The difference between Cold and Hot angers

It’s actually a very sad article, in that one can only feel pity for O’Connor, who has to live bathed in that anger.

There’s two kinds of anger. The explosive hot form of anger, and the coldly calculated precision version of anger.

Many in the military and even more in command positions and SF slots have the cold anger. Anger and rage are very useful tools of motivation, as the army have found out in bootcamp. But an undisciplined form of anger, which clouds your judgement and destroys your ability to do the mission and not do your vengeance first, is also a great danger to military commanders who hold the lives of their men in their hands.

Controlled anger, in all situations, beat explosive rage in terms of direct power to weight ratios.

The first time you experience cold anger, you will find it very interesting. Because you are thinking with a clarity of thought unknown to any enraged beast. Not only does it give you clarity of thought, but it also gives you laser point concentration. If you fail in an endeavour, you automatically are thinking of the next thing to try. In addition to the intellectual benefits, the enraged benefits of anger still apply. Increased strength and stamina, increased ability to withstand pain, and the removal of societal inhibitions on violence and civil conduct.

A lot of martial instructors seem to tell you that anger is useful, but it also clouds the mind and therefore should be avoided as it interferes with learning the form of martial arts. Obviously, martial arts instructors aren’t teaching you how to survive in war or how to accomplish assassination missions. The concentration of mind and will, is many orders greater than is required for simple self-defense. And not many have the fortitude or the determination to achieve such limits.

We feel pity for Mary Queen of Scots, because it is obvious who controls who in this scenario. She no longer uses or controls her anger, the anger controls her and makes her do its bidding. Such a person would not last 5 seconds in mortal combat. For such a chink in their armor spells instantaneous fatality.

Her numbers sound marvelous until you start thinking about the bigger numbers.

Her numbers also sound marvelous until you understand that face to face, she is vulnerable to 10 times what you would be vulnerable to, Book. Then it doesn’t seem so advantageous.

Bloggers and we make a difference. Simply because a lot of people realized that the world wasn’t a bake fest place to be in, after 9/11. But they need information and the best information they can get is from blogs like, Book. Without that information, they will not know what to do, with their disorientation, and thus might be prey to enemy subversive tactics. The democracy of America has always relied upon the principle that a well informed public will make the right decisions independent of political corruption.

The media with their fake but accurate stories, the judges with their Rule of Judges IED called stealing people’s property, are all those that people should and will fight against. But without a Thomas Paine, they will not know how, they will not know to what they fight for nor what they fight against. thus, adrift in a sea of nothingness, they fall, one by one, in the struggle for a contemptible cause. (Palestinian cause)

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