Faith: Strength or Weakness?

Mike D,

John Ringo and Tom Kratman’s newest novel about the Tuloriad (a sort of Odyssey for Posleen) brought up an interesting concept.

I do not believe in Revealed Truth in the form that God inspired some prophets and those prophets then handed down the word of God in the form of the testaments or the Bible/Qu’ran. I believe that there are misinterpretations and some basic human limitations that prevent the word of God from being communicated through any written or verbal format.

Now religion has constructed a system or a hierarchy based upon these Revealed Truth texts. They take its truth or validity based upon faith. Atheists, however, will claim that this faith is foolish or false or destructive. They quote such things as the Inquisition or other similar incidents as their proof. Or as Hitchens likes to say, since God wouldn’t allow such evil things as he has seen to exist, God therefore must not exist. Which is sort of like saying good government would not allow tax cheats and other traitors to live in America, thus good government does not exist at all. Which totally ignores the phenomenon of Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, and George Washington. It ignores the providence that gave America its successes in both war and peace.

So is faith really all that wrong because it believes in oftentimes the wrong things or at least unprovable things? Recall that faith is what kept the three aforementioned strong and on the right path.

So what does it matter what gays believe or what people choose to believe is the origin of their sexual inclinations and preferences. It matters not to me, certainly, even though it matters to Christian issues of sin and the societal framework of equal protection under the law. It matters not to me because what matters to me is strength. Regardless of what you believe in, so long as you are willing to die or kill for it, it gives human beings strength. And for the Palestinians, certainly it gives them strength, of a sort, to continue to fight and die and kill for their beliefs. Even though we believe their beliefs are erroneous and completely self-destructive, even though we see their tactics as cowardly and unethical, still their belief gives them strength. And that we cannot deny. Even for people like me who believe that that strength can be easily shattered with ruthless tactics and strategies on our part.

Just as the Goracle derives strength from his mass delusion of a cult, aka Global Climate Change (GCS, GW, GC; notice the Gs?), the Democrats derive political surety and power from the Goracle’s cult, and Obama derives power from the Democrats, so is it also true that humanity derives power from faith. And it does not matter what you have faith in, so long as you believe: a True Believer.

9/11, if it taught me anything, taught me that.

Now the atheists and Leftists like to disparage and make fun of the faith of Christians, pro-Americans, patriots, as well as classical liberals. You have seen evidence of all of the above, so I feel I have no need to quote the relevant evidence. But you know, as well as I do, what they think of faith and the people who ascribe to it. But their issue isn’t with faith, their issue is with apostasy. The Left and their Communist originators and inspirer(s) do not hold anything against faith. After all, does not the Left constitute a gigantic organization that puts their faith and belief in Utopia, in human Perfection and in the ultimate good of Human Slavery? Of course they do. No, what they hate is faith of a sort different from their own. They hate the apostate. They hate the person who believes in a different religion. They hate all that is different, all that is not themselves, all that can interfere with their Road to Serfdom (aka Utopia). In fact, they hate themselves as well, but in order to deal with that, they have to funnel externally that hate, lest it corrode their own self-esteems. We’ve seen this from narcissists. Who is a biggest believer in faith, if not the narcissist who believes in the Ultimate Truth that he is the center of the universe and that nothing else matters except what he likes and loves? Does anyone here think he made a “rational” decision based upon “evidence” for such views? Heh

And yet, the Left has run a successful campaign mocking faith, while remaining free of the consequences to their own ideologies. Why? Because the Right, made up out of people who respect other belief systems and the faith of others, will not make mockery of the Left’s faith based initiatives. Thus the war is lost because the war was never fought to begin with. But that is ancillary to my main issue of contention.

Because I care about strength, I know that human beings are weak, whether in the individual sense or when they group together. In this sense, the Left is right that weak people need religion. But their belief is that religion keeps people weak. My point is that the Left’s religion keeps people weak, because the Left uses religion to further their totalitarian goals. Religion, like any other socio-political tool, is as good or as evil as the users. Given that the Left are some of the most evil bastards around, I will let you figure out their intentions.

