Amazing Grace

This was a sonorous and pure rendition of Amazing Grace. One of the best that i have ever heard.

If you create a station from the artist, you may get to hear it again. The entire segment, not just the sample.

This makes it much easier to hear the song. So don’t miss out.

Another song by Hayley.

May it be – Enya’s song with Lord of the Rings scenes

Updated: Now the above video is…. something else. I have no words to describe it, but if I tried I would probably go past the redline given that I don’t have any money for Matt’s little collection ring.

It is Andrea Bocelli in a quartet, one companion singer which is Hayley and two ice skaters. I still think Hayley’s last name would sound a lot better as WesteRNa.

Another performance, except Andrea is with a…. contralto singer I believe? Vivacious. No, seriously, just look at her body gestures and facial expressions and you’ll know why I chose that word.

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11 Comments on “Amazing Grace”

  1. […] even more uplifting side, I never would have heard of Hayley Westenra’s Amazing Grace, if Ymarsakar hadn’t heard of her first. The music is lovely, lovely, lovely. Hayley has a really old fashioned voice: pure, clear, no […]

  2. […] You can see the French and the English version here on my last post concerning Hayley. […]

  3. Thanks to you and Book…

    I have heard many renditions of Amazing Grace and this simply the best.. of the best — my favorite hymn.

    No whining, no screaming, no “contemporary” junk.. just pure sound by Haley.



  4. ymarsakar Says:

    You’re welcome Jack.

    When I first heard her voice via a song on, I felt that it was something special. Not heard, but felt, in the heart. As I hear more of her songs, I tend to think that she is not only a technical capable vocalist, but she brings something else into the performance; musicality which also includes emotional transference. I’ve noticed that certain classical operas and songs lack emotion, meaning it was a lot of technical notes but very very sterile in terms of the heart. This isn’t due to the foreign language, by all means, perhaps Andrea Bocelli with his foreign language opera duo with Hayley invoked emotion quite well, even though I didn’t understand a word Andrea said.

    Hayley can get across almost the meaning of the words and invoke the emotions you should feel, just by hearing her. That’s special, and so I thought others might find it special as well. It is high praise for Hayley and the chorus from you Jack, for certainly if anyone has heard many renditions of Amazing Grace, it is you.

  5. ymarsakar,

    When my wife’s very talented musician daughter and I were discussing music, I made the statement, “I am not a musician but I am a great music critic.” She answered with a wry smile, “Everyone is!” Touche’

    But I do love Haley’s version of Amazing Grace.
    It brings back pleasant memories of the night I trusted Christ as my Savior. Amazing Grace!


  6. Laer Says:

    Brought tears to my eyes, Hayley did. Thanks, Y.

  7. ymarsakar Says:

    What did you two think about her duo with Andrea Bocelli? I thought it was a great combination of ice figure skating and singing.

  8. Y,

    I did not listen to the others.

    Didn’t want to spoil the moment..

    Thanks again,


  9. […] UPdate: If you are interested in more of Hayley’s songs, go here. […]

  10. ymarsakar Says:

    Whoever keeps visiting from Hong Kong, you really like one of these songs, eh?

  11. Miriam Says:

    The translation of “vivo per lei” is not what Hayley is actually singing. If you listen carefully, it starts with:

    I had a love the same as you,one that I know will never leave me,
    It doesn’t matter what I do, etc, etc, etc.

    Have you got these lyrics?

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