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The Modern US Military

April 19, 2014

It takes a lot of will to deserve victory. Those that fight on the front lines are supported by those at home, economically and spiritually.

A lot of bad things going on.

Nevada Ranch, federals retreat, no neutrals in war

April 18, 2014

There are no neutrals in this war.

If you side with the BLM side, you become responsible for their killings and corruption, if only partially. If you side with those against the BLM, you also became partially responsible for the vices and virtues of the Bundies and True Oath types. Many people, especially Californians and lawyers, are motivated to with hold their support for the Bundies because they don’t want to be responsible for whatever the Bundies do.

People are truly foolishly ignorant. There are no neutrals in this war, there will be no fence sitting, and for those that think they will sit on a fence watching in glee as both sides in the war destroy each other, we’ll see about that. We’ll see what happens to fence sitters soon enough.

Words of Radiance: Military Training

March 11, 2014

The novel, Words of Radiance, itself was well constructed, as expected of Sanderson’s peculiar genius abilities. And I use the Japanese sense of the word, tensei, that’s not based upon a mere monkey IQ test. This isn’t a review but a connection. Kaladin, one of the characters in the book, was faced with a challenge in training some soldiers for war. Due to circumstances, there was a severe lack of motivation on the part of people to fight.

The specific squad training highlighted in the book is what interests me and this essay by one of the authors I respect, discusses it in a more modern world scenario.

The Army’s record, I know, and the Marines, I’ve been told, is not all that good here. We waste a lot of time. We misdirect a lot of time. Worst of all, we centralize in such a way as to remove from non-coms, especially squad leaders, their historic responsibility to train their own troops. A side effect of that institutionally directed irresponsibility is that the squad leaders are often a lot weaker than they ought to be.

Tactical Map of SWAT raiding wrong house with fatality

February 14, 2014

Well, with or without fatalities in this case.

Want to stop a bullet with paper?

February 3, 2014

The Chinese applied the yin over the yang principle here in the making of practical paper armor.

They made Iraq into Vietnam

January 13, 2014

Coincidentally, Afghanistan is also turning into Iraq pre 2006.

The zombies were originally ordered and authorized by Leftist leaders to take their emotions and vent their hate on foreign wars. Curiously now that there is no longer a need for that, Afghanistan’s casualty rates aren’t shown on daily tv news programs like Iraq’s were. That’s why people in the internet comments are still talking about Iraq and its history. That is what they were programmed to talk about.

The comments at Ace differ substantially from the norm, in that they exemplify some of my own sentiments starting from 2006-7 on. Although I don’t have as negative a reaction to Gates or Petraeus as some do.

I do wonder, from an open source intel analysis perspective, whether AQ is “well armed” in Iraq because of all the arms Obama sold to the Libyan and Syrian rebels (AQ rebels). Well, the zombies like to talk about gun control in the US. They don’t want civilians or citizens armed out on the streets or in their homes. That all certainly makes sense (or not). As it so goes, they’ll arm AL Qaeda because the Left is allied with Islamic Jihad. Democrats are thus part of the Leftist alliance. However, Obama did say to bring a gun if his enemies brought a knife to the fight. So there is that. Although the anti-air launchers sold to Libyan rebels was only technically a gun, even though they are nice for shooting down helicopters like those in Afghanistan full of US Special Forces like the Seal Team that killed OBJ.

Helping Real People

January 4, 2014

I’ve seen these stories and finally found a link to those commercials. Those are some long commercial stories.

But I like them.

This is good. This puts the power and money with the people most at risk, with the most desire to do the work of helping. At least it cuts down on middle men and corruptocrats.

How to view Leftists and non patriots in the US

December 9, 2013

Is my perspective, saved for future reference.

On Leftist mind control techniques:

“It bypasses thinking? Faith and religion has always taken a different path than merely logick.

Logic was present in science, survival, politics, and nature. But human beings sought something beyond logick. They sought the magick, the power to make a solution to problems that surpassed human knowledge and abilities.

The Left offers them that magick. And no amount of logick will persuade them that the death of millions isn’t a necessary sacrifice for their personal gain.

When people think they can negotiate with their kidnappers, enemies, and invaders, they won’t fight. It isn’t death ground for them. They aren’t desperate. They are willing to compromise.

When people start doubting their chances of victory or safety, then they become desperate, stop assuming enemies will be merciful, and begin to draw upon the hidden reserves of strength that make humans human.

What people don’t want to get is that fanatics, zealots, and members of a religious death cult (the Left) won’t be convinced by weak sauce words by “rational” and “logickal” people. It takes strength, true strength, to convince anyone in a war. To defeat their strength of belief with your own strength of belief.

Those who think their opponents are so weak they can convince them using mere words… are underestimating the strength of faith their opponents hold in their hearts. They take the Leftist alliance very lightly.”

