Narcissism Part 6 With the Killers

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Kathy’s blog on narcissism is witty and very very razor sharp.

That’s what Joe at No Pasaran says about the young South Korean who put 170 bullets into people last week. That was my first thought too.

A kid uprooted from a country where hatred of America is wild – and I mean raging wild. How wild is it? So wild there is widespread apartheid there against us filth – ‘er Americans, I mean. Us filthy Americans are met with signs that deny us admittance to restaurants and other public places. That’s how bad it is.

And he commits random mass murder here in a suicide attack.

AFTER sending his manifesto ranting about the religion, sexual permissiveness, and wealth of the people around him here to NBC.

I mean, if that doesn’t spark an idea as to a possible motive, nothing will.

And what was that “Ishmael’s AX” stuff that the media has buried? The play “McBeef” Cho wrote is about as flagrantly as anti-American as you can get right in the title.

Which just goes to show that obtuseness is invincible. This is supposed to be the fault of American culture – not anti-American culture. So, society’s foghorns must obfuscate the inconvenient facts.

I mean, lets get as stupid as necessary to miss the obvious implications of all that. He was a terrorist, a lone wolf terrorist. He murdered people just for being American. What is so hard to understand about that?

Sure he was crazy and suicidal. All terrorists are.

Anti-Americanism is getting Americans murdered just for being Americans. If that ain’t a kind of racist bigotry, nothing is. And those who spread it to advance their political objective have blood on their mouths.

Read the rest. I get a kick out of it, cause it’s like spice, the spice of life. Hot and slightly painful, but good if you have soothing milk to go with it.

Milk does reduce acid effects and stomach pains from eating spices. I should know, I’ve eaten a lot of spices, both Chinese and what the Mexicans would call “hot”. It ain’t hot to me. Not just because of a tolerance, but because I don’t like “bland”. And kathy definitely isn’t bland.

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One Comment on “Narcissism Part 6 With the Killers”

  1. Anna Says:

    I like her POV, Ymarsakar. Thanks for sharing!

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