Greater Global Conflict: The Spread of Anarchy and the Jihad

Subadei has up an interesting (or depressing) topic.

  1. Via Coming Anarchy, Chirol’s post regarding the spread of Jihadist’s tactics from Iraq to Russia. The difference? The Russian murderers claimed not Jihad but Russian social nationalism under the flag of Nazism. This via RadioFreeEurope:

    “Two men are seen kneeling on the ground in a forest, their arms and legs tied up. A large flag with a Nazi swastika stands in the background.
    “We’ve been arrested by the Russian National Socialists,” one of the two men says.
    A third man walks up to the captives and beheads one of them with a knife. The second captive is shot in the head and falls forward into a freshly dug grave.
    Two masked men then raise their arms in a Nazi salute.
    Killings Appear Real
    This the content of a two-minute video posted on the Internet by a little-known Russian organization calling itself National Socialism/White Power.
    The video identifies the two captives as “colonists from Tajikistan and Daghestan.”
    It appeared on the Internet on August 12 but has since been pulled from most websites.”

    My comment on CA:

    “This ranks right around 9.5 on the not good scale. Ones wonders when the first IED detonates in an American city as gangs begin adopting tactics in similar fashion. This, I think, is the essence of John’s GG theory. Not a set group hellbent on accomplishing the specific goal of “X” but a more of a viral set of tactics as various subgroups realize the potential for success in engaging in small scale attacks that wreak large scale effects both economically and societally on their larger enemy. The real effect is disruption the ideological effect is empowerment (both in the eyes of the attackers and the victims.)”

I would agree. My analysis of a Southern Border scenario is in line with the subject.

The point is simple in retrospect. Evil gains strength through, not association, but emulation. They use intimidation tactics to get the peace loving majority in line, but they recoup their casualties and recruit into their ranks by acquiring people that seek to emulate the criminal’s success. This is not a strength born from cooperation, since power struggles in corrupt and evil regimes are notorious. Stalin purged upwards of 50% of the Soviet officer corps. Much higher in the top ranks, as much as 87.5%. If a particular regime, institution, or group are successful, you acquire copycats (Virginia Tech). That isn’t the problem, though, primarily. Primarily, the problem is when you acquire organized crime, crime that is organized around a hierarchy. Evil can’t stop internal fighting, but they can police it and harness the rage of the individual towards a useful, to evil that is, goal (Islamic Jihad). The more they spread, the weaker the civil authorities become since their power is being undermined. The more success they have undermining civil authorities, the more recruits they acquire.

I have made the point before that the US experience in Iraq is crucial to domestic tranquility given the plans of both the government of Mexico and the Democrat and their Leftist allies. [more details in the Southern Border link] Now, of course, they [Mexican government primarily] are not directly allied to the Islamic Jihad, except perhaps ideologically, but they will be, eventually. Of course Laer’s stories of DHS employees emulating Valerie Plame and Sandy Berger style successes in the US, is another nail in the coffin. So what if you break a few rules, right? The important thing, from the perspective of the corrupt emulating bureacracy, is that you get rich and succesful from it. And they do, for the most part, hence the emulation, and hence the alliance. When you have organizations or people networked together, then you can achieve some real destruction.

If the US cannot solve Iraq, then neither will the US solve its own future problems. In this case, the destiny of one is forever interwined with the destiny of the other. Funny, how such things work. The US has been doing well by itself for the most part, but ever since Communism arrived, the US has been acquiring many enemies while doing little to nothing to either get rid of those enemies or acquire useful allies to get rid of them for us. Israel was about the only example and that was only because the Communists were supplying the Arabs with the same logistics.

Read the links and piece it together. There is plenty of material to go around.

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