Nice picture: Taya. Nice hair and facial structure.

Another one.

Third one.

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2 Comments on “FLICKR Photos”

  1. tim aka Lands'nGrooves Says:


    Dude, you all right?

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    Thank you for asking Tim, but I have no problems other than a severe real life distraction, which has taken much of the time I used to put into reading/writing blogs. I’ve subtracted things down to one blog I read and comment on, when I used to do much more.

    Some of it is due to Obama, for certainly we all must re-think our stances on tactics and strategy, much as Bush had to do with Iraq.

    I do make a promise that I’ll put up a tactical analysis of that little tidbit, when I get back on a computer where I can remember how to log into wordpress.

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