The Left’s SOP: Standard Operating Procedure


Now that’s interesting. But for now, we’ll go with a link I made on the previous post, Modern Morality.

Here’s the start of the narrative. Just listen and observe.

I’m sick of people pulling the Chappaquiddick card whenever Kennedy receives praise for his enormous contributions to this country. Not only because great heroes needn’t be flawless, and Kennedy seemed genuinely remorseful for what he did, but because there is something else on Kennedy’s record I consider far more damning.

That’s by a SarahMC, presumably a feminist of the Leftist mold, although of a peculiar kind in that she wishes to pin something on Edward Kennedy. Of course, NOW and what not, love Kennedy, if not for his personal behavior than certainly for the power, prestige, and MONEY he brings to the cause of NOW and other feminist Left wing revolutionary lite organizations. It’s funny how that works. After all, it was conservatives that were supposed to be ideologically in favor of making whores out of women, whether in matrimony through material bribes or more illicit deals for cold hard cash. I suppose the feminists dislike women making such choices for themselves, given that they are whoring out other women to benefit themselves. Which, I suppose, may be seen as morally superior to conservatives… somehow.

But, the key thing to keep in mind is this general position by SarahMC. And now we go on.

In 1991, Ted Kennedy took part in a smear campaign against a woman who accused his nephew, William Kennedy Smith, of rape. The men had been partying together in Palm Beach, Florida, when they met her at a bar. They all retreated to the Kennedy family home, where Smith allegedly raped her. She filed a police report and underwent an exam at a hospital. Meanwhile, the Kennedy clan was uncooperative and even dishonest with investigators. The case went to trial, and the prosecution brought forth three other women who claimed that Smith had assaulted them. However, the judge didn’t allow the prosecution to enter their testimony.

The police, prosecutors, rape counselors and the doctors who examined her all believed the victim’s account of rape. But William’s defense depicted the woman as a neer-do-well, and Ted Kennedy swore to his nephew’s innocence and the alleged victim’s dishonesty. Smith was cleared of all charges. In the years since, other alleged assault victims have emerged, naming Smith as their attacker. Several of his colleagues accused him of sexual harassment in 2004. The man is, by all accounts, a chauvinist sleazebag at the very least and a serial rapist at worst. And he was allowed to go free, in part, because of his uncle Ted’s influence.

This segment would sensibly be something conservatives would agree about. Certainly Kennedy Partisans (as in anti-Kennedy partisans) would find nothing wrong or unfair with this characterization, as it certainly tries somewhat to portray things in a less sinister light than it could have been. But, you may have forgotten, we’re dealing with the Left, fake liberals, pseudo liberals, and repressed liberals all in one. That has a particular effect on what you think you may or may not be able to agree with them on. See this for why.

I consider Ted Kennedy’s defense of his nephew in 1991 much more sinister than what he did at Chappaquiddick in 1969. The latter was motivated by panic, confusion, and possibly alcoholism. The former was intentional, and revealed something uglier about Ted Kennedy’s character. But you almost never hear about it from those who obsess about Chappaquiddick. We’ve got rape culture to thank for that.

Rape culture. That’s the culture supporting Polansky, the Hollywood sexualized culture that makes females into vulnerable meat, for the Islamic ‘cat’. But she isn’t talking about Hollywood or defenders of Kennedy. She’s talking about you, or rather more pertinently us.

I wrote that summary for the benefit of any readers who have never been in the presence of a conservative when the name “Ted Kennedy” came up [Chappaquidick]. So now you know.

You see, it doesn’t matter whether you and she can agree on some particulars like this incident in Kennedy’s life. Because what matters is how she came to that conclusion, and she came to that conclusion based not upon the rule of law, not upon equality of class and gender, of rich and poor, but upon the world view that stipulates and bases its judgments upon ‘rape culture’.

