Obama In Empire Strikes Back

Fausta has a very funny video up about that.

It goes great with the serious criticisms by David Brin on Star Wars I posted about here.

By now it’s grown clear that George Lucas has an agenda, one that he takes very seriously. After four “Star Wars” films, alarm bells should have gone off, even among those who don’t look for morals in movies. When the chief feature distinguishing “good” from “evil” is how pretty the characters are, it’s a clue that maybe the whole saga deserves a second look.

Just what bill of goods are we being sold, between the frames?

* Elites have an inherent right to arbitrary rule; common citizens needn’t be consulted. They may only choose which elite to follow.

* “Good” elites should act on their subjective whims, without evidence, argument or accountability.

* Any amount of sin can be forgiven if you are important enough.

* True leaders are born. It’s genetic. The right to rule is inherited.

* Justified human emotions can turn a good person evil.

-David Brin

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