Six Words To Describe The USA

Topdog heroes that should surpass genkai

Japanese English
genkai strict guard
genkai limit, bound

I’m only doing this cause Laer tagged me. Genkai is a Japanese word often used in combat anime shows to refer to the upper limitation of a fighter’s strength, stamina, damage absorption capabilities, and level of skill.

Hitting your genkai means hitting the upper ceiling of your total ability. Surpassing your genkai means surpassing the natural limitation or the assumed limitation.

America is limited by a great many things. It is limited by decadence, it is limited by parasites like the EU and Germany that takes but never give back anything substantial, and more often of all it is limited by internal fragmentation and lack of unity. It is like the two headed snake that would rather fight amongst itself about who will get the meal instead of cooperating to hunt down more animals so that both will be sated.

The national motto or the phrase that would best describe Japanese national character is “when there is a will, there is a way”. For Americans, it might be “Don’t piss us off and wake us up”

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2 Comments on “Six Words To Describe The USA”

  1. Laer Says:

    Nice; not to be confused with genki, well, as in feeling well, being well. To much genkai will make you definitely not genki — but is better than the alternative, death.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Too many limitations and you’ll end up like the One who survived an ambush by the Taliban because they let some shepherds and their boy go free instead of either taking them hostage, breaking their legs and jaws so they couldn’t say anything even if they got anywhere, or just killing them.

    Too many limitations really is decadence, weakness, and sheep syndrome. While society requires its members to willingly and freely seal away large portions of our personal power, that power must be unsealed if a threat ever materializes that society cannot deal with on its own.

    The funny thing is that in Chinese the same word/sound “kai” is used to mean open. In Japanese, it means open or release as well. I’ve heard the word reality contain the “gen” sound. So it might also be translated as “reality opening” or the “release of reality”. America would benefit some from a release of reality, you know. Too many people living in their self-contained and sealed off fantasy worlds.

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