Post 9-11 Memories

Bookworm did a good series of post on this. Here’s the excerpt of my own comment there.

I remember my thoughts after 9/11. Notably the uncertainty and the fear, as well as apprehension at facing a foe that was more ruthless, determined, and full of vitality than anything American Hollywood TV culture had ever portrayed.

It could have been easy to fall into a sense of dependency on the big government to safeguard Americans from such a threat. At least, it would have been had I not heard the story of Flight 93.

Whenever Bush was talking about terror, or pundits spoke about the obscure and ridiculous Color Coded Threats, I would always remember one thing both never mentioned. What kept America safe was not guns, not technology, not our mighty warplanes nor our decrepit national politicians. It was ordinary Americans that took on a duty that ultimately ended their lives.

Whenever hysteria threatened to bubble up from the public conscience, I would wonder if they had already forgotten about F 93. People don’t just suddenly get a desire to fight. They need examples, leaders, role models, and heroes to inspire them to action. And I had found mine, in the face of the greatest enemy I had ever conceived.

My education concerning military issues and history had only just begun.

I realized, at that time, that many people just aren’t capable of even wanting to fight to defend themselves. They want somebody else to take care of them. Of course, this didn’t cause me any problems, since I, after all, was also relying upon the US military for protection. But there was a difference. I knew that the solution, on the gut level, to the defense of the homeland would be people taking up the fight themselves, and not waiting for the government to come and save them. If the terrorists penetrate the US military’s barrier, which they eventually would, our only first line defense will be the people of America, their blood and honor.

So when the Left started to talk about aiding AQ by sabotaging America’s war efforts, it clicked with all the previous examples of the Left and its minions attempting to disarm Americans. A pattern formed. The Democrats not just another political party to me, but increasingly an internal enemy of the United States.

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