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Benghazi security team disobeyed orders to stand down

September 25, 2014

As they said, I told you so.

The US Regime: “Stand down, let them die”

What used to be some extremist connection between Hussein O selling weapons to AQ via Benghazi, suddenly got oh so more complex.

Most Americans obey Authority, just because. Few, if anyone, would refuse the orders. That makes American citizens closer to the Axis of Evil than Sarah Palin is. At least ISIL admits what they are doing, proudly. The Leftist alliance likes to pretend they are free and equal…

Some of us knew the moment Benghazi happened, that the Regime did it intentionally. We didn’t need Fox News to tell us what was up from down.

Japanese Chinese sphere

September 15, 2014

There’s a significant amount of ignorance there concerning how China is generating generations long propaganda for nationalism and patriotism, while externalizing guilt and blame on the Japanese with the reverse response being from the Japanese to re ignite war conditioning in various media propaganda programs for their young.

Even if the leaders wanted to avoid a fight, the Chinese people can easily push for it, dragging everyone else along. That’s what happens when you externalize guilt to some other foreign devils. Think of it as being like a peace treaty with moderate Muslims or Democrats, where they think you are the enemy. Consider how long that would last.

Meanwhile, in the US some of us think US Civil War II is inevitable because of the broken promises and issues with Civil War I. Democrat slavery and plantations existed back. Coincidentally, they exist now too. And for those that don’t know what slavery looks like, look at Rotter in the UK if you somehow believe in a fantasy that the Leftist alliance and their Democrat founding members would be incapable of such. They’ll farm it out to Mexicans or Islamos, if they really were.

The Leftist Alliance’s funding and economic war machine

July 10, 2014

They even call themselves an alliance, of all things.

Crystal Ball Prophecies

July 6, 2014

This is a tongue in cheek topic, since people who predict the future are often seen with crystal balls. But are also known as con artists, psychological interrogators using Cold Reading (body language tells), or something of a stage magician.

This time we’re going back to January 2014, to look at the kind of stuff I was thinking and writing. These aren’t specific predictions of mine, but they should make people ask the question why they weren’t thinking similar thoughts. And how these thoughts of mine inevitably lead to the events of now or at least to a better acceptance of such events as true.

While Book’s predictions for Afghanistan will probably become true because of Hussein and the US Regime, I wrote a comment about something slightly different there.

“deaths that are a waste because the Commander-in-Chief couldn’t care less about victory or the troops, but merely wants to give the appearance of fighting for short-term domestic political advantage.”

Lyndon Johnson did that too. I don’t think he intentionally did it, but his decisions felt a lot like it. Maybe his advisers were to blame, the “smartest people” in the room from Yale and Harvard no less. Of course we know what the Left did to those zombie brains after they were done, don’t we.

“Like some spoiled potentate, he moves them around for his pleasure and views their deaths with clinical dispassion.”

Coincidentally, once a person has such beliefs, they become more resistant to Obeying the Left. Obeying Obama as well. Which is why the Left has brainwashed a lot of people into being zombies and therefore incapable of even Thinking Such Thoughts. Like a lobotomy. INcapable.

And it gives just a small glimmer of what the Left’s true power is on the world stage and in American history. For the Left has plenty of dictators and tyrants 1000 times worse than Hussein. Hussein O ain’t even a Caligula or a Nero by Roman standards.- Comment

Let’s also not forget how the Kennedy admin got Diem assassinated. Talk about US making puppet governments. That’s a Democrat thing, usually.

When I am weak, I ask you for mercy, because that is your principle. When you are weak and I am strong, I am merciless, for that is my principle.- Common Leftist thinking

The Left has made great strategic use of such ploys. In Iraq 2005, it was “listen to the damn (Democrat) generals or else”. Now it’s…. “generals… what the F are generals? This is a civilian run security force by Hussein O, you military industrial complex freaks”.-Comment


Wars are a way for the Leftist regime to send politically unreliables and those that believe in freedom too much, to their untimely deaths. That is why they push so often for “large numbers of troops” or “high attrition values” that come from restricted ROEs. They know who they are getting killed and they Like it.

Even after the war, the Leftist psychologists and Democrat mental health specialists went out of their way to program returning Vietnam veterans with PTSD, inducing guilt, calling them monsters, and breaking down their coping mechanism vis a vis the rational for the war and killing.

They will do the same thing with Iraq. In fact they were already making scary waves about crazy Iraq war veterans.

