How the Left Handles Indigenous Populations

Contrary to Avatar’s view that natives are exploited by companies, in this reality of Planet Earth, they are exploited by power mad tyrants and those that enable them.

Obama and the Europeans want something, and in this case it means the interests of peaceful and pro-humanity activists in Lebanon must suffer. It is too limiting to think of human affairs as purely profit motivated. It is not.

Another viewpoint

Toc Rat

I liked the post about how any American military force would have to file endless amounts of environmental impact statements and have ROE (Rules of Engagement) that make it very difficult to shoot back at the people trying to kill you. I say this because I am part of the American Military and so feel I have some first hand knowledge of those things.
One thing that I have yet to see portrayed in any movie where the natives are the morally superior heroes and the invaders are always morally bankrupt/evil, is where are the bad natives? Where are the ones that are out for themselves? The ones that don’t care who gets in their way? The ones that would not think twice about killing their own kind…just because?

Let me use a real life example. A couple weeks ago one of our patrols was out, doing a walk thru a town. It was supposed to be a nice little stroll thru this town, we’ve been there before and while the LNs (Local Nationals) there don’t universally love us, they don’t hate us all that much either. We always wave and smile and toss out candy to the kids as we walk thru (last time I gave out a stuffed bunny). We never take anything from them, no stealing of their corn or winter wheat or what not.

So our patrol is exiting the town, RTB (Returning To Base) when one of those peace loving, morally superior natives decides to shot at us with his RPG. Thankfully his aim sucked and it missed any of us. It did however hit the wall next to us. What was also right next to that wall? A little LN girl, maybe 4 years old. The wall fell on her crushing her from the waist down. The shooter ran after that and we didn’t pursue. You know what we did do though? We called in a medevac (Medical Evacuation) chopper for the LN girl.
It wasn’t our fault, we didn’t shoot her and according to the rules we weren’t allowed to call for the medevac since she wasn’t hurt by CF (Coalition Forces) fire. Guess what? I dare anyone with any kind of heart in their body to listen to her screams and not want to do anything you could to help her. So we got the bird to her in time to save her life, flew her out to our closest base with a hospital capable of handling that severe an injury.

Now I ask you, where was that native RPG shooter’s concern about innocent native civilian causualties? Where was his buddies? How come only we Americans acted to save her life?

THAT is what I would love to see in a movie that deals with natives Vs invaders issues. Any movie like that should really show it how it is and not just a 1D viewpoint. I’m probably too close to the subject matter though, most people just want to see something purely entertaining and without nasty things like that interferring with their enjoyment of it.

Essentially, any tribe, primitive or not, will want something from a military force. This can be as basic as protection or as esoteric as good relations and knowledge. Because reality is not as black and white absolute as Hollywood would like to pretend.

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2 Comments on “How the Left Handles Indigenous Populations”

  1. JB Says:

    Well now I guess you know what Gaza is like …in spades, for the Israeli military!

  2. Toc Rat Says:

    Wow, I’ve been quoted.

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