Telling the Big Lie

Rely to Cassandra’s post.

You don’t actually need to check up on them in order to understand what they are doing. There are certain principles to subversion, treason, propaganda, and psychological warfare that is true regardless of what you are doing or who you are. Sourcing from this principles and slotting in the political ambitions and motivations of the AP, and you get a pretty consistent and accurate analysis of what they are doing. Not just what they seem to be doing, but what they are doing, in the exact details.

There are specific methods that should be used to counter these people, and they are based upon the same principles as counter-insurgency. Namely, remove their safe havens, remove their ability to control whether through killing them or erasing their control presence from the village. The AP’s goals are the same goals as AQ; to control what people think and what they do according to the prescribed list of approved actions and thoughts. The AP should be easier to take care of than AQ, yet they have much backup in the form of Western protection and tradition.

The ironic bit is that the driving ideological forces behind the AP are just leftover bits and pieces from the Cold War, when they were brainwashed by Soviet operators.

link has the youtube video for Yuri if you wish to hear his take on useful idiots. link

The AP and their allies would be the first to be lined up against the wall and shot once their purpose has been fullfilled. But since the Soviets never won and completed their program, we’re left with their trash to take care of.

Another clip of Yuri, don’t mind the Spanish, it’s in English

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One Comment on “Telling the Big Lie”

  1. Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov explains the role of “

    . . . a former Soviet official describes the purpose of “useful idiots” in the west and the role they play in destabilizing western countries in preparation for tyrannical regimes . . .

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