Pandora Hearts Review

Pandora Hearts


This is a rather beautiful and touching tv series. It has a unique magical quality that uses an Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass effect. The music and costumes match well with that theme.

This series attracted me for its rather interesting blend of humor and bittersweet moments. Matched with the childlike imagination of Wonderland but yet also replete with a bunch of Queen of Hearts issues, the pictures convey a great sense of sublime beauty.

There is a great breath of emotions in just the first few episodes of the 25 total. The OPEN and END songs magnify those feelings so unlike many other anime where I skip the OPEN or END songs, for Pandora Hearts I rather enjoy hearing them over and over again. Of course, that is one of the great pleasures of anime tv. The Japanese place a great amount of importance in the beginning and end. It doesn’t mean they always get it right but it does allow those of exceptional ability to have their works shine.

Definitely something to see: the Japanese take on Alice in Wonderland.

More when I finish this series.

Finished the 25 episodes. No real ending since this seems like it’ll go on for a season or more.

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