The trigger pullers for the coming conflict won’t be the particularly old or those on the moral high horse looking down on us. It will be those with a hardened resolve, no authority, leader, or organization telling them when to shoot or what to shoot. If you lack a personal motivation or resolve sufficient to justify your actions, you like most people will merely Obey the authority and the machine. That would run contrary to any sort of free will or liberty people often protest about.

This is very different from how military authorities and officers conduct business. A warrior is produced by a warrior culture. A soldier must follow orders, he cannot shoot on his own will unless told to. In a sense, warrior cultures are hierarchical and based on authority, but only on the authority that derives from strength. Civilian authority in the US derives its power from the US Constitution and the legitimacy of democracy or voting (what is known as shared power or balanced branches of power). A civil war or conflict would shatter the traditional sources of authority for most people, leaving them alone. A single person fighting his own war by his own will? It has been known to happen, and successfully too.

“….that just means I do recognize that a Leftist member is a tool (i.e. slave) and one should not fight, kill, or defeat tools (if it can be avoided). That is pointless (Sun Tzu’s highest level of war skill). About as beneficial as Leftists trying to get rid of guns since they are “evil”. Evil or good requires some kind of will, an independent decision making ability. In this fashion, the majority of the Left can be fought and destroyed, without hating their members. Because hate is not a requirement for a successful war. It’s just merely one motivation out of many.

Thus it doesn’t matter whether there are good or evil people on the Left. As in war, one destroys the enemy: the good, the bad, the women ,the men, and maybe even the children. Because they’ll do the same, and worse, to you if you don’t stop them.

People were fine with bombing foreigners outside America, getting “necessary casualties” or whatever the mil speak was. It is slightly different, isn’t it, when one has to think about your friends, your neighbors, and your Leftist family members becoming those “casualties” of war. But the concept was always the same. The justification was always the same.”

Hate is just grist for the war mill. It is one kind of motivation strong enough. Others fight for love of family or love of country or abstract concepts like freedom, and that may be enough. For the average individual, hate is the catch all. It’s not necessary to fight a war by using hate, just that hate is oftentimes the strongest and most readily available motivator to push a faction to victory.

This means if people try to fight a civil war without hate, they will suffer enormous morale, psychological, and tactical disadvantages. They will suffer damages that will stay with them long after the war, no matter who wins. Hate is the shield that protects the heart and soul, that allows the killing blow to be struck. It is also a finite power derived from destruction, not infinitely continuous like creation or life. It has a limited shelf life. The Leftist alliance has spent decades conditioning their members to hate enemies of the State and of the Left’s Death Cult Utopia. They are trained. They are armored. They are protected. When the orders are cut to put the rod down on the enemies of the state, they will Obey, be certain of that. And they will suffer little to no psychological damage/hesitation from doing so. To the Left, whether the leaders or the cannonfodder at the bottom, you are merely an enemy of all that they hold dear, an evil monster or a henchmen of what would destroy their Utopia and peace on Earth. They feel no guilt or qualms about following orders to crush you.

It is unconscionable to expect generations of young Americans to fight for the sake of individual liberty, when you saddle them with moral high horse officers that strip away protection from PTSD and increase the cost of killing. If people don’t want to fight a civil war they can always leave the country while they can. They can always give up and join the Left. But to expect to be able to win, while other people are doing the fighting, dying, and taking the soul damage for you? That’s unconscionable. If it takes hate for people to fight an enemy, then so be it. They should get as much protection as they can. Soldiers should get body armor of the best quality if they think it will do any good, if they are fighting to protect us. Same concept.

It may not be necessary to hate tools, but if you do hate them, then the fact that they have been dehumanized makes the psychological costs and stress a lot less. Less stress means higher endurance and less PTSD. Less PTSD makes for a more effective war unit and for longer effective use of that unit. And if you cannot strike a deathblow against the Left because their zombies are in the way, then you must eliminate the zombies. If this pains you, then hate and other emotions are necessary to shield the heart from that damage. War is brutal and cruel. It is not a relaxing day on the couch.

New Orleans Gun Confiscation

November 13, 2013

A bunch of domestic American livestock and some foreigners often use the excuse that “gun confiscation is just a slippery slope that doesn’t exist”.

Unfortunately for us, it’s already happened. Nobody told them though. Nobody in authority gave them permission to think about this kind of stuff.

The video is a bit out there in terms of emotional tones, but the eyewitness testimony for the gun confiscation operation is very interesting.

It looks like due to a lack of guts to send the US Marines into Detroit and Chicago to clean it out like Fallujah, we’re the ones going to be “cleaned out” by the US Armed Forces and police forces. Well use em or lose em. Guess we didn’t use em when we had a chance. However, occupying 300 million Americans will be far harder than the 50m in Iraq. Or was it 30m in Iraq.

Barbarians at the Gates

October 24, 2013

When the barbarians come for you, what color code security level will you be at?

There have been a number of black attacks on whites in revenge for the Zimmerman case

Technically, they’ve been doing the same thing or worse to other blacks in the cities, which people try very hard to ignore since those cities are Democrat fiefdoms.


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