Obamacans vs Americans

People desire things. When they believe violence can get them what they want, they will use violence. When they think there is a better way or that violence won’t get them what they want, people won’t use violence.

Even the criminally sociopathic or psychopathic serial killer knows this. That’s why he hides himself amongst a neighborhood of good people without ever giving away who or what he is. To kill, he must compromise and get along with the system. Because to kill is what he desires above all else. Everything else is negotiable.

For most people it is the reverse. Everything is not negotiable. There are some things people won’t give up just as there are some things they wish with all their hearts. But if they are blocked from acquiring their desires, then violence becomes a feasible option for getting what they would otherwise be denied. They negotiate with violence to get what they desire.

Everything depends upon whether what you desire is Good for humanity or Evil for humanity. It matters whether what you desire harms many people or simply one. Just as it matters whether the Good you do affects only yourself or many people around you.

Violence is not socially acceptable and the wannabe liberals will constantly tell you this from their moral highhorse. Thus in order to make it morally palatable, Democrats will justify it using political reasoning. Rage and hate then become useful emotions for concentrating people’s motivations. What they would not have done because social inhibitions had limited them, they will gladly do at the behest of uncontrollable internal rage and hate.

Rage and hate then produce a tantrum type violent reaction. These people believe so strongly that the world is out to get them, they want to hurt the entire world back. And if you are conveniently there for them to go off on you, then all they will need is an excuse. A BusHitler for example. Or a hated Republican. Something they can justify to themselves that makes violence appropriate to use, even just and righteous to use. They need to justify to themselves that their behavior is right by their own standards of morality, even the ethics of moral relativity. Recall Columbine. Recall Ft. Hood. Recall 9/11. These are all examples of what can be done with tantrums. Violence that isn’t directly related to you personally nor intended to acquire a personal desire, but simply a means of self-regulating uncontrollable rage and hate. There’s no way to convince these people that there is a mutually beneficial arrangement. To them, they can only get what they want from taking it out on you. Unlike violence directed towards individuals, this isn’t personal. This is simply you being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyone else could have sufficed.

Rage and hate concentrate the mind using monkey brain politics. It turns hypothetical future threats into current reality. Instead of something that might happen in the future to hurt you, the monkey brain transforms it into a current threat that is happening NOW. Pride, status, emotions: those are the things the monkey brain prioritizes above all else. Thus, everything you do to the other person becomes justified. It becomes the right thing to do. Self-defense even.

A huge factor is ‘how you think in the long term’ directs your emotional responses.

We’re not talking about a single thought here (e.g. the cat knocked the glass over). What we’re talking about is your long established thought patterns determine your emotions. How you think directs how you feel.

Imagine your emotions like water. These long term ‘thinking patterns’ channel your emotions (and thoughts) down certain pathways. And this happens without you consciously knowing it. Like rain running off a roof and down a drain spout, you only become aware of it when it comes gushing out.

Have you ever had an emotion faster than conscious thought? Who hasn’t? Someone says something and you’re immediately angry. Then you have a moment to ‘think about it’ and you calm down — when you realize that the person didn’t mean what you thought he said. That is an example of emotional processing being guided down certain pathways and you consciously stopping the process.

Often however, people DON’T stop the process, they just react as if their feelings reflect actuality. Not only that, but they react as though their emotions are conscious and rational.

Democrats are used to allowing their emotions and social status to direct their behavior. It is, to them, the safest way to operate given their environment and peers. After all, the Left does not treat people who break the circle-consensus gently. Often times it is easier to go with the flow rather than object using logic.

When somebody becomes a threat, whether it is fascist Bush or racist Tea Partiers, the rage, fear, and hate all come together and drive the actual behavior of these people. And they feel good doing it. They feel good because they are free. Free from all consequences, all fears, all doubts. For the first time in their miserable and pathetic lives, they have become free from the social inhibitions against violence, rudeness, hysteria, intolerance, and the various other collars they have had around their necks since they were born. Whether it is religion they rage against, whether it is politics, whether it is the police, whether it is social welfare or their guilt at making more money than the starving poor, rage frees them from a lifetime of bondage.

They no longer have to doubt that attacking humans is wrong. They no longer have to hide their fear for fear of being attacked for fearing blacks. They no longer have to worry about being called too rich for their own good for having more money than the poor. They have an enemy and their hate liberates them from the consequences of morality or ethics. They have one goal, the destruction of their target. Nothing else matters. As Kos called American ex Special Forces “mercenaries”, he cared little for their well being. He wished simply for them to disappear. And he’ll lap up the juices of anybody, including Islamic terrorists, that make it happen.

But they forgot one thing. Allowing rage, hate, anger, and fear to control their behavior and thoughts didn’t make them free. It simply made them slaves of their monkey. I, who was born with an inherent instinct for perfecting through thought the use of violence against humans for real or imagined injustice, was never under the illusion that if I just let those instincts do whatever it wanted that I would always remain in control rather than the other way around. I never told myself that my instincts driving me towards destruction as the most effective means of resolving human problems would always give me the truth of this world. And because I never did that, I could begin to gain control over extreme negative emotions.

