Two Favored Space Opera Series

One of the more annoying Leftist comebacks is “you don’t have any better to offer”. They pretend they are adults, thus focused on a solution, so make us the challenge that we do nothing but harp on their ‘good works’.

In the case of Avatar, here’s what is better, if better can be measured in the 1000th percentage range.

Starship Operators

Legend of Galactic Heroes
And there’s nothing like a tragic love story in a hybrid sci-fi Westerner. You may have heard another story set in the same mold: Firefly.

Here’s something for you to think about this Christmas.

If the Left is so assured of their prowess in making their words into reality, if they are so certain in their self-righteous acclaim that violence is not the solution and diplomacy is, then why do you never see realistic or plausible examples of just such ‘diplomatic solutions’ in the cultural icons and products of the Left?

Think about that for a minute. Take Avatar as an example. If diplomacy was a solution, why make a movie blaming corporations when you can make a movie that demonstrates how diplomacy can work. Except, they don’t know how to make it work. They make claims about protecting the poor and the innocent, but they have no idea how to do so against real violence. And if the motivation is profit, then there’s your answer right there.

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