Soviet Propaganda

[Crack:EDIT: YouTube removed a 1985 documentary for supposed “usage violations”…. right.

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.]

Found alternative version down below. Run that only, the other videos were disabled. For ease of reference on further searches, search for Yuri Bezmenov.

Here other vids. Backups. An example of Look Magazine.

Here’s a look back at the Cold War and human history.

The funny thing is, there are a couple of Russians floating around the blogs I visit and some of them remind me of Ivan. His comment at end. Be sure to use a headphone or turn up the volume for the vids, you’ll be able to understand through his accent a lot better that way. [Allow me to add in something for those that wish to know why these vids are here or why they should use their time to watch them. You see, this is not Soviet Propaganda, this is an Explanation of Soviet Propaganda that you couldn’t get from the Public EDu Sectors if you paid them]

I also digged up the last part of the interview, that wasn’t at Book’s site.

The below video backs up my views that cynics and those that feel themselves self-important, are one of the easiest to manipulate.

This vid below tells a bit more of the life and motivations of the person being interviewed, as well as stories about so called “grass roots” revolutions and how they work. It also tells of his defection and how the State Department would report Soviet defectors back to the Soviets, putting the defectors into concentration camps or disappeared.

This vid below tells about how Yoga and such “gurus” brainwash guillible Americans, making them more malleable.

# sergey Says:
July 2nd, 2007 at 2:32 am

I recently read a brochure found in my home library published in 1902 by Tolstoy’s pal Chertkov. This is, formally, an open letter addressed to the Tzar by Leo Tolstoy where he gives to Tzar his advice about domestic and international policy. It could had been written now by any Western pacifist or human rights activist, from Murtha to Sydney Sheehan or Noam Chomsky. The same arguments, the same insane, perverted logic. Russian leftists and revolutionaries tried to disseminate these pamphlets among troops and policemen, with little success: most soldiers were illiterate, and policemen arrested students-agitators as enemies of state – and rightly so. I never met before reading this brochure such concentration of hypocrisy, self-righteous posturing and utmost ignorance of human nature; the profound, paradoxical, sometimes fearsome truths of Christianity replaced by trivialities or reduced to shallow platitudes of saccharin humanitarian moralism. Not exactly Tolstoy’s fan, I until now held much better opinion of the man. May be, it was just senile dementia? But no, it was a logical culmination of a long ideological journey from a brave military officer of “Sevastopol Stories” and “Haji Murat” to wise historian and psychologist of “War and Society” and then to radical cultural nihilist, pacifist and anarchist. And what was most horrible, during this journey he became unquestionable moral authority, guru, like Chomsky, of 90% members of educated Russian liberal intelligentsia. And when these liberals came to power in February 1917, they screwed up horribly, unable order to machine-gun marauding mobs or establish terribly needed military rule. So they allowed Bolsheviks seize the power. The following is well known. Unintended consequence of pacifism? Yes. But quite predictable. And awful. These several dozen million victims of Communism in Russia can be honestly pin on Tolstoy’s insane preaching.
Another consequence of this preaching was making of Gandhi:
“Gandhi read Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is Within You in 1894 and turned his attention to the concept of nonviolence. At the age of 25, it made a deep impression on him. Commenting on its impact, he said: “Before the… profound morality and the truthfulness of this book, all the books… seemed to pale into insignificance.” Marx and Tolstoy were the most significant influences in Gandhi formative years. Read it all:
It seems that American hippie of 70-s have been drinking from the same poisoned wells. Gandhi’s “Tolstoy Farm” social experiment in South Africa closely resembles hippie community, structurally and ideologically. Another source of Gandhi inspiration was John Ruskin, British bleeding-heart liberal of Victorian age, founder of Christian Socialism and Labor party (and pre-Raphaelite movement in art). Now the most notorious Christian Socialist is Hugo Chaves.
It does not mean there were no important opponents of Tolstoy in Russia. First of all, it was Dostoevsky, with his deep understanding of the nether world of human psyche. His novel “Demons” was a powerful warning of imminent catastrophe, which was mostly ignored and ridiculed. Direct opponent was Vladimir Solov’ev, prophetic religious philosopher who satirically depicted Tolstoy in his brilliant short novel “Three Conversations”, Leskov with a novel “Nowhere” about young idealistic nihilists. Some prominent politicians, like Gershenzon, Duma deputy (MP), and Nabokov, father of writer Vladimir Nabokov, have realistic views of historical situation. But Russian conservatives lost their battle to bleeding-heart liberals, and the latter, in turn, quite predictably, lost to barbarians.
The same cultural war that was waged in Russia hundred years ago with ominous accuracy repeats itself in Europe and USA. European conservatives are already defeated, and now only so-called “fascists” (actually, anti-immigration nationalists and anti-bureaucratic Euro-skeptics) can save some parts of it from Muslim barbarity.