My belief is that people will never become stronger than they are until they have faith, in something. If they are lucky enough to believe in something True or simply positive, then they will become stronger for it. Because that is the prerequisite for human strength, that we have to believe in something. Look up the closest nihilist, who doesn’t believe in anything except his personal pleasures, and tell me he is the model for Strength. I dare ya to without falling down from laughter.

As we can see with Obama and the Left, certainly their faith in totalitarian beliefs, their faith in their own “Right to Rule” based upon genetic and intelligence prerequisites, and their faith in the power of their wealth and political connections, makes them strong. Strong enough to corrupt this nation, at least. Strong enough to enslave the weak, certainly. Strong enough to put a boot heel on the aspirations of Iranians, Iraqis, and Americans, most definitely.

But that’s what war is for. Conflict between human hierarchies, at its base, was always about “Let God decide which side has the right of things, by pitting our strength of faith against your strength of faith”. This was done in Greek hoplite battles. Whoever was the first to run from the battlefield, was proven wrong for obviously if they lacked the courage to stand and die for their beliefs, obviously their opponents have the stronger case (if only because it was more important to their opponents). This influenced Trial by Combat, as well as the Code Duello in early american affairs.

A nation that lacks a generation of young men and women who will fight, kill, and die for their nation, is a nation that is already dead. All that is necessary is to wait for the wind to knock it over. A nation that is not worthy of inspiring enough faith for people to kill others for, to die in defense of that nation, is not a nation worthy of respect or admiration or anything else for that matter. The Left knew this, they engineered this. They knew it was true because they knew the power of Faith. That’s why Stalin’s Russia destroyed the Roman Orthodox Church. Faith is power, if you can manipulate it, but that requires that you have a monopoly on faith. And that isn’t possible unless you eliminate all competitors. Any competitor that says “we have something more worthy of your faith, of your blood and of your life”? Why, he has to be eliminated, people. Just as the Left must eliminate Christians and American patriots. Just as the Islamic extremists must eliminate Iraqi Sunnis, Iraqi Shia, and the Jews.

I am not an Atheist but neither am I a Christian. Book, as in the Shepherd in Firefly, was a good guide in clarifying matters here. The Operator in Firefly was certainly someone I could understand. Faith does fix you, if only because until human beings are ready to kill or die for something, they aren’t worth shat. They’re just cogs in the machine, sheep, waiting to be slaughtered. Not worth anything. This does not make Faith a solution, it only makes it the path to a potential solution. As we see with Leftist totalitarians and the Islamic Jihad, faith is not a cure all. Just cause you believe, doesn’t mean what you believe is right or even true.

An ancillary comment I made concerning human beliefs can also be accessed here.

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8 Comments on “Faith: Strength or Weakness?”

  1. Rose Says:

    It seems that people are floundering, looking for something to believe in – environmentalism, as Crichton noted, with all its sins and redemptions, they seem to want to be found guilty (Global Warming) and pay penance, strapping on the hairshirts and wailing and beating themselves with reeds… we’ll see how much they really want to buy into it when it really starts affecting them, and isn’t just about telling other people what to do, the reason they presumably turned away from traditional religion…

    Linking your post – good questions.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    I like the hairshirts remark ; )

  3. Jane Says:

    I don’ think this looks objectively at the side of the “left” at all. Does being left immediately make you Communist and “evil”? Really? This text makes one outlandish assumption after the other, not based on any credible evidence other than unsupported “belief”, which seems to stem more from ignorance than anything else.

  4. ymarsakar Says:

    The Leftist Alliance consists of unions. Are union members Leftists? They are when their union bosses say they are, because it is the Left that controls their wages. When your life decisions are made by other people, not you, your classification is determined by your masters, not by yourself or “self-determination”.

