Saiunkoku Light Novel in English

Now this is an interesting poll. It’s a sort of “gauge the interest” in a product type production.

Saiunkoku, the country of many colors, is a historical romance utilizing fantasy elements and political machinations. Everything else is self-explanatory in the link.

The important element I make note of is the difference between Yes and No answers to the question of buying the book in Amazon/Kindle format vs trade paperback, at the same price of 10 dollars. You can notice a drastic shift. From some other things I have heard from protected/secured ebook formats, unlike Baen’s unlocked ebooks, is that the value just isn’t there compared to a paperback that can be loaned to others or carried everywhere. The ebook doesn’t need to be produced on paper, so the production and material costs should be far less. But it isn’t. And why isn’t it? probably because the money goes into the copyright protections, which isn’t there to benefit the user at all. So the companies produce ebooks, which have a less production cost than mass paperbacks (especially if you count in the fact that you don’t need to produce more than will be sold, so no retail warehousing over costs).

Businesses that tries to protect itself with semi-monopolies, rather than extend themselves to provide greater service to the customer, is stuck in the government regulation pit, popularized by companies such as Fannie Mae and French’s Airbus.

I’ve recently been watching anime: Heroic Legend of Arslan, Legend of Lodoss War OVA, Blue Submarine 7, Sword of the Stranger, Guardian of the Sacred Spirit (Seiri no Moribito), Cromartie High School, Banner of the Stars, Scrapped Princess, along with some old titles like the Macross movie. Hopefully, I can write up reviews for them soon.

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