Cross posted from Neo’s site.

So now you get to watch the youtube vid and read the written form of such at the same time!

[edit] Here’s a look at a US Army produced Psychological Warfare guide-video. You can check the differences.

[update again] These videos are dropping like flies.

Here’s an actual working one.

This one is 15 minutes and so is longer than the one above

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23 Comments on “Soviet Propaganda”

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  3. ymarsakar Says:

    Some additional thoughts I wanted to add; before I forget them entirely that is.

    The second video talks about a ticking time bomb and recommends that we educate Americans in real patriotism. I see the Iraq War and 9/11 as the starting process of such. People have waked up, but because the welfare state and their allies the Left doesn’t want people awake, they euthanize those that are becoming self-aware.

    Second point is about the effects of Demoralization, used by the Soviets. Any kind of brainwashing can backfire, you must realize this. In point of fact, people that have been brainwashed and have been able to break through their conditioning through their own efforts, willpower, and search for truth, are incredibly dangerous people. This is due to a simple fact which is that payback’s a bitch. If you want the long answer then here it is. People that were brainwashed by the Left before 9/11, stayed on the Left and believed everything the Left said about harmony and social paradise. Then after 9/11, those leftists defected like the guy being interviewed defected. Those people KNOW exactly how the fracking Left operates, because they were of the Left you know. This knowledge is not just knowledge you can acquire through some books, this is knowledge bred in the bones, wisdom born of the blood and the sweat shed. It is etched by REGRET, the regret a human being feels for furthering the cause of human destruction when he truly believed in helping humanity progress further than it ever did. This is why the Soviets wanted to eliminate the idealists, the true believers in social harmony. Those are the same people that would fight the hardest once they had realized the large betrayal they had taken part of. Serenity showed some of that actually; I’m talking about the Firefly movie, go google serenity, it is high up enough.

    This is also why Iraq is important, and not just to convince and educate Americans of the new generation. Iraq is important because if you truly wish to destroy Islamic Jihad, you need people that were BORN In or around the Islamic Jihad belief system. Only insiders know how to destroy the system from the inside out. I have said before that Iraq doesn’t suffer from the same situations that we do. We suffer from internal dissent and subversives but so does Iraq, but the nature of their problem doesn’t have the same limitations as ours. Iraqis aren’t afraid to kill Iraqis or anyone else. We are. Iraq is too chaotic and America is too lawful. Combined together, our teamwork can face the odds against us. The Iraqis knowledge of local events and political problems can supplement our lack of understanding; and lack of understanding means death and defeat The Iraqis benefit via our money, expertise, and discipline. This is why Iraq is important, you must get on the ground and convince the Iraqis that our side is the good side, the one that is good for them. If we leave, then Iraq will be left to the Islamic Jihad propagandists without any opponent.

    Counter-reeducation begins by having boots on the ground. Now we see that Al Anbar, once allies of Al Qaeda, are now on our side fighting with us against Al Qaeda when before they just fought Al Qaeda alone without asking for our help or alliance. You see how this is going. We are forcing defections amongst the Islamic Jihad. America suffers from a sad lack of intelligence and deception capabilities; that is why defections from other people’s intel orgs are so important since it makes up for our incompetence. The State Department doesn’t want this, the Left doesn’t want this, because they are allied with our enemies. And I think people are realizing this years after 9/11. Years after 9/11 exposed the rot of the Left.

    Btw, check out this link analyzing and trying to verify Yuri Bezmenov’s claims of truth. Highly recommended.

  4. Mike Says:

    Sadly, ymarskar, time is proving your hopes to be unfounded. The Left in this country controls the media, and thus it controls the public dialogue– about any subject, person, idea, policy.

    Looking at Iraq and the US public, I see only the triumph of flabby, self-contradictory, pacifism/nihilism/narcissism. People in the US are more worried about appearing “morally superior” than they are in solving complex problems, like Iraq. This trivial, childish style of thinking will persist until a nuclear weapon goes off in Manhattan.

