William Hazen: The Professional Court Jester

William Hazen, first shown in this blackfive thread, is an interesting study on malignant narcissist phenomenon. This goes with the G phenomenon seen at Bookworm’s Room of course, as well as John Fing Kerry. If you will look here, you will see William Hazen taking a beating at ArmyRangers.com

Trails here and here.




30 November 2000, 14:56

Well I am Irish and a lapsed Catholic so what do you think LOL
William Hazen
We Hazens have had every generation serve in the US military since we came over in the early 1800’s. My sister and aunt are the demographers in the family.According to what we can find out one branch of my family has served in the British Armed Forces for that long as well.






14 December 2000, 18:27

No Problem Girlfriend… I will give half of what I have to Shark and that should help. Of course it will only leave me with 8 inches but what the heck, I may now be able to find pants that fit. 🙂
William 3 legged Hazen







A one word reply will do with your “retorts…


Typical answer from a typical sub standard human.

Actually ymarsakar. Laughter is the best medicine and you got me LMFAO! “Sub-Human” what can I say other than WOW… More Nazi verbiage. LOL

Like I said better “Real Men” than you have tried and failed.

William Haze

I know I know for you to make a reasoned fact based argument is way too much of me to ask. At least you have a tiny shot with the grade school level insults. the rest of us have moved on. LOL-Haze




That was actually towards the end really and some of the highlights from the socnet. Okay, now the ending.

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