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Bioware and EA is gaslighting those who pay their bills

July 14, 2014

Some links that are related to this, in case the bottom falls out.

Bioware or EA’s corporate and PR functions seem to think their salaries are paid by Bioware and EA, when in fact it is the consumers that pay their bills. It’s often like how Leftists in the US think Americans work for the IRS, rather than the IRS being dependent upon American taxes for survival.

Most of the blog posts I wrote on this matter happened in the Spring of 2012, one year before the Top video I’m writing about now came out as a recap/review. I did it at the time even though the Leftist alliance was preparing to make war on Americans in the US, because a lot of the propaganda manipulation and Bio/EA reaction seemed familiar to me, as if it was a bunch of aristocrats crushing the peasants and putting them in their place. It resonated with me, even if I was ignoring a lot of world events at the time.

This is a Chris Avellone interview that describes bottom up hierarchies for creating art and games, vs EA/Bioware’s top down aristocratic model.

Pillars of Eternity Scheduled for Winter 2014 Release

July 4, 2014

Here’s a set of auto play screenshots a community fan(atic) setup for us.

Torment: Tides of Numenera interview IGN

June 28, 2014

A very comprehensive set of questions and answers to brief someone on the topic.

Update to the Torment Tides of Numenera Kickstarter project

June 9, 2014

Dysfunctional Systems: The Sequel Funding

May 4, 2014

I wrote about this game some time ago, and from the lack of news on its sequel I thought the first episode had not yet achieved enough market penetration to fund a second episode. Which was regrettable. But, it looks like there’s hope on the horizon, when the money comes directly from consumers to the business that provides what the consumers consume, without middle men taking 50-70% of the cut (like some trial lawyers do).

Now if only we could kickstart fund a program that replaces Hussein O’s Regime in America or kickstart fund a program that ensures internet freedom from totalitarian regimes. That would include stretch goals for protection from mind crime and the thought police, vis a vis homosexuality and feminism.

P.S. Click on the K in the upper left corner for the website. This link seems to auto imbed the intro.

Mind Simulations for Ethical Training

April 28, 2014

Sounds like a new Obamacare initiative, doesn’t it.

As a reference to totalitarianism and the German way of saying Papier, Bitte (papers, please at every military, paramilitary, civilian, and civilian Hitler youth checkpoint), I present this intro link.

That’s an example of a game created as art. Not all artists are individuals beholden to One Man, One Will, Death to Tyranny kind of thinking, but the true artists are like that. The reader reviews at the bottom should give you a good encapsulation of what they have achieved with that low graphics, independently funded, pc game.

This connects back to what Book was saying about indoctrinated youths being exposed to mental simulation games. The Left uses a special kind of propaganda, what I call limited freedom propaganda, that slots a rat down a pre chosen route and has it end in death, tragedy, or stupidity. True art, however, must provide for unlimited or metaphysical, choices. Due to humanity being diverse, if an artist can only draw a reaction, a single one, out of people, then that is limited. If an artist can draw different reactions from all kinds of humans, then that is the Truth in and of itself. The truth is that being explicit and direct is tanjun, or simplistic, and does not cover all the shades of individual differences in humanity. It is the Left’s method of selective free will, as in the illusion of free will where the slaves think they are free yet everyone thinks alike, dresses alike, says the same things, and thinks the same allowed thoughts.

In a rare feat, it’s a combination of the pc game industry with American culture (of freedom, sovereignty, autonomy vs Obedience).

Back in Temple of Elemental Evil

April 1, 2014

Saw this game years ago. Interesting combat system and very challenging tactically, such as King’s Bounty or Tactics Ogre or Fallout Tactics.


It took them 10 years but Circle of Eight now has the final version out

This should be a much easier version. ALthough there are two versions. The extra content one on the link merely means you get some fan made expansions.

Back in Jagged Alliance 2

April 1, 2014

Technically, JA Back in Action would be better played as Jagged Alliance 2 (1999) 1.13 community patch/expansion.

I read up to page 155 from some random number google found. But page 1 has the introduction and mod break down. The modders of JA 2 at bear pit are technically proficient but their instructions leave a lot of comprehensive details out. Details which the goons… well, those agents are very detail orientated.

