Stardust is very nice. Courtesy of Laer, I heard about this movie and got a chance to see it. It started off shacky with some rather embarassing moments for the main protagonist but it went pretty solid in the middle and end.

In essence it is a story of romance set in a fairy tale locale. The villains are actually well done in that they have their own motivations and complexities. In essence, the villains have their own life and goals apart from the protagonist’s goals. The villains aren’t out to defeat the protagonist per say, you know, since the protagonist isn’t the center of the universe as far as they know.


The Captain was a nice touch. In terms of characterization I mean. Also, the beginning is like your typical British romance plotline, and what I mean by that is that the woman is looking for a successful man that is going to be rich. Don’t worry about her, though, you are not going to be seeing her for most of the story, so just bear with the beginning.

Link’s been added.

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