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Hunger Games vs US Games

December 14, 2013

This was a pretty good comment I read, so I’m just reproducing it here.

liljenborg • 8 hours ago
What I find so funny about the popularity of the Hunger Games is how the left looks at these movies and sees themselves as the heroes. They see a story about the downtrodden 99% rising up against the 1% and cheer on the Occupy Wall Street movement as the ideological brethren of Katniss. They don’t see themselves as the denizens of “decadent metropolis liberally composed of foppish, narcissistic parasites.” Those decadent denizens are obviously right wingers. They see themselves as the outdoorsy, bow hunting heroine, sacrificing herself to keep her family safe (even though “outdoorsy”, “bow-hunting”, and “family” are strange words associated with evil people like those “bitter clingers”). They don’t see the press as a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC, it’s owned by “the corporations”. They don’t see Hollywood, the source of the enthralling wave of Reality TV, as the left’s very own propaganda service. They still believe that the Wall Street they occupy is their enemy and not the source of their very own funding and the primary donors to the politicians they support (because these politicos claim they will reign in those pesky rich folk, as soon as they get back from the $2,000-a-plate Sierra Club fund-raiser with emcee George Clooney). They still believe the Wall Street they occupy is the financial center of the country, when, by most measures, the financial center of the country has moved south to the Capitol.

They see Katniss’ wedding dress dissolve into her Mockingjay outfit and they see homosexuals destroying that outmoded institution of marriage as a rebellious act against those bitter clingers. They don’t see a young woman, whose romantic life has been scripted by the entertainment industry and media handlers to mollify the mob and somehow corral her into following their direction. They don’t see that even her transition into the focal point of the rebellion has been scripted for her by the rebels.

So successfully have the leftist who love this series transferred their guilt and their complicity in the destruction of American society that they look at the calculating and manipulative character President Harrison and his lackeys running his cavalcade of bread and circuses and see, not this administration and their whole hearted supporters in the press and entertainment industries, but everything conservative. They believe the foppish, effeminate mobs are the faceless 1% (who must be right wing, by definition). Because we all know that the people who make more than a million dollars a year only make that money by mysterious market manipulations and exploiting the 99%. They couldn’t possibly, say (and I know how ludicrous this sounds) earn it by working hard at something. The 1% spend their days playing golf (like the president) or living it up at parties (like the first lady) and vacationing with their rich friends in exotic locations (like the first family). The rich don’t spend their days working, so the only way they “earn” their money is by tricking their way into it (like Solyndra), or inheriting it (like the Kennedys) or marrying into it (like the Secretary of State), or extorting it from honest folks (like Rev. Jackson, Sharpton, et al). They know that those 1%, like Rush Limbaugh, and the mind numbed drones who listen to him are the real villains. Even though, if you come across someone bow hunting in the woods like their heroine Katniss Everdeen, that person is far more likely to have a “Rush is Right” bumper sticker on their truck than an “O” bumper sticker on their Prius.

I don’t think it even enters their head that THEY are the dictators. They don’t see that it is our growing rule by bureaucracy, by self-appointed “experts”, inexorably hemming everyone in with regulations and policies is tyrannical and totalitarian. They think all those rules are right. They think that totalitarian state is liberating. You don’t have to decide what to have for dinner tonight, Michell Obama’s website will tell you what to fix (i.e. the bread), now you’re free to decide whether you want to watch American Idol or that gay-affirming sit-com (i.e. the circuses). You are free to go to college and become an academic and live your life the way you choose (as long as you choose to live the way the “experts” say you should, that is, live the way we do) because you aren’t forced to live in district 12 and mine coal so you can afford health insurance. Besides grunt work like that can be handled by those ignorant bitter
clingers or maybe some of those poor souls coming to America sans
documentation, because they do the work Americans won’t do (so long as they join unions with a history of donating to
leftist politicians). You don’t have to bear the long, costly, emotionally draining burden of raising the kids that result from your sleeping around. You can abort it, or, if you chose (though we all really know you shouldn’t, Spaceship Earth is already overpopulated) the (union run) schools can raise them for you.

They have so convinced themselves that the Right are the villains, that they can look at a series of stories like these and not notice they’re really looking into a mirror and seeing the world their own utopian fantasies are building.

Force Cantrithor Book Review

September 23, 2013

Got this for 3 dollars on Amazon kindle.

The reviews sounded interesting and the plot was new to me as well. So I decided to give it a go.

I was not disappointed. Most of the material revolves around the special abilities of the protagonist, though there are other point of views. It really hits well upon the metaphysical concepts in philosophy and some epistemological methods as well. Basically, what is real, what is true, and how do you tell the difference?

What is the nature of existence, the universe, and man? That line can encapsulate much of the theme of the book.

