Modern Morality

[Editor’s Note: I have pictures of Hannah Giles and her bikinis, along with nude photos of partying with the Kennedies. I’ll give them to the Democrat party to hurt the Republicans if I get a few things. Like the heads of several Kennedy clan members, Reid, Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd. That is all]

Just some updates on various news stories and blog posts I’ve been reading about current affairs.

I’m usually late on these matters, posting after they hit the internet. But hey, the New York Times is the same way!


Why is he important? Read and find out.

Ted Kennedy. WHy is he an important subject now? Well… let us just say that the history starts repeating itself once you line up an ideology called the Democrat party.

Then there is this. Don’t let the enemy tell you how to fight.

The Tim Larkin verison of that is here.

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2 Comments on “Modern Morality”

  1. Rose Says:

    Good links all.

  2. Ymar Says:

    Thanks, Rose.

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