or alter his/her behavior … but for whatever reason, decided not to. Believe it or not, the ‘bad guy’ is trying to avoid violence by giving you the chance to leave. Unfortunately all to often the soon-to-be-victim decided something else was a priority and refused.

When we talk about this in seminars, despite the offer to leave safely (remember trust?) inevitably someone pops up with the question “What if he follows you?” Usually by someone who is the sort who would refuse to leave for this very reason. Stop and think about that, he could have avoided violence by leaving, but his fear of violence following made him stay, thereby guaranteeing violence to happen!


One guess what I think of Leftists and their social apparatchik side kicks in the media.

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