National Will and Knowing Yourself: Sun Tzu and Clausewitz

This is always good for another read given these times.

I’m not going to excerpt anything because if you are truly interested in military strategy and learning, then you are just going to have to plod through such documents. Here’s a hint though, if you are a beginner student in military history, tactics, strategy, and logistics, then go to page 5, Operations, and start reading down. That’s the good stuff.

If you have read Clausewitz then the first 5 pages will interest you more.

If you like politics, page 6 and down will be your thing. If you like tactics, then you shouldn’t read this at all. If you like to know about having a strong will in warfare and why people keep talking about “war is chaotic and unpredictable”, start from page 5, Operations.

There: that is all the help you will get from me on this score.

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