MMA Girls: Jiu Jitsu Ground Work

There are a couple of Jiu Jitsu technique videos from MMA Girls, along with an interview, that I thought were pretty entertaining.

You hear that laughter in the background at the end of V 1 and at the beginning of V 2? That’s cause of the fact that you usually don’t see a well muscled guy wrestling around with a slightly built girl. Usually it is man on man or woman on woman. Not so much by choice as due to the number of men practicing jiu jitsu or brazillian JJ compared to women practictioners.

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3 Comments on “MMA Girls: Jiu Jitsu Ground Work”

  1. bwroom Says:

    Good videos. I know some of those moves, although I don’t execute them very well. I also enjoyed the visual, because I finally know what it looks like when I grapple with the guys: Me, about 110 lbs, and them, upwards of 160.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    If you weigh less than your opponent, your ability to manipulate your own body weight and momentum becomes even more critical.

    When Frank Mir in Video 1 rotated his hips and brought his right leg down unto Joanne’s arm, that was him using his body weight in order to setup momentum and a more speedy move. That is a good example of using your body weight, even if it is just the weight of one leg, in your favor.

    Since your opponent will be bigger than you, he has more momentum and can muscle his way out of some techniques. Which means you have to be either too fast for him to react or your moves have to be perfectly locked up with no room to wiggle out of, no matter his upper body strength or lower body strength. This is produced from your body weight, since women usually cannot out power men on the upper body or even lower body at times using just their muscular strength. You have to force him to try to lift your entire weight, which will pin him down, since there aren’t a lot of men out there that can simply lift up 100 pounds with only one arm. They also can’t pick you up and throw you if their balance is off, and their balance will be off so long as you are using your body weight and hitting them with it, so that gravity does most of the work.

    There are also little things to take notice of, like the fact that where the head moves the rest of the body tends to follow. A center of gravity and ear balance liquid thing. Controlling the head helps to control a person’s movement, thus avoiding simply trying to out wrestle him as he will move in the direction you want him to move because you are forcing his head there first.

  3. ymarsakar Says:

    Since techniques are based upon creating the conditions ripe for them, your first focus should be on getting things setup correctly. The technique itself becomes a lot easier once unexpected happenstances stop occurring. This, of course, means some memorization of the counters and possibilities, but that has always been the problem with learning things on a technique route basis.

    All of these moves essentially utilize the principle of the lever. Mechanical advantage through pulleys, triangles, crowbars, and various other utilizations.

    If you know how a lever works, you know how leverage works. If you know how leverage works, then you should be able to spot exactly what you are doing wrong in a move and correct it so that it will work, assuming nothing unexpected interrupts.

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