Obama Elected President of the United States of America

Well, the election’s over.

Here is my pick of my favorite post-election posts.

Book‘s post

This is not the first time, and it won’t be the last, that conservatives who abandon their principles go down in flames to liberals who run to the middle (but invariably govern to the Left). Reagan saw it happen in 1975, described what was wrong, and prescribed the way for true conservatism to be resurgent. The following is a long speech, but every word is worth reading, so I present it here in its entirety:


I am, and have always been, a hopeful person.-Cassandra

I opposed the candidacy of Senator Obama vigorously, because I believe his policies are wrong for this country. I deeply oppose his stance on the war on terror.

But I also have a deep and abiding faith in this country, and in her people. We are a great nation, more than capable of transcending painful political divisions which drive us apart; of overcoming hatred and suspicion; of building consensus and cooperation where there has been only distrust and despair. This nation was, after all, an experiment no one believed would work: an experiment called democracy.


A few minutes into the second Presidetial debate, I realized McCain was almost certain to lose this election.

I had been thinking that a McCain defeat was the likely outcome ever since the financial crisis began. But that debate was very troubling. I wrote at the time that Obama looked better and sounded better, although both candidates were strangely lackluster. But although I did not write this, I felt that McCain had squandered an important—perhaps a vital—opportunity to reassure people that he was up to the task. His lack of energy and focus on that evening was a very bad sign.

Then it became crystal clear to me late on the night before the election, when the returns from the tiny New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch came in. I didn’t write about my reaction at the time because it was after midnight, and it also seemed to me that I may have been over-reacting to trivial evidence—after all, who cares what a tiny little town in New Hampshire thinks, even if it does go for Obama 15-6?

But I could not escape the feeling in my gut that these returns, however small, were highly significant. The fact that made me realize Obama would absolutely win this thing—and handily—was that in 2004 Dixville Notch had gone for Bush 19-7. Unless the town had been taken over by its own private invasion of the body snatchers, one could assume these were more or less the same people, and therefore a sign of just how great the dissatisfaction has been with Bush and how pressing the need to believe in Obama’s hope and change.-Neo-Neo

Three great ladies each with their own differences and similarities. Book and Neo, for example, often wrote about the same things (petite fashions, chocolate, and so forth) right after one another in the past few years. I had to take extra care not to call Neo, Book, at her blog and vice a versa. Cassandra, of course, is her own army all by herself. The Army of the Unit ; ) Very funny and extremely entertaining Cass is.

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