The Foundation of Leftist Beliefs

As described by one author,

George Orwell would have understood the attraction of privileged young people to the Peace Racket. “Turn-the-other-cheek pacifism,” he observed in 1941, “only flourishes among the more prosperous classes, or among workers who have in some way escaped from their own class. The real working class . . . are never really pacifist, because their life teaches them something different. To abjure violence it is necessary to have no experience of it.” If so many young Americans have grown up insulated from the realities that Vegetius and Sun Tzu elucidated centuries ago, and are therefore easy marks for the Peace Racket, it’s thanks to the success of the very things the Peace Racket despises above all—American capitalism and American military preparedness.

What’s alarming is that these students don’t plan to spend their lives on some remote mountainside in Nepal contemplating peace, harmony, and human oneness. They want to remake our world. They plan to become politicians, diplomats, bureaucrats, journalists, lawyers, teachers, activists. They’ll bring to these positions all the mangled history and misbegotten ideology that their professors have handed down to them. Their careers will advance; the Peace Racket’s influence will spread. And as it does, it will weaken freedom’s foundations.

There is much much more. Every classical liberal should know their enemy, and through reading this piece perhaps they advance a little bit more in their understanding. Courtesy of Phileosophos


I think the short version is that the logical cost of ending war is the ending of everything that might cause a person to fight, kill, or die for. Love of family must be gotten rid of in one way or another to be replaced by love of something more collective or at least less potentially conflict ridden, which means loyalty to the state rather than loyalty to oneself or one’s family. After all, nations are built upon the love of family, the protection that nations provide their families is returned by the love of each individual towards their nation. Thus this causes war and if war must be ended, the things that people fight for must be rendered non-existent or at least less valued.

What else must be de-valued, de-constructed, and disappeared for war to end? The obvious next logical step would be liberty. Liberty has fueled many wars and many conflicts throughout the ages, from Ancient Greece onwards. Even more than nationalism and family, the pursuit of liberty has ended many lives, both of the slave and the oppressor.

Since the United States holds the great majority of the liberty in existence in the world, it serves as a beacon and inspiration to others that such a thing as liberty is worth fighting for because it proves that you can obtain such a thing as ephemeral as liberty. It is not a slogan of the insurgent which calls for freedom from the Shah, freedom that has little meaning except on paper; ultimately in the end it is replaced by theocracy and deeper repression, rather than liberty. Given that the US is the way it is, the US must be undermined for if liberty causes wars and wars must be ended for the good of humanity, then the icon of the US must be weakened and destroyed if at all possible.

Much of these connections are simply assumed to be true, thus you don’t see it often spoken of around anywhere. It is only seen by strict analysis of where actions and beliefs lead as well as where they come from, that allows the illumination of why people believe and what people believe, for them to say and do such things as they do.  Comment ot Subadei

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