The Anti-Social vs the Asocial

If a Killer Kills Someone no one is much surprised. Likewise, if the killer is killed by his intended victim, that’s understandable irony. But if no one meant to kill anyone, and someone ends up dead, well, then it’s cartoon exclamation points all around. Everyone, including the newly-minted killer, is surprised. Cries of “How could this happen?” and “But I didn’t want to kill him!” ring out. In the end it gets labeled as an unfortunate accident.

But these ‘accidents’ happen often enough that when a new one pops up I can still recall the last one I read about. Primates have a territorial dispute, and begin vocalizing at each other to communicate their displeasure, then aggression in a sideways request that the other capitulate. When neither one backs down, it goes to blows, again to run the interloper off. Usually, this works out fine, as nature intended. But when it’s bodyweight + brain + concrete, one can end up running their rival not just off their territory, but off this mortal coil entire.

This is pretty funny but only to people with a certain sense of humor.

Steen Knuckles (look under violence category) writes about some ways to defuse anti-social situations: those times when people start a bar room brawl because they got angry or wanted a woman or something. Social intimidation is usually like when somebody uses a loud voice, a look, a tone of voice, verbal threats, or getting inside your private space to coerce you to backdown.

Using the things Target Focus Training teaches you in an anti-social or social situation is like using a nuclear weapon on a city because the city didn’t like you or insulted you. Or in a more personal scale, it is like tacking the kitchen knife and stabbing somebody in the back in their kidneys just because they borrowed something of yours that they didn’t give back (yet).

Killing killers is funny or entertaining (before or afterwards) but killing people inside the laws and rules of society is not so funny. It’s a tragedy. Serial killers and mass murderers like 9/11 hijackers getting hijacked by the passengers of Flight 93 and terrorists getting assassinated by Predator Hellfire missiles is funny and entertaining to see. But when honest citizens die while attempting to kill pirates and outlaws, it isn’t funny.

Justice has a sense of humor that isn’t like most people’s sense of humor.

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