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Round the Universe

And that brings us to the point of this … well wait, I must admit, where I got this idea from first … Dr. Kevin Menard and I were discussing the differences between how men and women think and he supplied me with this analogy. It had me laughing at its simplicity. And since that time, every male I have told it to has said “Yep.”

Ya know how women often accuse men of having one track minds? They’re right.

See as near as I can tell, women’s minds are like train stations. There are lots and lots of different tracks running off in all kinds of directions and running lots of different trains of thought. Also of note is the fact that a lot of trains are running at the same time on these various tracks.

Men, on the other hand, pretty much only have one set of tracks.

Now on the surface, this might make us look like morons (which face it, we can be). However — and this is what is the source of so much confusion to women — while men may only have one set of tracks, we have DIFFERENT trains.

These different trains run on those same tracks at different times. Add to this that how big, complex (i.e. how many cars and what they are carrying) also varies. If you’ve ever sat at a RR crossing and seen a single locomotive go by vs. waiting for a three mile long train to pass, you’ll understand this analogy.

And quite frankly, there are times that nothing is on the tracks. I know this is hard to believe ladies, but when you ask your man “What are you thinking” and he says “nothing” HE ISN’T LYING! There ain’t nuthing on the tracks at that moment. Or if it is, it’s one of those little two man lever-operated handcars.

Once you understand this idea, a great deal of the confusion of male behavior clears like fog being burned off by the sun. How can a man who is so sensitive and understanding one day be totally blind and oblivious the next? Simple, a different train is now occupying the tracks. How can a man be a total horndog one day and yet when he is watching the game (or involved in a conversation with his friends on a stupid topic) you could walk in naked and say ‘Do me now’ and he’ll say “Later baby” and return his attention to what he was doing?

Helloooo, different trains! While small individual locomotives can be easily diverted, the bigger ones won’t be. Yes, sex is a big train, but as we mature (and yes, we do, really) it isn’t the only train anymore. That’s why the walking in naked trick sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

Let me take — if you’ll excuse the pun — a side track for a moment. I am a firm believer in the theory that if it weren’t for women, men would still be living in caves. (As in “I’m sick and tired of living in this cave, go out and build a civilization” “Yes dear.”) The reason I mention this is if you stop and think about it, this core difference between men and women is not only a critical survival attribute, but a complementary one as well. Ever notice, when too many factors are involved, nothing gets done? That is a potential weakness of multitrack thinking. It is male ability to blindly focus on one thing that overcomes huge obstacles. Granted it often makes him a shallow, insensitive and myopic jerk, but that is the weakness of the other way of thinking. So together these different ways of thinking really do compliment each other. As long as you both recognize the difference.

The interesting thing to note about this one track/different train idea is that different men have different trains as well. For example, I do not have a “football” train. This excludes me from a lot of male conversations. But, despite the fact that particular choo-choo doesn’t run down my tracks doesn’t mean I don’t recognize what a huge train it is for other men. And by huge, I mean the same detail, depth and knowledge on the subject as Mr. Hotwheels had (in case you hadn’t guessed his initial surliness was in expectation of his ‘big train’ being rejected by me). I tell you this because to a person who has a particularly large and complex train, there is NO such thing as “It’s just a …” on that particular subject. Nor is it stupid, no matter how uninterested you personally may be about the subject. Seemingly banal subjects reveal themselves to be incredibly involved, complicated and deep if you’re willing to investigate the subject. That’s why it is such a big train to the guy.

And here is where we get to the coping strategies of living with a man who has a train that is ‘just a…” subject to you. Going back to Dr. Menard, he told me about how his wife handles shooting … she takes her knitting. Now mind you she LIKES shooting. (BTW, they live in Texas). Standing on the range and blasting away is indeed a fun thing to do. However, what bores her to tears is the ook-ook-slobber-drool -goes-on-for-hours -about-minutia conversations that guys have about the subject when they aren’t actually blasting away. When that part starts, she pulls out her knitting because she knows that train is on the tracks for the men folk. And it is a big train for shooters.

Believe it or not, this tendency to run single tracks might have a basis in the evolutionary development of mankind. It is a pretty well established theory in anthropology that back in the caveman days the men were hunters the women were foragers. Whether your man hunts or not, this one track mind is very much a hunting attribute Ever seen a cat zero in on prey? When that mode kicks in, everything else falls away. Believe it or not, you can use this to your advantage. A bit of advice I got from a fellow by the name of Gary Smiley (who I prefer over John Grey) explains this hunter/forager idea in another way.

Let’s talk about ‘shopping.’ More specifically, how to keep your husband out of your hair while you are shopping. See shopping is basically a foraging expedition, a ‘this one isn’t quite right, maybe something else.’ Whereas most men’s attitude towards shopping is more hunting oriented. ‘Tag, bag it, drag it home’ to be more precise. To the common male mind, the idea of shopping drives him nuts. Foraging drives men nuts. That is until you turn it into a hunting expedition for him. The words “Honey, I’m looking for a blue blouse, find me one” will put him into liver quivering joy.

Zoom! He’s off on a hunting trip and he’ll bring one back.-No nonsense self-defense

Here’s an interesting quiz about one’s personal capacity for survival. The former something women find interesting but over a subject men usually find interesting.

A sort of omni post about Michael Yon. It doesn’t have the links to TC override or Blackfive posts during the same time period, but the comments are comprehensive.

A not so quick perusal of internet attention deficit disorder and the patience required for novels and Japanese visual novels. Well, just novels but doujin soft would also apply to the thesis.

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One Comment on “Round Up”

  1. ymarsakar Says:

    I wonder if anyone has noticed, but Yon tends to like calling people that he sees as a problem various names of animals he knew in life.

    For the guy he killed in a bar, he wrote that this was a Gator he met. After writing about killing another gator in Florida.

    These are real experiences that have etched channels of thought, emotion, and behavior upon the entity known as Michael Yon. When Yon starts relating his experience with the experience he had with animals, he is having some of the same thoughts and much of the same emotions. And his behavior also begins to correlate.

    Thus the monkey finds it far easier to hijack Yon’s brain when dealing with the “McChrystal threat” when Yon starts thinking of unpleasant or dangerous animals and compares people to them.

    He’s done it before. Presumably, nobody said anything bad to him about it at the time. The issue is, it doesn’t matter who you are, SF or pacifist. If you allow your thoughts to start going down ancient etched paths, your behavior and emotions will start getting sucked into that channel. Your brain perceives those channels of habit and experience as more real than what your neo-cortext can logically puzzle out. The more you feed those channels, the more you begin to see your memories as current truth.

    This isn’t such a bad thing given how experience with a former problem helps us resolve a problem now. Yon’s experience with an alligator that he thought was dead helped him live when somebody came at him in a bar.

    However, it’s when Yon begins applying his former experience to things he has no experience with (flag command), that you know problems will ensue. Now his memories have no relationship, almost, to the reality of the problems Admirals and Generals have to deal with. Yon’s got a train occupying his single track and it is the wrong train, not to mention the bridge is out. And he doesn’t want to jump out or divert the train. He thinks his experience will let him bridge the gap.

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