People Love Conflict

Humans cannot exist without war for the same reason they love their country. Because they love their family. They will fight to protect what is important to them.

If you become a threat to them, by marginalizing their interests and trumping somebody else’s, creating an unbalanced power situation, then they will retaliate. There is no true security when you have to keep your boot on someone’s neck, just in case they want to try something. You are stuck there, never truly secure. And the person on the bottom is stuck there too, never truly secure.

It’s the Leftest fantasy that they lust after with all their pride and joy. A world free of men and women who are…


One of the things that people like to float around like it is folk lore concerns the justifications in attacking the status quo, whether it be Western civilization, Judeo-Christian principles, or the Catholic Church. The justification is always that these institutions and people have the power, so they are responsible for everything. Everything horrible, that is. The organization responsible for all the good things, obviously, would be the Left.

But this kind of dichotomy isn’t real. It is an artificially created imbalance.

If the status quo is responsible for the bad, then they would also have to be responsible for the good. If they have power to do evil, then they must also had power to do good. By constructing a world view that says those in power will never use their power for good, that they have always used it for evil, de-humanizes a very human trait: the power to command. In a sense, those that have power to command others, are responsible for the outcome of their actions. That is what it means to be a leader, amongst other things.

If you can have power and never take responsibility for the good or never take responsibility for the bad, then you can essentially create a cult. Reform will never be possible with the world view that those in power cannot do good, that they must be eliminated and replaced anew with those that have always used their power for good.

Coincidentally, this has the byproduct of making supposed underdogs, like Leftist organizations and Palestinian terror groups, into freedom fighters. It creates the child like mentality that there are always good guys and always bad guys. That the good stays good, that the bad stays bad. A happy ending created by the good guys by taking out the bad guys.

That’s not how the real world works. In the real world, people can change their allegiances. Good people work for evil organizations. Evil people work for good organizations. There traitors like Arnold and Judas that traded in trust for silver/gold. There are traitors who traded their own respectability and honor in return for the safety and liberty of their countrymen. There are all kinds of people, good and bad, evil and virtuous. Sometimes it is even hard to tell them apart. The angels of God can look like Obama, yet be the Devil in disguise. The Lord of Lies.

It is also human to mistake the good for the evil. Which is why it is never as simple as good vs evil. Because one first needs to figure out… what is the good and what is the evil.

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