Instead of me doing whatever they told me to do, now they do whatever I tell them to do. It is no longer my rage telling me to hurt somebody I wish to see destroyed. Now it is me telling my rage to use everything it has to ensure the destruction of somebody I wish to destroy, for reasons born out of the truth, not the monkey truth, of the world.

Freely giving up control to your emotions is the ultimate self-admission that you are too weak physically or mentally to handle problems on your own. The rage has certainty. The rage has endurance. The rage has a power that you lack in normal life. The rage has no doubts about who needs killing and what needs to be sacrificed (life or limb) for it. But you do. You doubt because wannabe liberals have taught you to doubt. Moral relativity has taught you that nothing is worth dying for, nothing worth killing for. Nothing worth living for except pleasure and immortality. The self-justification for existence, more existence.

It is hard to gain control of extreme emotions. If you don’t know what triggered it, if you don’t know why or how it is affecting you, if you don’t know what started it or what is the source of it, telling yourself to be calm will simply make you more angry. Trying to regain control will simply make you lose even more control as the evidence of your own weakness becomes apparent to your own awareness. The monkey will fight back. He doesn’t want to give up the driver’s seat to you because he doesn’t think you can handle it. You have to take it from him, throw him out the window and then ride over him, repeatedly, with the bus. Da Bump, Da Bump, Da Bump. Show the monkey that you are a better driver, and conveniently far more ruthless and efficient, than he ever will be.

Survival instincts that tell you to attack Republicans because Republicans are evil can’t be stood down simply by repeating to yourself that these survival instincts won’t work to fix things. Because if that doesn’t work, that means nothing will work to help you. And that is unacceptable to wannabe liberals. The admission of absolute failure is something beyond their courage. You can’t come up with a better way of making yourself safe, you won’t run, so you must fight Republicans. Even if they are willingly to negotiate a fair and mutually beneficial arrangement, the Left will fight. Because they will lose if they give up and they know it.

It will be the ultimate admission of their weakness and personal failure. That even when they become slaves of their own emotions, even with such godlike strength in their veins… they will still have failed. Well, what did they expect when the monkey is the master. Blacks are so uptight about whites owning their non-existent slave ancestors that they will go and agree to become slaves of another in return for power that they personally could never deserve to wield. Because they’re too weak to wield it.

Against most normal people, rage and anger are enough to give you the edge. Because most normal people are peaceful and won’t escalate matters to asocial violence or physical conflict. However, those are normal people. There is always a better killer around the corner. You just have to have the bad luck of finding them. The Left has been successful in Cuba, Russia, Europe, China, and all around the world because they and only they were the best killers in their little pond. They overpowered through arms or numbers the local competition.

This is not the case here, now. America did not become the world’s lone superpower based upon the personal fighting abilities of our politicians. FDR was a Communist loving adulterer and plantation slave advocate. JFK was a Bay of Pigs and anti-Communist incompetent that somehow allowed and then evaded nuclear missiles in Cuba.

The strength of this nation has always relied upon the willingness of the American people to kill and die for the American dream. Everything else is negotiable. Even the Left are not stupid enough to think they can conquer such a place with force of arms alone. They knew that subversion and subterfuge was a necessary ingredient to the poison before the actual fight could be won. Our strength was never in mass movements or the cover of large organizations. It was Always, always what we would





for personally. Not something we’d hire out like Gore’s carbon credits. On this matter, politics doesn’t even matter. Even if we were enemies across a national or political divide, it would not change the nature of our character or the presence or absence of our honor.

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4 Comments on “Obamacans vs Americans”

  1. Rose Says:

    I have often wondered at my friends who are Obamacans, even before they were Obamacans – how can two of us who are both good people be so different? how can tow intelligent educated people look at the same set of facts and draw two such completely opposite conclusions? And why always along the same lines, not like one instance one is on one side and on another instance the other side. The split is obviously ideological, but what is most baffling is that their stance is often completely at odds with who they are in practice.

    In practice, they work hard, they raise their families, they are very responsible, well off people, with a good moral sense.

    There’s something else – and the only way I can describe it is that some of us are immune to the kool-aid, and some are not.

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  3. ymarsakar Says:

    There’s something else – and the only way I can describe it is that some of us are immune to the kool-aid, and some are not.

    I recommend the hypnosis pdf link.


    It’s a rather good how to manual for explaining why people seem to act like they are schizophrenic on this issue. They show one face when talking about Democrat ideology and another face in their normal lives.

  4. ymarsakar Says:

    There is also the component of morality vs ethics.

    Morally, they conform to what they were taught works. And they seem satisfied with that, if their income is good and they can take care of their immediate family needs.

    But ethically they think that because they don’t have the problems of the poor, this means they have the special “right” to command others to experiment and fix themselves. They use the government as a vehicle and a plausible deniability crutch. They can always claim after the numerous disasters they helped create in this country that it wasn’t their fault, that the government had duped them.

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