Saddam and Terrorists

I always favor SGT Dave’s comments over at Bookworm Room. He boils some essentials down to very fine lines and points. I’d like to save his words, since I often acquire a need to review them later on.

by SGT Dave


Having completed a tour in Iraq and now doing one in Kosovo, I have to make a couple statements in response to you.
The following is unclassified, available to the public, and largely unreported.

Al-Qaeda used Iraqi military facilities to train for aircraft hijacking and explosives use. The Hussein government met with and negotiated with AQ for mutual advantage while attacking their mutual enemy. At least 10 tons of chemical weapons reported destroyed by the Hussein government to the UN were discovered in Iraq by US forces after the invasion. It is unknown what was carried to Syria by over ten convoys of tractor trailers in the ten days prior to the invasion of Iraq.

Oh, and by the way. The US is in its eleventh year of peacekeeping in the Balkans – formerly Bosnia and currently (year 9) Kosovo. The Clinton administration commitment without exit strategy has, to date, caused the deployment of more US and NATO soldiers than Afghanistan – and Iraq just passed that number. BTW; the death tolls for deployed troops were similar but the retention rates were much lower because of pay and leave issues.
I won’t talk about my six active duty years during the Clinton administration or what they did to the intelligence community at that time.

As to executive violation of the law and civil rights I have two words – Elian Gonzalez. Do a study; I did. The Justice Department under Clinton’s direction conducted an armed kidnapping at the behalf of a foreign power.

Another two words regarding executive excess – Waco, Texas. Even if the Davidians were bonkers, the actions of the Justice Department and ATF were over the line. And I have friends working there that I’d take a bullet for.

Enough rant; please take a historic context before stating worst in history. And don’t get me started on Jimmy Carter.
SGT Dave
“On the road again”

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One Comment on “Saddam and Terrorists”

  1. SGT Dave Says:

    Thanks for the compliment; I didn’t realize I had a fan. Thanks for the support for this old soldier.
    SGT Dave

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