Arguments for why propaganda is important

if it hadn’t been accompanied by a curious charge about who had done it: the Mossad. The Jews.

Their propaganda is very good and has had generations to filter into people’s consciousnesses. It is very strange to believe that so many people can be fooled, but indeed technically it is not only possible, but easy.

Prayers for the Assassin delves into this topic in rather more depth, and imagines an Islamic States of America after the Jews dropped nukes on Washington DC and New York.

But he was clearly a crackpot, with some unusual ideas.

I once used a link to Steven Den Beste to argue for why Bush wasn’t as open as he could have been leading up to the Iraq War, and my debate opponent called Den Beste a crackpot as well. Which lead me to believe that there are crackpots and then there are crackpots.

I would rather term it was anti-Zionism rather than anti-Semitism because the foundation seems to heavily rest upon the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I know they have their own reasons for divorcing the two, but to me it was always the Zionist conspiracy people refered to.

I would go one step further. The terroists know what the likely results would be. So the terroists attack people for the precise purpose of using it as propaganda in order to make people believe the worst of America and the best of them. Sadr and Abu Musab probably were in league with each other in the bombing of the Golden Dome Shrine. Sadr had the infiltration support necessary to remove and get info on the Shia militia guarding the shrine. Abu had the operational knowledge, the training, the muscle, and the bloodthirsty fanaticism to carry the operation out.

They all knew that the actual physical damage is minimal to the damage that they could cook up through their lies, distortions, and inciting of Civil War.

Like Rumsfield said, our enemies are experts and total masters of digital propaganda, armed propaganda teams, and even more astutely, the human psychology and how to manipulate it to create power and violence.

That ability almost completely offsets our superior technology.

Because as Napoleon said, in war, the morale is to the physical as is 3 is to 1. He was perfectly correct.

One of the problems in an asymmetrical warfare is that you have to bring symmetry to it. Counter violence with violence. Counter propaganda with propaganda. If you try and counter propaganda with violence or violence with propaganda, a Quagmire will result.

The logic is very weird. Because if the Jews did 9/11… why would America and the jews be reluctant to wipe out the Middle East with our nukes, if we were willing to blow up 3,000 of our own citizens?

It is amazing what their propaganda can do to bypass human logic. Just amazing.

The entire WMD thing was, in effect, a conspiracy theory.

I suppose we are to believe that the conspiracy theory saying that Saddam killed the Sheat and the Kurds with chem weaps was false, that in actuality the Jews were behind it, eh?

No need to go round and round on different interps of conspiracy theory, as long as we know they are ubiquitous, not found only among Muslims.

And why exactly is that important to know?

Your thoery on anti-americanism sounds like a conspiracy theory itself!

As you can see, good propaganda can destroy bad propaganda. As powerful violence can destroy weak violence.

The aim of propaganda is to convince, to persuade, and in some cases to coerce. The side that is able to do that the best, will own the battlespace of men’s minds. And anything else will be destroyed for the intruding idea that it is and never integrated into a person’s mind.

It is as if you are going to take a fortress and once taken, you can use it to defend against your enemy’s invading armies.

This is the true battle between winning hearts and minds.

It is as real as the battlefields the Marines fight on in Iraq. And perhaps even more important.

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2 Comments on “Arguments for why propaganda is important”

  1. Pulane Ramajoe Says:

    the information has been productive to me due to the fact that I am a Public Relations Practitioner so deal aolt with propaganda!

  2. Sofia Says:

    Nice, but it didn’t really have a lot of arguments for propaganda. I thought it would, considering the title. But otherwise, really helpful!

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