The characters are very human, you won’t get much TV tropes concerning the out of control loose cannon police officer that always knows what’s just. Nor will you see the corrupt, power mad military officer or authority figure. There’s no immature kids here who can only form an identity by denying existing social and power structures. These aren’t just tropes of decadent and poisonous Western cultural transmission, but they are horrible pieces of “art”, if you can call it that.

Much of Hollywood’s propaganda effect comes from making people watch villains do horrible things to innocent people, then use X, Y, and Z to obstruct the hero from taking revenge. X, Y, Z being whatever the audience is supposed to hate, mistrust, and stop believing in. This is an obvious attempt at influencing the mind of the weak, which is why I’m glad I detected none of those influences in this book. Many of the independent authors of the kindle and ebook self publishing community are free of much of the evil miasma of popular Western culture, amazingly enough.

Chi Gong: Ancient Chinese energy

July 1, 2013

Understanding Qigong DVD1: Dr. Yang

Understanding Qigong DVD1: Dr. Yang

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Best explanation still for the subject matter.

As a hint, breathing methods can be used for more than just giving birth or sniping people at 2 klicks.

A Quantum Internet

May 9, 2013

I can’t help but recall how many times Japanese science fiction has used quantum mechanics as the basis for the plot or a world creation. The fact that they expect the common consumer in Japan to understand these things while the US is mostly concerned about making money off of Hollywood gun violence, porn, and abortion is its quantum paradigm.

Assignment in Eternity: How humans think

May 24, 2012

“We defined thinking as integrating data and arriving at correct answers. Look around you. Most people do that stunt just well enough to get to the corner store and back without breaking a leg. If the average man thinks at all, he does silly things like generalizing from a single datum. He uses one-valued logics. If he is exceptionally bright, he may use two- valued, ‘either-or’ logic to arrive at his wrong answers. If he is hungry, hurt, or personally interested in the answer, he can’t use any sort of logic and will discard an observed fact as blithely as he will stake his life on a piece of wishful thinking. He uses the technical miracles created by superior men without wonder nor surprise, as a kitten accepts a bowl of milk. Far from aspiring to higher reasoning, he is not even aware that higher reasoning exists. He classes his own mental process as being of the same sort as the genius of an Einstein. Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal. “For explanations of a universe that confuses him he seizes onto numerology, astrology, hysterical religions, and other fancy ways to go crazy. Having accepted such glorified nonsense, facts make no impression on him, even if at the cost of his own life. Joe, one of the hardest things to believe is the abysmal depth of human stupidity. “That is why there is always room at the top, why a man with just a leetle more on the ball can so easily become governor, millionaire, or college president- and why homo sap is sure to be displaced by New Man, because there is so much room for improvement and evolution never stops.

“Here and there among ordinary men is a rare individual who really thinks, can and does use logic in at least one field-he’s often as stupid as the rest outside his study or laboratory-but he can think, if he’s not disturbed or sick or frightened. This rare individual is responsible for all the progress made by the race; the others reluctantly adopt his results. Much as the ordinary man dislikes and distrusts and persecutes the process of thinking he is forced to accept the results occasionally, because thinking is efficient compared with his own maunderings. He may still plant his corn in the dark of the Moon but he will plant better corn developed by better men than he. “Still rarer is the man who thinks habitually, who applies reason, rather than habit pattern, to aU his activity. Unless he masques himself, his is a dangerous life; he is regarded as queer, untrustworthy, subversive of public morals; he is a pink monkey among brown monkeys-a fatal mistake. Unless the pink monkey can dye himself brown before he is caught. “The brown monkey’s instinct to kill is correct; such men are dangerous to all monkey customs. “Rarest of all is the man who can and does reason at all times, quickly, accurately, inclusively, despite hope or fear or bodily distress, without egocentric bias or thalmic disturbance, with correct memory, with clear distinction between fact, assumption, and non-fact. Such men exist, Joe; they are ‘New Manf-human in all respects, indistinguishable in appearance or under the scalpel from homo sap, yet as unlike him in action as the Sun is unlike a single candle.”

DaWade. ASSIGNMENT IN ETERNITY (Kindle Location 1206).

This miniature essay on human thinking was something I thought quite applicable to the modern day status quo. The number one advantage humans have over any other species is our ability to think. We cannot outmatch the physical or body power of other animals nor the persistence and numbers of insects. This has formed a key part of my education in H2H training.

Many people, even with the tools provided to them by the internet, do not make effective use of such tools. Things are tl;dr, meaning it was too long for them to read. They want something summarized in 2 or 3 sentences, usually at your expense. They want to hear the interesting and fascinating thoughts of the creative author, but don’t want to deal with the process and work required to produce that product. It’s as if they are parasites and they get angry if you refuse them or call into question their vice-full lack.

