Artistic Worth: The Modern World View of Beauty


For those that wish to appreciate art from its initial stage to the final stage, check this out.


Americans seem to have been taught that technology will replace the soul, thus fancy CGI effects (like Lucas Arts produces) adequately substitutes for or even becomes superior to the work of human talent and emotion.

That’s not surprising given that even the military and spy networks of America started thinking that technology was the end all and be all solution to daily problems. Paperwork has existed since Sumeria but the idea of a techno-bureaucracy is something Americans can be proud of having helped create.

People tend to forget that regardless of what human inventions human ingenuity comes up with, human nature has not changed and will not change. Otherwise we would cease to be humans and become something more like the Left’s Utopian cogs. A new term for a new species. Just like an Obamacan is an American that has been transformed into an anti-American.

CGI, technology, artistic worth for DSM IV and political needs, isn’t so much a bypassing of human nature as it is the creation of an opposite, an Adversary, to the status quo. Or what was formerly called the status quo (what the now status quo replaced).

Personally, I don’t think humans first came up with art in caves because they thought it would make them money or raise their social status or make them politically more influential. I think they got bored during winter and had to find something to do. Since life was short, brutal, and all too easily eclipsed by the power of mother nature. People wished to imagine a better future, but they had nothing to go on except their imaginations. For the day of tomorrow is still going to be the same as the day of today in the eyes of our primitive ancestors. Human imagination overcame even that, however, in time. It took awhile, with haphazard steps. But art and invention are very closely linked. Just as creative genius and madness are closely linked. And whether art or technology becomes madness or not, is up to humans to decide.

Many political reformers with the imagination, vision, and drive to change their societies were destroyed by the power brokers who did not wish to see things change for the better because their power would automatically decrease should another power group become manifest. This is true of Athens as it is true of Rome, as it is true of us here now and today.

Regardless, in the course of human existence, humans created with art what they deemed most important in their lives. Food, I suppose. Security, although that seems to be a fanciful concept in hunter-gatherer days. To the nomad steppes, security was horses well bred and trained. To the enclosed farming valleys, it was good crops and rain. To the city-state, it was fierce defenders leaking blood like rain (at Marathon). To Athens, it was the wooden wall of their ships. To Sparta it was the courage and strength of individuals, often women as well as men.


It is perhaps a good description of the human state in a modern world that people now have begun to value death as much as they once valued food and security. Once death was an irrevocable existence and reality for human tribes. They could not ignore it. They could not buy it off. They could not pretend that it was a rare commodity to be traded for glitz and glamor. But now we can. It is the basic economic truth that by making something scarce, humans value it more.

What more do we need to know given the state of the modern world as considered by the West. We need nothing more to know. Of course, the rest of the world has plenty of death. They don’t see as much value in it as Westerners do. Certainly not to the extent of glamorization, artistic worth, and pride. Even the Jihadists value life, the after life that is. How’s that going to work for atheists.

The West is either an anomaly in human affairs or it is simply a grand joke upon human existence. Somebody is testing us. Or we are testing ourselves. Either way, human destiny seems, for now, to be in the hands of humans.

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