    The TV reality that Americans live in will not allow them to see the danger until it is too late to prevent that tragedy. Anyone who tries to stop it (like President Bush) will be destroyed, largely for making people uncomfortable, and disturbing their dream-world. As I am fond of saying– You can only be lucky for so long.

  5. Tom Andrews Says:

    I have updated my interview with Yuri Bezmenov (the top clip on your page and posted it at You may want to update your embedded link to the newer version if you prefer it. Also, only the top video clip on this page is still available. But thank you for publishing this article!!

    Tom Andrews.

  6. ymarsakar Says:

    Thank you for the heads up on the update. I’ll get to it.

  7. Josh Says:

    Many people miss the point that Communism was a fundamentally Jewish invention. There is no right and left in America, just one party that fights wars for Israel while ignoring our own borders. The Democrats have never given any indication (other than token gestures to appease their own base) that they are opposed to the Iraq war. In fact, Pelosi just voted to continue funding it.

    This is why Bush, a “conservative”, is in favor of open borders with Mexico, and this is why the Democrats are unable to effectively oppose the Iraq occupation. The Democrats are not weak or incompetent, they have no desire for the U.S. to pull out of Iraq, because they take orders from AIPAC, just like the Republicans.

    The only purpose of having two parties is to make you think there is a legitimate opposition to whichever side you choose to hate. In a single-party system, legitimate opposition might arise. By offering an ineffectual fake opposition as an outlet for people’s frustration, this can be prevented.

  8. Josh Says:

    To summarize, Communism is a tool, just like American Corporatism. It doesn’t matter what tool is used, the people in charge of both systems are Zionist Jews. Every news network in America is Jewish-owned. Disney, Starbucks, Washington Mutual, The Washington Post, Apple, so many of these companies (and all of the banking and media companies) are Jewish owned and operated. It would be inaccurate to say the United States isn’t run by a Jewish elite. MTV, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, Time Warner, Viacom, 20th Century Films, Harper Collins. I could go on and on.

    Everything you read and hear and see is run through a Kosher filter, just like in Soviet Russia. Once you really start to examine it, you will realize we have just as tight of control over dangerous information here as any Communist country.

  9. ymarsakar Says:

    The only purpose of having two parties is to make you think there is a legitimate opposition to whichever side you choose to hate. In a single-party system, legitimate opposition might arise. By offering an ineffectual fake opposition as an outlet for people’s frustration, this can be prevented.

    Two party systems of government are always unstable. The only thing more unstable is unitary systems like what the Soviets had or Chavez had.

    It would be inaccurate to say the United States isn’t run by a Jewish elite.

    Top down micromanagement styles of control are very inefficient, especially run on a global scale. The inefficiency would demand government subsidizations, which is true for Europe but not for the US companies in question.

    This raises the question of socialism. While many Jews are socialists, they do not have the ruthlessness and blood craving required to achieve any high rank on the human hierarchy. To believe otherwise is to give the Jews more than their due, since there are far more powerful organizations around that are not bound by religious edicts against violence.

    Everything you read and hear and see is run through a Kosher filter, just like in Soviet Russia.

    That simply means you cannot discriminate between what is true and what is false. Those living in propaganda civilizations such as Soviet Russia, have already learned the tricks of the trade concerning what is or is not government propaganda, and what is or is not true in a government propaganda story. Although the latter is of course demonstrably harder.

    The lack of ability to tell any difference is pretty good proof that you don’t live in a propaganda civilization.

    Once you really start to examine it, you will realize we have just as tight of control over dangerous information here as any Communist country.

    Anybody with such tight control and can’t even get rid of their enemies, is pretty incompetent. It is true that it is not required to be competent if you have control over such sectors, but it does help.

    There are two methods for analyzing competency or shall we say Jewness. One, is to look at someone like George Soros and see his connections as being caused by his being Jewish. The other method is to look at Soros the person and trace his motivations and life experiences that have lead to his wealth and power. One method uses a template, the Jew, as the basic foundation. If the template is flawed, then the entire analysis flawed. The second method, however, is only flawed if the data concerning Soros’ life is either incomplete or inaccurate. The amount of flaws correlate directly with how flawed the data is, rather than the on or off switch that occurs with the Jewish question.