Super Something Awful thread that isn’t archived. A lot of funny and useful stuff there, surprisingly. But I suppose that’s Goons for you. They use their own lingo like “gently caress” which is, as you can figure out, the opposite.

On to the installation instructions.

Current official Update (Bugfix) Version (25 July, 2012) for Full Release Build: 4870

You will want that at the pbworks site, that’s the mod files in data format. No need to rename. The ini launcher automatically super imposes the 1.13 data folder over the vanilla data folder when installed over via copy.

The question of playing Wildfire maps with JA 2 1.13 is a trickier question though. Remember that JA 2’s source code was released, which allowed the creation of 1.13 by the fans and users, which is much more comprehensive than a mere official or fan patch. Wildfire was a commercial expansion released by another set of companies between JA Back in Action and JA 2 Unfinished Business (a small expansion campaign played on a different map from Arulco).

Closest detailed instruction I found that makes sense is reproduced here in quote format.

I found a wonderful way to do it a while ago that’s a hybrid of that method:

Instead of using the AIMNAS files, use the original Wildfire ones here.

The rest was posted by Cream-of-Plenty:

I installed 1.13, then I downloaded Tais’ AIMNAS / WF SCI for the latest version of 1.13 and opened it up. I went into the SCI’s Data-AIM folder and grabbed the following files: maps, NPCData, radarmaps, and tilesets. Drop those into the 1.13 folder of your installed game but don’t let it overwrite these four files: smguns.sti, smp1items.sti, smp2items.sti and smp3items.sti. Then, go into Data-AIM / BinaryData folder and grab the JA2set.dat file. Drop it into the binary data folder in your JA 1.13 folder.

Hopefully that should do the trick. It’s worked fine for me so far!

Using the Wildfire version I linked above instead of the AIMNAS/WF installer, you can follow these exact same steps (you don’t have to work about the .sti files though since those are specific to AIMNAS). This will give you fully functional WF maps without having to install AIMNAS. Cream of Plenty’s method on its own works as well, but it leaves the maps littered with junk “Item not found” items because they’re referencing equipment added by AIMNAS. My method doesn’t have these since the maps are based on the original JA2 content only.-unknown authors

Since it came from SA, I presume it’s legit, although I haven’t personally tested it. For those that don’t want to re-engineer the data folder files, AIMNAS is the patch that will work on top of 1.13, adding more items and wildfire maps and probably npc-quests. Version 21 is the latest one, before they started tinkering around with Big Maps.

That would be a mere add on to be unzipped into JA 2 gold folder on top of the 1.13 release.

Now to put this into perspective, the updated links are not at the forums so I and others had to hunt around for it. It took several hours to figure out what the acronyms meant, how they were related to each other, and where the newest but not the newest unstable unfinished versions were at. This isn’t as easy as the NSA has with Facebook.

There was a SCI, single click installer, of Aimnas 20 I downloaded but I have no idea where the links are now. That’s how many links I have to go through for JA 2 1.13’s two mods. There’s a bunch of other mods listed there at a mega thread, but who knows which ones are updated to what version. I’ll deal with that sometime later, if I’m still interested. Urban Chaos and Legion 2 sound interesting though.

Sweat Deal on Tactical War Gaming

March 21, 2014

This game was hard, octagonal, but strategic and fun.

Now you can get it for as low a price as One Dollar. That’s more than B Hussein O paid for your healthcare, you know.

War of the Human Tanks

Thematically, it’s similar to Mecha girls. What divides us from the class of human and weapon?

Indie Games

March 12, 2014

Dark Salvager was pretty fun. It seemed like originally a Facebook or web browser game, given its functionality, but plays like a very surprising and entertaining rpg adventure game.

Limited time sale, only a day and half left. I like this kind of marketing, I hope it succeeds. Since it is based on freedom rather than forcing people to pay money, which most of the time doesn’t work given the black market; or the gray market. The customer can pay what they wish. It’s like cable advertisement, where you pay the cable tv for advertisement spread, given the cable companies can tell their advertisers that X something million people watch Y something million channels (which they don’t).

Payment can be as little as 1 Dollar, in exchange for spreading the word and raising the critical numbers necessary for market penetration.


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