Amy Walker in solo performance

These are all worth your time to see.

There is something to be said for specialization and that’s one of the benefits of civilization. At the same time, such civilizations need a particular form of protection which often runs counter to free expression. One solution is to train and arm regular people so that they serve as a bulwark. This allows some people to be armed, but not most people. More specialized focus on security and defense will create a unit with more force at their disposal. As a civilization that we call our own, we trade what we make in value for what others make. Because it is more efficient to do what we do best than it is to try to do everything. This noticeably affects personal self-reliance but at the same time it allows for far greater self-actualization in terms of maximizing one’s own individual strengths.

Not everyone can be on the walls but then again, not everyone needs to be given the way our civilization works.

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