    Even assuming that everything we read or hear is run through a Kosher filter, that would place more importance based upon the analysis that uses human vectors rather than Jewishness as a template. After all, if everything is Jewish owned, then you wouldn’t know if they sold it off to someone else, because that someone else would act the same way. You can’t tell, because the template is coded to one pattern and if that pattern doesn’t change, neither does the template. In the case of individual analysis, you can detect certain inconsistencies on a case by case basis. Even the greatest propaganda and illusions cannot help but produce inconsistencies.

  10. Josh Says:

    This raises the question of socialism. While many Jews are socialists, they do not have the ruthlessness and blood craving required to achieve any high rank on the human hierarchy.
    You’re kidding right? This is the same tribe that organized the slaughter of 20,000,000 Christian Russians, and have been encroaching on Palestinian land for 50 years. Some of the most hateful, blood-curdling opinions I have ever read came from JPost and other Israeli news sources. Have you ever seen the photos of Jewish kids writing messages on bombs for their enemies?

    Religious edicts against violence? You mean the ones that say it is okay for a Jew to kill a Gentile, because non-Jews are cattle?

    But I guess it’s not genocide when the Chosen do it.

    Anyways, the fact of the matter is that CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, and NBC are all owned and staffed by Jews. If you do not see at least a potential conflict of interests there, you are hopelessly brainwashed.

  11. ymarsakar Says:

    Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn’t mean you’re the Chosen and they are the brainwashed.

    You don’t actually understand how to organize genocide. Because if you did, you would be asking why the Jews haven’t already accomplished it given their status, power, and nuclear armaments. If I was in charge of such power, the Palestinians would already be a faintly remembered memory of a memory.

    20 million Russians was done in easilyor efficiently in your view, so why are the Palestinians holding out given the higher level of technology we can employ in the 21st century?

    These types of questions exist for me, but they don’t exist for you. The obvious explanation is that I don’t use templates. I don’t assume that because the world is the way it is, that the Jews automatically own it. Should they change some of the game pieces around, I want to know about it and I want to know who else is in the game. For you, the only game piece on the chess board is the king, while I recognize all the other pieces that are in play.

  12. Josh Says:

    You’re a neocon Zionist.

  13. ymarsakar Says:

    The fact that it took you this long to figure out that I seek to destroy tools of darkness, such as those on your side, does not speak well for your judgement abilities.

  14. […] If you want a post full of video testimony from a Soviet defector on what “useful idiot” really means, go here. […]

  15. brenchen Says:

    ah that’s good old fashioned family racism

  16. Sherry Says:

    YouTube has removed all the videos except the first one. Any alternatives for viewing the rest of them?

  17. ymarsakar Says:

    Any alternatives for viewing the rest of them?

    I’m sure alternative versions can be found so long as you search for such things as “Soviet defector” and “Yuri Bezmenov”. Youtube, google video, etc. are good places to start.

    Focus on the names of the Soviet defectors and you will find articles and related items as well. I’m not a Cold War specialist or expert, so I cannot really recommend lists of names of Soviet defectors who came to America to warn us of the real Soviet Union to you.

  18. Sherry Says:

    Thanks for the reply.

  19. kaan Says:

    I know it is a little bit late but the first one to comment,namely sergey, actually deserves to be analyzed. What he said in his comment on liberalism, social harmony and Tolstoy doesn’t make sense at all. Things that we witnessed in last two years just indicated that our vital need to establish peace is liberal policies, especially on foreign affairs(by the way i am talking about the US). Iraq, as it turned out to be, has been a disaster for the US economy and people who have died during the invasion. That’s what neocon-zionist, who clearly have a considerable number of supporters in this website, did.

    Social harmony makes societies stronger by any means. That’s one of the things that enable us to call a large number of people “society”. Maybe, Sergey you hate social harmony because you are an outsider in the society you live in.
    Finally, I would like to ask a question to sergey, are you mentally retarded? Because you wrote we need facists to save Europe from those barbar Muslims. Have you even heard about Algebra that a muslim, Al-cabir, discovered or the fact that the first math book in Europe was actually the one Fibonacci translated from Arabic which implies a muslim must have wrote. Well, i am so sorry you can’t answer any of them because i know you are mentally retarded, are you?

  20. kabud Says:

    the most dangerous propaganda measure these days is


    in fact it is kremlin project since Muslim Brothers of the 1940s

    Today’s goal is to attack USA under cover of false islamists

    attack if happens will be carried out by top notch KGB/GRU personnel disguised under ISLAMIC whatever Al Quada for example

    The US State Department has been hijacked by kremlin agents since Rockefeller arranged for Kissinger to step in

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