Obama’s Character: The Reality Beneath the Veil

Very useful in setting up an accurate psychological profile on Obama. We’ll need one if we are to predict his actions and to distinguish his real actions from the fake actions that we will see very often, if I am not mistaken.

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8 Comments on “Obama’s Character: The Reality Beneath the Veil”

  1. amy4567 Says:

    I tried to leave a comment on bookwormroom’s blog but it wouldn’t let me. But you can tell her from me: how dare she say that stuff about the British people! There is nothing wrong with our teeth!

  2. necromancer1943 Says:

    Wow a whole lot of vent there but all good. Somewhere if I ever find it I have an email with some comments from Bill Cosby that is mind-blowing. Ymarsakar I have a saved email from you and when I find the Bill Cosby email I will send it to you. I only have about 7000 in the sent items folder and they are in the Mozilla email section. Forget what that’s called these days as I seldom use it.

  3. Ymarsakar Says:

    Roger wilco

  4. Ymarsakar Says:


    Check that link out, it’s the “Mask of Barack Obama” under the auto generated links.

    Obama’s life began with loss, hurt, confusion, alienation, frustration. Out of these he constructed a psychological “mask” that still endures.
    Every individual wears a mask. It is a part of reality and a part of a healthy personality and psyche.
    But Obama’s pain still controls his personality. Like Dr. Strangelove’s arm, that can’t help rising, Obama’s sense of loss, exclusion, frustration and fantasy still overarch his personality. He authored a book “Dreams From My Father,” when in reality he got no dreams from his father. Obama created his father’s “dreams” in his own fantasy world. The fantasies associated with the “missing parent” are among the most powerful, the most enduring and occasionally the most devastating in human experience.
    He was “Barry” until he went to college. Then he became the tribal Barack. But on his first visit to his “roots” in Kenya, he once again succumbs to “Barry,” because that is what his father and family called him.
    He apparently held and still holds Kenyan-American dual nationality, but has scrupulously avoided any discussion of his “dual” status. Duality is not what Obama craves: he craves the singular, the linear, and the straight and narrow, to compensate for his own confused and winding initiation into the hardship of life and family, of creating a personality and mask consonant with his troubled feelings.
    Over and over again, Obama returns in his speeches and in his writings to a sense of loss, alienation, detachment. He is a skillful promoter, and he manages to overcome his mask, to gild it with soft statements and lofty promises. He sells his weakness as a new paradigm of strength, security and clarity when there is little strength and no clarity in his mind.
    Indeed the very essence of his personality is the perpetual, eternal promise unfulfilled. Obama’s “Hope” is the absence of reality, the unattainable in his own life scaled up to a national fantasy which he hopes to peddle to unsuspecting voters and especially young people. When he fails, they will feel betrayed.
    While decrying the “smallness” of our politics he resorts to the smallest dimensions himself.

  5. tim aka Lands'nGrooves Says:

    “Obama’s “Hope” is the absence of reality, the unattainable in his own life scaled up to a national fantasy… ”

    Like calling for a nuclear free world and eliminating missile defense programs mere hours after N. Korea launches a long range rocket?

  6. Marshabar Says:

    I just had a 12 page thread with well over 2000 viewers and 22 writers about Obama’s psychological profile deleted at msnmoney boards politics and the markets. No explanation.

  7. ymarsakar Says:

    Americans have excelled at guerrilla warfare and insurgency when we were forced to, in such circumstances as the Philippine Resistance. Americans are adaptable in dire circumstances. We can learn to be better insurgents than Bill Ayers ever could have been. Especially given the fact that key segments of his group was wiped out tinkering with a bomb designed to kill military men and their wives.

  8. chuckthebull Says:

    Its astounding Obama wrapped in a shroud of liberal acts like a conservatives and the conservatives use his actions as proof he is a dangerous liberal. this all ties into their distorted ideology of liberal bashing and misunderstanding…the neocon is an invention of clever sociopaths in government that wanted something to adjust the psycology of the mass’s to favor an ideology that could be readily manipulated by the powerful elite.. the brilliance does not end there.
    Get the same ideology to bash the people that want the best for us as humanity so they can be demonized and get the people that succumb to conservative ideology to join in on the bashing by disseminating a narrative that liberals are devious manipulative and cunning elitists..YET the true elitists are just mirroring their anomalous psychology onto their victims as means to destroy them…When in fact the conservative ideology is based on gaming strategy of divide and conquered.. true liberals do not come from this mentality.. the duplicitous variety in Washington Wrapped in liberal cloth do act like elitist sneaky duplicitous criminals in office but hide behind the cloak..this plays right into the hands of the conservative liberal brasher;… to sum up conservatives dont like Obama because he acts like them but they think its because he is “liberal” the true liberals hate Obama too..but that is because he acts like a conservative in sheep’s clothing.

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