Targeted Assault of Republican logistics and personnel

People need safety, security, and some kind of mobility. But some people don’t want everyone to get what they need.

“It is deeply ironic that Democrats are trying to sell the idea that Republicans are somehow violent and unAmerican, when in fact, every actual violent incident is perpetrated by liberals, usually union thugs, against Republicans. It happened again in New Orleans following a fundraiser for the Louisiana Republican Party. Governor Bobby Jindal’s chief fundraiser, Allee Bautsch, left the event with her boyfriend, Joe Brown. They were attacked by a gang that reportedly prefaced their assault with racial and political insults. The attack was extraordinarily vicious.”

This is a rather above average success for the Left. Not only do they create Reichstag fire/ Nero’s burning of Rome moments, but they completely eliminate the functionality of a lead Republican fundraiser for 3 months, not counting the effect of psychological scarring on her performance afterwards.

Violence isn’t something that is open to interpretation. Cause it works. You can rely upon it. There’s not much in this messed up world that you can rely upon.

Being attacked will render those unfamiliar with violence, both shocked, traumatized, and vulnerable.

The effect of violence is not just the death or incapacity of a human being. It is a permanent influence upon the thinking of human beings. It is far more effective than social negotiations or bluffs.

It is a sad thing, however, to me. No matter how strong I am or will become, I cannot be everywhere. I cannot protect everyone that deserves it. It is the basic limitation of centralized power. The central government cannot protect everyone within that government. Thus there is no legitimacy for absolute loyalty and sacrifice of the individuals at the bottom. Because absolute protection cannot be the reward, absolute obedience is not a justifiable offering.

De-centralized power is what takes care of these types of attacks. We saw the same in Iraq, where the mighty US military could defeat any and all terrorists, yet could not protect the weak and vulnerable Iraqi civilians. Thus the US military began to lose the war because they were losing territory de facto. No matter how powerful you are, your power is meaningless if you cannot apply it to the target. Can’t find the target? Don’t know who the target should be? Your power might as well be a tums.

Besides, criminals don’t target people like me. I wouldn’t pass their interview. This is another matter of import. Something the Left can’t tell you because they were never taught it to begin with. There are specific stages to a crime. There are 3 things a criminal needs for a crime to happen. Without anyone of those 3 things, there can be no crime because it just wouldn’t be possible.

For example, if I was with the couple at that partner intersection, assuming everything else had happened, the criminals would have lacked the ability to overpower us. 5 isn’t really a problem, unless one of them hangs out at long range with a ranged weapon. 10 might be stretching it, but should the leader fall and their morale broken, it is the same as fighting 1 or 3.
Opportunity. Being on the corner of a street, between your hotel and a public restaurant, generates opportunity. Because the criminal perceives that he has a Chance to do what he wants in the time gap before reinforcements can come to interfere.

Intent. This involves the interview process. If you fail the interview process, the criminal will not have the intent to commit a crime against you. Why? because he thinks in his head that he won’t succeed. That you will fight back. That problems will ensue.

If any of the 3 sides of this triangle is absent, crime does not happen. Crime, thus, is the triangle. It doesn’t matter if two sides are long and one side short, so long as all 3 exist, the triangle exists. If only two sides exist, there is no triangle, thus no crime.

The victims in question wanted to get to the hotel. They thought this was safe. They didn’t realize that by heading to the hotel, they put themselves into a place where a criminal opportunity was a given. At the same time, both the two passed the interview. The criminals asked them if they were the right targets to be attacked, and the two responded with “yes, we are”. Given the outcome of the attack, the criminals also demonstrated the ability to successfully attack the two. So their interview was Not Wrong.

The practical aspect of not passing an interview given to you by a criminal is to demonstrate that you know exactly where the threat is and how to handle it. This differs depending on the threat and situation. What doesn’t differ is one’s inherent capability. You can’t bluff this out. If you attempt to bluff your way past the interview, the criminals will pick it up. If you know what is going on and are handling it, the criminals should see it.

Now criminals may be stupid, and that’s why some of them actually attack those they shouldn’t attack. Or even just people who don’t train in the use of violence, yet nonetheless will fight to defend themselves or their property. But statistically, most criminals, because they are successful and not dead, know to avoid certain targets. Because they aren’t targets but traps.

Steven Pinker on History of Violence

An oldie but a good recap on the history of violence.

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2 Comments on “Targeted Assault of Republican logistics and personnel”

  1. Your insights are excellent… but,I am here to comment on your comment in the Bookworm post abour Rush Limbaugh. Please if you haven’t already done so, post that comment as a blog! It’s that good!

    God Bless!

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    I appreciate your suggestion. I’ll take it under advisement.

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