  5. Alex Says:

    Its actually sad the way you talk about young men willing to die and kill for their countries. Thats exactly the point, not to get to that point of belic conflict, if someone is too blind to see then he cannot reason as a capable human brain he shouldnt be considered as a Part if the society if you intend to make the society work and segregate him for he will never see beyond his ignorance. And socialism is a beautiful idea, unfortunately it was Stalin who impemented it, but if you actually leave your squared minded idea of what the left is then maybe you would understand the whole purpose of it.
    Faith gives you strenght but strenght is dangerous, applying it wisely is the toughest part of it. Believing is not the answer when you have faith in something that stand for more liabilities than assets.

  6. ymarsakar Says:

    If a country does not have anyone willing to die or kill for it, that country probably doesn’t have any reason for existence.

    People say socialism is a beautiful idea, so are they willing to have faith in it? Yes. But are they willing to die or kill for it? Some are, some aren’t. Stalin was in one respect. And others have faith in socialism because they keep saying it is only done by the wrong people. Eventually people have to realize that some ideas are evil precisely because it draws the wrong kind of people to it.

    This is not about faith. Both the Left and their enemies and members have faith. Someone wouldn’t keep believing in socialism after all this time and evidence, if it wasn’t for faith.

  7. Kirsten Says:

    So essentially you’ve classified leftists as anti-Americans. Or maybe they simply aim for what they believe to be the betterment of America? As you said, it is all faith-based. But there ARE different types of faith, and certainly some are much more valid than others. Faith cannot be a basis for knowledge; rather, strong faith must be knowledge-based.

    A religious belief which is founded on faith, “the assured expectation of things hoped for; the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld” (Hebrews 11:11), and developed as somewhat of a comfort measure so that humans may feel they have somewhat of an explanation for the yet-unexplained, is in essence simply a determination of one or many minds based on what is NOT known. This is ad ignorantiam: simply because we cannot prove it isn’t so, does not mean that it is.

    Faith based upon knowledge, however, can be validated. So to suggest that certain measures of socialism can improve equality of opportunity and improve the quality of living of citizens is significantly more valid than the aforementioned. Norway has long led rankings in various standard of living surveys. All Scandinavian countries, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands consistently rank above the United States. Reason, a source of knowledge, says that common factors such as socialist programs are most likely a factor. Emotion, another way of knowing, reaffirms this, as survey responders widely stated this as a reason for their high quality of life. Perception is yet another way of knowing, and draws the same conclusions. Faith in the concepts of a ‘betterment of society’ derived from leftist policies is knowledge based. It is indeed a more valid form of faith.

    Finally, I must ask why you’ve disregarded all aspects of moderacy in examining this. Certainly not all leftists seek dictatorial socialist regimes– communism would be nearly impossible to successfully employ unless global communism existed, which indeed may form a Utopia of sorts, but is very, very unlikely to ever be a successful poli-economic system. Moderate aspects of socialism, however, to various extents, have demonstrated significant levels of success. Democratic socialist countries, as mentioned above, consistently rank highest in terms of quality of living.

    If you are going to stereotyped leftists entirely as Utopian communists; that is to say, dictatorial socialists, you are held to refer to the right as fascists. You cannot simply refer to one extreme of the spectrum in order to defend the other, without discussing any benefits of centre-left or the severe flaws of the extreme right. If you are bringing in Stalin, you must also bring in Hitler.

    Please do enlighten me as to Barack Obama’s “totalitarian beliefs”, as I was under the impression that he was elected through democracy and has not made any efforts to compound his powers, or to combine the executive and judicial branches of government. Rather, you are associating his moderate, slightly-left-of-centre political views with the extreme left, which he has demonstrated no interest in and shows absolutely no signs of supporting. The aspects of democratic socialism that Obama has showed interest in employing are the furthest right of the western world. Moderate socialism is barely to the left of centre on the spectrum. It is nowhere remotely near the far left end. In fact, your views could be placed slightly further right with regards to the centre than his to the left, based on what I have read.