In the current environment of welfare, redistribution of wealth, nationalization of American companies, and socialism writ economically, politically, and spiritually, this is just as, if not more, important to understand than ever before.

If you wanted to fly in your car…

March 29, 2012

People are still working on them. Unless the government slaps them with death taxes and nationalizes their business, that is.

A Chinese History Lesson: Shaolin Legends

March 14, 2012

Part 1

Part 2

And so it begins…

It was the Dawn of the Third Age of Mankind… oh wait, we’re talking about Chinese history. However, the Shaolin history shares one thing with Babylon 5: they’re both long as heck.

Not for semi-literates living on the internet and not for people who get bored reading anything longer than 2 paragraphs. Oh you’d be surprised how many of those there are on the net.

Here’s a modern example of Shaolin conditioning.

Story Telling

November 26, 2011

When I first read/watched Fate/Stay: Night, I had never encountered the particular Japanese form of story telling it contained. I was familiar with time paradoxes and loops from Star Trek, and they were certainly interesting in a time, causality, and quantum mechanics perspective. People have done some work on alternative worlds such as historical fiction or alternative fiction. It was the first time, however, that I was just blown away by the sheer verisimilitude and impact of this mode of story telling. Fate/Stay Night is basically 3 stories that all start from the same space-time coordination. The same day, the same location, but because the characters made a few different decisions, it branched off into one of the 3: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, or Heaven’s Feel. What was most well done was that these stories are told in order. In the beginning of the game, you are given some seemingly inconsequential choices. But none of them matters because you’ll always go into the Fate story line or die. Only until you finish Fate and get to the end, can you then loop around start a new story, and proceed to Unlimited Blade Works. It was very surprising. I was like, “Oh, Fate was a pretty good story. Some things I wasn’t too sure about, but generally very nice”. Then I went to Unlimited Blade Works and I was like, “What more can they do with these characters and settings, isn’t it getting boring now”. Well, I spoke too soon given my inexperience with Japanese visual novels. There was a whole heck load of more stuff to discover and read, because Fate was only… an introduction. Only an intro, even though Fate took tens of hours to finish reading and had a great beginning, interesting middle, and moderately satisfying ending. Stuff I would expect from a really good American tv series or book… but there’s 3 of em. And each one is better than the one before, in terms of expanding the characters, their motivations, the world, and the plot. Something my mind had trouble encapsulating and comprehending. How is this kind of art and craft possible.

Visual guide

A lot of wiki links concerning FSN is full of needless spoilers. But this one is very clean. FSN being the first visual novel I ever experienced, yet also the one I have yet to reread, occupies a special place in my memories.

Muv Luv Alternative Review

May 1, 2011

In reply to this post.

Alternative is really a test of how much your heart can withstand. Visual novels often seek to put you in the protagonist’s shoes and this one certainly does a great job of it given the amount of time they had to “educate” you, the reader.

Of course the ending is sad. But it’s also a testament to not giving into despair. I’ve already integrated most of the lessons Alternative had, but until you really accept in your heart what the various characters are saying, your emotions will not be moderated or balanced out.

For example, one of the most effective ways to fight despair at the loss of a loved one is to overcome it with positive emotions and memories. Pride in what they had achieved. The happy memories you shared with them. Such will provide the will to live on.

That’s the whole point of why fighter pilots and small unit infantry tell jokes when faced with death. Many people assume that they don’t take it seriously because they don’t care, but the opposite is true.

Leaders must radiate supreme confidence and optimism, regardless of what they believe or feel inside. That is part of the duty and responsibility of being given authority, for authority has its perks because it has its costs as well. Human emotion is infectious. If you start feeling sad, soon enough everyone around you will as well. And when it comes to fighting in battles and wars, that kind of thing will kill people. When they lack the will to live, when they stop caring, they will also stop caring about the mission. They won’t pay enough attention in combat to survive. They will get themselves killed. That’s why leaders project an optimistic and positive aura. To defeat despair before one can defeat the enemy.

To a commenter there: Check all torrent tracker sites as well as hongfire forums which posts torrents, file server links, and various other download sources.

Continuing on more issues with MLA.

As previously mentioned, I finished reading ML Extra/Unlimited and Ml Alternative. It’s a combination of many different things such as a thriller, science fiction, military war drama, romantic love triangles, and so on. When I say war drama I also mean a life and death drama: one that focuses on the meaning of life and death. A military war drama can be about the military or the war, but it doesn’t necessarily touch upon the concepts behind the meaning of living.