She is completely unable to fathom that conservatives would focus on an untried injustice than an injustice that had already gone through the system and to which the verdict had been cast. The rule of law, she does not respect, except for purely partisan and tactical requirements. Her ideology is more important; her world view is more important. This has some curious effects, on top of the ones I have already mentioned. For one thing, her post expresses her feeling that she is sick, not at Kennedy but at conservatives for mentioning Chappaquidick. In her world view, there is a hierarchy of victims. Charges of rape, though not convictions of rape, deserve more attention and worth. THis is not a classical liberal viewpoint based upon human rights, but upon certain special rights for groups. It’s identity group politics.

She would prefer to believe that conservatives have an ideological reason to focus on Chappaquidick over Edward Kennedy’s nephew. Even though conservatives have time and time again spoken about their prime priority concerning personal responsibility. That a person is responsible for his actions, not the actions of his family, ancestors, race, nation, or whatever. In that world view, Kennedy’s direct actions in Chappaquidick, intentional or not, provides more moral consequence than Kennedy’s indirect support of his nephew’s acts. It’s not the same. But to the Left, it is the same. You associate with evil? You are evil. They’d bomb you, and anyone else you loved in the vicinity and call that as collateral damage in purging a ‘bad thing’ from the human species. But really, who has the real ideological reason to do the things they do when it comes time to prioritizing which issues are the most important to raise in the public conscience? The Left when it comes to not supporting the women of Afghanistan because that was Bush’s war, or the Right when they prefer to attack Kennedy by focusing on the negligent homicide he committed rather than the character witness testimony he gave for somebody’s else trial on rape?

This, of course, can easily turn into a tu quoque justification. THe Left does things, and we do things, and this makes us all even. Except it doesn’t. Here’s the trick. The Turn and Prestige. What is the Prestige?

Every great magic trick consists of three acts. The first act is called “The Pledge”; The magician shows you something ordinary, but of course… it probably isn’t. The second act is called “The Turn”; The magician makes his ordinary some thing do something extraordinary. Now if you’re looking for the secret… you won’t find it, that’s why there’s a third act called, “The Prestige”; this is the part with the twists and turns, where lives hang in the balance, and you see something shocking you’ve never seen before.”

I use this artificial terminology from the movie because it is an apt description of written communication. You know, like the 3 parts to a movie or the scaling to the denoument for written works.

Right-wingers have had the opportunity to latch onto this for a while now. But rape doesn’t bother them that much, which is why they almost always throw all their eggs into the Chappaquiddick basket.


Clarification: Rape committed by straight white males doesn’t bother them that much.-SarahMC

That’s the Turn. I first gave you a topic about people talking about the injustice of the justice system when it comes to prosecuting rich and powerful families like the Kennedies. I showed it as sensible, common sense, and agreeable (the Pledge)… and then I make it reappear in another form, not from my own hand, but from her hand, by her own words, into something not ordinary or sensible. It is not me telling you what I have decided this means concerning rape or conservatives. This is her speaking to you. Believe me, if you wish. Disbelieve me if you wish, but it is not me that is making such claims.

That’s not the prestige, however, so divert your attention to something beyond simple extraordinary sentiments by the Left. Which is this.

This is the prestige.

I really hope nobody interprets this post as an anti-Kennedy one. As I said yesterday, I worked for the man, I am overwhelmed with admiration for his political accomplishments, and I consider his death a huge loss.-SarahMC

This is where life and death hangs in the balance.

These pieces of trash dare to call us supporters of rape, rape culture, and that we do not particularly care, due to ideological reasons, when a straight white man rapes somebody? There’s a reason we don’t have duels in this country any more. Half the population killing the other half wouldn’t really work for modern times, you see.

There’s the Prestige. Did you enjoy the trip? This enemy you cannot defeat. You can only drive it back into the depths of the sea, and teach the next generation to be vigilant when it returns. Of course, the next generation is never vigilant enough.

As a side note, I made a comment there about Roman Polansky in response to SarahMC’s reference about conservatives not caring about rape. This was her response.

SarahMC says:
September 29, 2009 at 3:08 pm

Roman Polanski doesn’t have a Chappaquiddick to trump his rape. But he is a “Hollywood liberal,” which is the only reason right-wingers are up in arms about the case.