This has been a systematic campaign for decades now. I doubt their zombies will have replaced their instruction set. Once a Leftist zombie has been made and conditioned, they often carry out their instructions without need for further input. Thus the Left is still going on about Vietnam veteran baby killers and Bush baby eaters.-Comment

Notice the bolded line. In Iraq, whenever the Left talked about how Bush and other patriots should send their sons and daughters to the war, the conclusion I reached in around 2006-07 was that the Left intended there to be military disasters, that they had already engineered military disasters in Iraq as best as they could with their power, to increase casualties and break the Iraq stalemate in the Islamic Jihad’s (a Leftist ally) favor.

Fallujah was attacked during January or and fell a few months later during a siege. So connecting the dots wasn’t so hard. Since the logickal next step for the Leftist alliance is to get even more of their enemies killed. Just like Vietnam, where the Left won over American patriots and Vietnamese Republican citizens.

This breaks the whole “political compromise” framework of thinking. This allows dots to be connected and in the right order. This makes the situation in Iraq, very clear and very predictable later on. If the Left was originally invested in killing Americans in Iraq, just like in Vietnam, and they did this with the help of the Democrats and the Islamic Jihad, then everything else will make a lot more sense in future years from then on.

Spliced from that post I made in January, was this line.

There’s a certain domestic sentiment in Europe and Japan, that says since America is paying for security we might as well rely on them to be the world’s police as they pay in gold and blood for our safety. But that means if America wants something, it’s hard to deny America what the hyperpower demands. That may be tolerable if people’s interests are in common, but what if Hussein demands that a nation disarm and allow itself to be invaded and burned to ash so that Hussein can sit and watch it on tv with Michelle for joys and giggles? Are people going to resist American power after decades of relying on American security guarantees and promises? Of course not; it certainly won’t be easy even if they try.

What if? What if Hussein started that line of trickery in the US with the Mexican border?

The trick with making accurate predictions is to be vague, but also on target. So long as you have the core strategy down correct in your opponent’s motivations or habits, you can’t go wrong, even if your specific prediction is off.

Hussein is certainly sitting around and watching the tv as the US Southern border burns. So I ask the border states, how does it feel to be treated like America treats smaller, foreign countries under their Protectorate? Btw, anyone figure out why I use the term Hussein instead of the O name? It’s an interesting story I might tell later.

The Leftist alliance cracking down on domestic problems

June 28, 2014

This is what happens when you don’t listen to crazy people like me.

You become the crazy person the Left puts a boot to the back of the head on.

This is called connecting the dots, at least if you did it before 2008 or 2012. The difference between the various crazy stuff people say about the Leftist alliance and the various crazy stuff people said about Bush:

1. The stuff they said about Bush, if true, would have meant the Democrats would end up disappeared with their heads on pikes. None happened and we looked hard.

2. The stuff they said about Hussein and the Leftist alliance’s evil, if true, would have meant certain things would have been apparent in other data locations. Like…. this

EDIT: Since Daily Mail and Telegraph in the UK seem to have some solid resources to parallax and triangulate off of (better than all Leftist US media put together I would say), here’s their link.

Another thing that came to mind is that whenever the Leftist alliance creates a Fast and Furious type event, they use it as an excuse for why law abiding patriots should Obey Authority and do as they are told, whether that is Constitutional or not. So Democrats and their demon spawn shoots up some people? Patriots must give up guns now, or else. The Left’s problems are thus the justification and pretext for them taking power and forcing obedience. Ft. Hood, a result of the US Regime’s “success” with military affairs, is thus a reason to force all patriots under DHS and FBI and IRS and ATF attention. Sounds more and more like engineered catastrophe and less like coincidences or PR going on.

The Strategy to Destroy Iraq from the American Presidential desk

June 18, 2014

Well, this is merely to note the occasion by linking a 2007 article for victory in Iraq. I also made several long comments there.

It’s interesting to look back on the time stream.

I believe between that moment in 2007 and 2008, I came across information and did enough research to realize that the Leftist alliance had enormous strategic assets that once activated, would destroy American power and thus by extension Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

I did not forsee that the American President would actively arm and side with the Islamic Jihadists against Afghan and Iraqi security forces, however. That was a detail my crystal ball did not hold.

Once I realized that the Leftist alliance, if left hidden in the US, would break American power and destroy our gains in Iraq and Afghanistan, I began to stop reading mil blogs like blackfive. I could not countenance watching the stories and pictures of people who died for a mission, that I knew the Left would soon cripple or destroy. I had no positive comments. Lead, fight, or get out of the way. If the Leftist alliance in the US was not destroyed, defeat was inevitable in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is what I soon came to believe after 2007. But at this point, I don’t think I had connected all the dots just yet.