  8. ymarsakar Says:

    Faith can be knowledge based. However, those belonging to the Leftist alliance, which composes of environmentalists, socialists, communists, global warmists, and Democrats, don’t even admit that what they believe in is based upon faith. They talk down to people of other religions, when they are safe from the consequences of this type of behavior. They assume a superior position based upon claiming their belief is a “reasonable” one based upon logic, and that the competition is based upon faith, emotion, or fantasy.

    This is not the beginning of a debate. This is a propaganda demonization groundwork set by enemies in a war. Which is what it has become more or less.

    Those who belonged to the Left, but did not seek dictatorial totalitarian or fascist regimes, were purged from existence after their use was over. So while what you say is true that they never wanted things to go that way, what they wanted was pretty much irrelevant. In the Iranian Revolution, many belonged to socialist or freedom loving cliques. What do you think happened to them when their ally, Khomeini, came to power as a result of their coup de tat of the Iranian power structure? Khomeini and his “liberal” Shia fundamentalism wiped them out, that’s what. Just got rid of them. You don’t hear about it because most of them died. As they did just a few years ago, once again, trying to protest on the streets. They were wiped out. Suppressed. That’s very easy to see and understand. The same happened in Cuba. Many were socialists or light travelers, who wanted some kind of golden age, but once their use and moderation was over and the Revolution succeeded, they were gone. Well, the ones that lived escaped and were gone, to places like America. The ones that weren’t gone, just died by death squad or as political prisoners. These are two examples. There are plenty more. Most Leftists or socialists or Democrats, don’t know about this. There’s a reason for that. They don’t want to know these things. It’s disturbing. To the faithful it is disturbing. The one thing they all shared in common was this: Leftists and socialists helped mass murderers like Castro and Khomeini and Che into power, and then their friendly mass murderers got rid of their so called allies once those allies’ usefulness had ceased. The Revolution eats their own. After it gets done taking down capitalism and the status quo, of course.

    Finally, I must ask why you’ve disregarded all aspects of moderacy in examining this. Certainly not all leftists seek dictatorial socialist regimes communism would be nearly impossible to successfully employ unless global communism existed, which indeed may form a Utopia of sorts, but is very, very unlikely to ever be a successful poli-economic system.”

    So to address this issue you have asked me, the reason why I disregard all aspects of moderacy is because the moderates will be destroyed by the Leftist Revolutionaries once the proper people are in power. That could be a communist like Castro. Or a religious zealot like Khomeini. All were Leftist allies and part of the Left.

    As for Barack Obama, right or left in the nation of America has to do with us. The world can go kill itself for all we care. Their standards of politics has nothing to do with our own. That being said, Obama instigated something called Fast and Furious in the Justice Department, which was basically a false flag operation to link illegal trafficking of arms to Mexican drug cartels, so that they could blame it on American gun shops and shut them down. This is a direct violation of both federal arms law on importing and exporting of assault weapons, as well as a direct violation of the US 2nd Amendment. In America, destroying and undermining the US Constitution is Leftist. Reinforcing the stability and power of the US Constitution is right wing or conservative. Fast and Furious is just one little “operation” Obama and his regime has implemented. Which none of you, in the rest of the world, seem to be even aware of. And if you’re American, well, that tells me even more.

    It is funny you speak of fascism. Obama nationalized GM, General Motors (now Government Motors). He also confiscated the property of others, used government force to give money to unions rather than stock holders when companies went bankrupt, and various other things that bespoke of an alliance between big business and big government. Maybe to the world, the Western world, this is “center left” government, but to Americans, we call it the regime of Leftist corruption. Or in otherwords, Democrat policy. So if you think I or others of us here in America are worried about political communism… you are very wrong. We’re worried about Leftists, the Leftist Alliance, Democrat fascism, and the alliance between corrupt corporations enforcing “internet anti-piracy” as an excuse to use government power to confiscate and control the internet and freedom of expression.

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