So, ideological Leftists believe themselves morally superior because they care about rape while we do not. Thus when we decry rape, it is because of political, partisan, or tactical perceived benefits, and not actually due to real genuine concern. No, real genuine concern, you see, comes from (not) criticizing a Great Lion of a man like Ted Kenned, who supported rape and rapists, because of all the other ‘good works’ he has done. Rape is acceptable, so long as you are high enough in the hierarchy. The only reason ‘right-wingers’ are upset about Roman Polansky is because he is a ‘Hollywood liberal’ (and not a Jew), which is why we neither support Polansky, work for him, or applaud him as a ‘great man of talent and good works’.

THe Left is sickening. And you are reading this being written by a man that finds it perfectly sensible and normal to see executions in video captured live blood and guts. Spiritual and moral corruption, however, is far more nasty than any blood, guts, or brain/fecal matter may ever be. To me, at least. Maybe not to you.

There is another aspect here that I believe is worthy of your attention. Conservatives in attempting to make a life for women and men in Afghanistan, wouldn’t have refused an offer of genuine alliance from Leftists, fake liberals, or whatever. Certainly the military, in the form of Petraeus, did not refuse Ambassador Crocker’s aid, even though the DoD and State had notoriously bad working relationships historically and even recently. But, in order to accomplish the military mission duly authorized by Constitution authorizations, any willingly ally would not be shunned, but rather accepted and the attempt at least made to make people’s lives better through cooperation of UN diplomats, State Department diplomats, and US military officers.

Now take a look at the disgusting and perverted Leftists. Take a good, long, hard look. THe kind of look most people are physically and mentally unable to give to watching real suffering, ala Nick Berg, executions, mass murder, or rapine. When the Left is presented with some political aid on rape, even if they see it as being limited to particular situations, they refuse such offers of alliance. Because it comes from us. They continue to bicker about partisanship and continue to denigrate other people’s cultural values. Instead of seeking allies to help their ‘rape victims’, instead of doing what is good and sensible, they support and praise Ted Kennedy, who helped destroy rape victims, and instead blame us, for blaming rapists like the Kennedies and Polansky. When the Left talks about how we are the ones faking genuine concern, I truly wonder what kind of new recreational drug have they stumbled upon.

The reality of priority is based upon, not words, but actions. What we do determines for us what we consider our highest priority. When we say that our family is our highest priority, but we sacrifice family time for careers that benefit other people, not our families, then what is our highest priority, really? If we say that our highest priority is women’s rights, and we don’t support the war to liberate Afghan women, nor help to defeat their enemies after the war was over, what is our real priority?

The Left can claim they are fighting a ‘rape culture’ all they wish. Every single feminist allied to Leftists create, maintain, and defend the rape culture. THey need it to gain power. And they would rather sacrifice individual women, powerless to defend themselves, to their corrupt oligarchy of Kennedy clan allies and political goons than support us in helping those that are trying, but failing, to defend their human rights.

They are all complicit. They will receive no mercy from me. Nor would I expect them to give me or the victims of corrupt, venal, evil men like their “Great Kennedy Clan” mercy in return. This enemy you cannot defeat. You can only put them to sleep for a single generation. But that’s enough. Against such corruption, such sickness of the soul and mind and heart, it is more than enough. Even one generation will spare untold billions of innocents. And that’s worth a field littered with corpses rivaling the hundreds of millions to me. But perhaps not to you. In the end, I believe. They believe we’re faking it. They believe, as the Southern plantation class did, that the Northerners (us Republicans and extremists) had no real spine for a fight. That they (we), being dishonorable (gun happy), crude (plain speaking hicks), and rude (politically incorrect), didn’t have the true valor (genuine concern) and courage (speaking truth to power) of an honorable (sensitive, well spoken, articulate, and inspirational) man (Black Man). Well, those Democrats had a small lesson in incorrect prejudices there. And so will the Left.

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