Bush II left a safe and secure Iraq to his successor, Hussein O. Look what has happened since. It is not a mistake or mere incompetence, this is engineered destruction. Americans will take a few years to accept and deal with this… incident. Whether Iraq falls or not, to ISIL, Syria, Turkey, Kurds, or the Shia in Iran, doesn’t matter. Just the perception that the US has failed is enough. For six long years I did not reveal my prediction and my growing belief. There won’t be any self fulfilling prophecies from me. If the Tea Party insurgency had succeeded, if the IRS had failed to block their funding, perhaps 2012 would have been different. Perhaps. But so long as the Leftist alliance exists, so long as their power remains unbroken, the United States of America will suffer as it has Never Suffered before.

Benghazi leading to death of US Seal Team in Afghanistan

June 18, 2014

It looks like the rest of the world is becoming unable to ignore the crystal ball I have here.

The title is a reference to the “rumours” I picked up via extraneous sources over the past few years. Confirmation via independent source triangulation has been delayed for some time. But it looks like the word is finally getting out, to the ignorant masses, who shall remain ignorant even though knowledge is at their fingertips.

The real enemy of America is America itself. The greatest enemy of a human is always themselves, their own self. What one America does in evil, reverberates across the world and comes back home sooner or later. If American patriots insist on fighting only Islamic Jihadists and Mexicans, they will be wiped out by the leaders that they obey, inside the gates.

Addendum 2010 flashback:

This is a line I wrote in 2010.

Who here doubts the Left will refuse to engage in such atrocity prone behavior? They tried to do to Iraqis what they already did to the Vietnamese, remember that one.

Obviously since Hussein was relected in 2012, and Hussein was elected to begin with in 2008 with the Public Acclaim of the American public, the Fall of Iraq and Afghanistan was becoming inevitable. Yet I said nothing about that prediction, which I already received and knew to be true. I wanted to believe in the hope that somehow, a miracle will happen and the sacrifices for Iraq and Afghanistan would not be in vain. 2014 is the Death of Hope. So I erase my silence on this matter and confirm the prediction and the prophesy. Lead, fight, or get out of the way is a common military sentiment for war and battle. The blood of Iraqis are not on my hand, they’re on the hand of people (American traitors, Democrats, Leftists, Islamos) who chose to “get in the way”.

In 2007, I came across information that led me to believe that the Leftist alliance had enormously powerful strategic assets in the US that once released, would destroy American power, security, and economic might. Of course, Iraq and Afghanistan would also be left on their own as a result. I refocused my attention from the counter insurgency COIN in Iraq, successfully led by Dick Cheney, Petraeus, and Bush II, to American domestic issues. People who are “suffering” from watching the efforts be destroyed by American Democrats, in Iraq… know this. I was there a long time before “you”: that being a generic reference for the normal curve of people who don’t connect the dots in time.

Several months after the Sep 11 2012 Benghazi attack and execution of Ambas. Stevens and company, people were beginning to connect the clues together. At that time, I wrote this.

I told you guys before that Obama gets a big fat smile on his face whenever Americans die, are tortured, or suffer horribly. I got the sense that not “everyone” agreed with that sentiment. But the nice thing about the Left is that their evil is all encompassing, to the point where if you “can’t imagine it”, you won’t have to, because they’ll show it to you. They’ll do it without me lifting a finger to convince anyone of anything.

The truth will out, if only because not even the greatest illusionist and liar can reattach the head of a dead guy and convince us he is after all alive, after we have already cut that head off.

Dead is dead. I don’t have to say anything. You all know it yourself, or will, in due time.

Ymarsakar says
OCTOBER 27, 2012 AT 9:54 PM

The Left was very correct in saying that government politicians engineered various false flag operations like 9/11. They were just talking about themselves, of course.

And you all will know it is true, whether you like it or not. Time will out the very essence of destruction and evil, whether you, I, or they like it or not.

Only when Americans understand the essence of truth behind what the Left said about America is only and ever true of the Left, will Americans be eligible for “salvation”. Until you know the enemy for who they are, you think you can win? That wasn’t true of Islamic terrorists. Nor is it going to be true of American terrorists.

This is the Left. This is the Leftist alliance. This is the death cult of harmony, equality, and utopian ideals. Do people understand now? Do they comprehend it? Can they imagine it now?

Mexican rape and kill gangs are pouring across the border. Can people imagine how that can be a false flag operation, run by the US government? Can people imagine how Fast and Furious was a false flag operation run by the US government to attack Americans? What about Benghazi? What about the Left’s actions in Iraq 2011? What about the Left’s ROE in Afghanistan? What about the 5 Taliban Gitmo detainees released for defector Berg? How about now, are people’s “imaginations” up to the task of imagining what evil is capable of?

Mah ei. If people aren’t up to the task, they will be. The Left will make sure of it. We may have passed the 10% mark of total Leftist operations now. Their strategic assets, they have now deployed past the 10% mark, probably. Wait until you see what they got in the other 90%.


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