Why I Hate the Left

Technically, I could write up some reasons, but PillowC, Weed, and Obunga have already done it for me.

Perhaps some thought of my statement that I hated the Left uttered some odd years ago were an exaggeration or were simply the personal biases of one partisan individual. Or perhaps I saw the true nature of the Left when many were on a boat in the Nile.

Abuses of power come from those in positions of authority when they become corrupted by power. That is the popular refrain, yes. In truth, abuses of power do not come from the corruption by power. It comes from the corruption of a person’s integrity. What this actually means is that if you believe that the power you have comes from yourself, that your abilities as a leader directly gives you this power, then you have become corrupted by your own character flaws: hubris, pride, megalomania, narcissism, etc. Power as it has always existed in human affairs, comes from the people. It comes from the bottom, not the top trickled down with the grace of the elites, the aristos, the kings, or the oligarchy of robber barons.

A person that recognizes his power comes from the people he serves, cannot be corrupted. He is incorruptible, because to him the only way to get more power is to serve to protect and secure the interests of the source of his power. Perhaps he can be bought with promises of a new power source in a foreign country, but that’s a great risk compared to the power he holds in trust now. For people, lke Obunga, that believes power comes from his personal repertoire of manipulation and deception, the sky is the limit on his abuses. The fact that the American people, by a large margin, didn’t realize this simple fact is an indication of how useful deception is. People were conned into giving up their power and for what? But while an individual getting conned doesn’t really affect me, doing so in a political setting does. That makes other people’s guillibility and naivety my problem. And when I fix that problem, they will no longer have an excuse that it “isn’t my business”. It has become my business. And it will become the business of any leader that represents me, any leader that I entrust with my power. We may not interfere or control them with government dictates, but they will be controlled regardless of what they wish.

People will be given what they need, not what they want. That is the only requirement for an absolute leader that holds the trust and power of the people. Humans have tried many systems. Democracy has been the best of a bad lot. Representative republics, a modification of the best of a bad lot. But one thing humans never got rid of was leadership and hierarchy. We always needed a ladder where somebody was the boss and somebody took orders. We always needed leaders, regardless of what system existed to govern human affairs. The ability of a single person to secure the interests of another person rests directly upon that person’s leadership skills. Thus it is incredibly rare for a person to be able to govern an entire nation and adequately secure the interests of the people given wars, famines, economic destabilizations, and external/internal enemies. That ability is like genius level cognitive gifts. Hard to express, even harder to find and use.

But crush enough people and basic evolutionary principle suggests that you will get such leaders. Create enough of a condition of threat to people, and people will attempt to learn leadership skills. They may fail, and most probably will, but they will try. And given human genetic variation, some may even become great leaders, absolute leaders in control of continents and billions of people. Proportionately, it has happened in the past with Alexander, Ghenghis Khan, Attila, and so forth. The United States has created world wide security, of a sort, so it hasn’t been tested in the modern world. The last attempt was defeated in the previous century. This century, of course, will see a new Age of leaders: corrupt and virtuous. One guess which type Obama was that the American naive “voters” voted in.

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