One of the things I’ve heard mentioned a lot is the dramatic dichotomy between chick flicks and movies suited more towards a male demographic. Unmarried single women under 30 in a career. Married women with a family. Teenagers and those in college. Demographics can tell much about a group trend, hence the whole importance placed on age and demographics in marketing. Insurance companies also charge teenagers (15 year olds) much greater premium rates. Regardless of the individual variance in your demographic, the demographic itself is a very accurate portrayal of what the group is trending towards. Thus chick flicks have lately become specialized only for certain demographic groups of women, to the point where it turns off any other demographic. This is, in fact, an indication of plagiarism, un-originality, and a degradation in artistic talent. True artistic talent allows dramatic moments to touch any human, regardless of barriers. That is true artistic skill. There can be no art without a human utilizing artistic skill. When I see movies that have skewed positive reactions amongst a certain demographic, yet the format and themes are so derivative and unbalanced, this is a sign that they are specializing not because they are good at making movies that appeal to women but because they need that kind of specialization to cover up their own incompetence.

That being said, ML Alternative is such a hybrid of so many different other things, which is in fact usual not unusual for the Japanese, that it becomes a stark contrast. In chick flicks, the focus is mostly on relationship issues and on guys apologizing. There’s no war to portray manly virtues or courage. There’s no external enemy or even competent rival. When the Japanese does love triangles, they make it as complex as humanly possible. Such things as two best friends falling in love with their childhood friend, while the childhood friend loves both girls, makes for interesting drama. There is more emotional bonds connecting all 3 together, so the pain or the joy becomes higher in nature. On the other hand, Hollywood does love triangles in a superficial sort of fashion. Either it’s a competition between boys and immature males or it’s a case of Pearl Harbor. There’s rivalry between friends, but they stop being friends for some reason when they compete against each other. There’s no such thing as a friendly competition or the old line “may the best man win”. Meaning much of Hollywood’s love triangles are backstabbing, deception orientated. Such negative emotions tend to affect everyone in a love triangle. It’s not as simple as conservatives prefer positive and happy relationships and LibProgs prefer backstabbing deceptions, but that’s how it tends to turn out given what I have read in America. I do not claim Japan is conservative by the measures Americans can judge, but the culture has several points of compatibility with American conservative culture.

To get back to the main point, Alternative has many things women and men would find captivating. Relationship difficulties are present. Victory and defeat in war are also present. I’ve watched the last Pearl Harbor movie out of Hollywood. Could have been worse. Doesn’t compare to Alternative. If Alternative is the sun, Pearl Harbor is a beach. Both are hot and shiny. What makes Alternative extremely appealing to many demographics is simply the skill with which it has produced the hybrid intermingling of different characters, themes, concepts, and events. Instead of feeling like a jumbled up puzzle, it is a very clear and comprehensive picture. Almost a visual illusion.

One core example I can give is this. Hollywood treats death as either a convenient plot point or as a convenient way to support the main characters. They do not and cannot do what Serenity or the Japanese do, which is bitter-sweet moments. Sanctifying the importance of life, yet serene in the acceptance of dying for something of great importance. That’s because those who value their lives the highest, have a hard time understanding why anyone else would risk theirs for abstract ideals. Patriotism, love of country, is taught as being a bad thing that leads to wars. Such is true especially in Germany and Japan. The Japanese love of tradition and family values has allowed them to retain much of their history in societal sub groups. Their history is replete with warfare and tragedies, thus they can draw much from it even though they lack modern day experience. Our Civil War happened only recently in the eyes of world history, and we aren’t even over it. Japan’s last great civil war happened in 1600 at the battle of Sekigahara. Americans have not had enough time to see things as they really were. And for wars fought in other countries, that is even harder to comprehend for the ordinary citizens of America. It is hard enough to attempt to understand your mortal enemy that speaks another language, but if they are all fighting thousands of miles away from your peaceful life, how much understanding can you really obtain given the normal disinterest civilians have in such affairs?

In an interesting state of affairs, the Japanese have better literature on the topic of war sacrifices and patriotism even though the US has a much higher institutional knowledge in patriotic parts of America and in the US military. Such is life, an infinite amount of contradictions.

Some here may have read David Weber and may recall me mentioning him. Weber does war drama quite well and goes to great lengths to attempt to portray human factions honestly and as they truly are. Instead of the cookie cutter, absolute black and white, portrayal of reality by Leftist ideologues.

This is why I laugh whenever Leftists say that we are parochial and mired in tradition and old ways. The Left is so bigoted, arrogant, and intolerant of other beliefs, so reactive, and so regressive that they don’t even have the right to call anyone else “traditional” to begin with. They have no such right. They have no power to generate such a right. They have nothing to deserve power or rights. All they can do is to beg other people to sacrifice for them. They don’t work. They don’t contribute to the community. They suck off of other people’s wealth. They damage the common good for selfish greed and arrogance. And yet they believe they should have rights?

Things in the Night Sky

November 13, 2010

I thought of it as artificially gerrymandered districts for Congress.


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