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AKB48 Training Auditions

February 3, 2014

I mostly understood what they were saying. But it’s not in English.

The Japanese there are showing a great deal of courage. Voice training, music training, movement training, mental training, personal appeal training, miniature idols have to do them all. Very amazing, even if their physical abilities cannot match my work, their diversity and strength of heart is worthy of respect.

Additionally, having the judges be their sempai, someone who has gone through the same experience, training, and has become a pro is very important. In the West, we often accept as authority or masters, people who have no real idea what they are doing or teaching and that has destroyed much of the individual virtues amongst the youth, at least here in the US.

Back when the snow storm hit the southeast of the US, I went outside and wanted to absorb the natural energy of the darkened world. So I energized my body in doors and went out with thin silk like pajamas and a bare torso. For about 10-20 minutes of light snow drift, it felt only a little bit cold due to the internal heat generation of chi gong and martial movements. The worst hit were the extremities like my nose, which weren’t as well protected. However, the nervousness those girls face in the auditions and training interviews, are much more powerful than the energy it takes to ward off and aura-project against the snow and cold. After all, I only had to be outside for long enough until I felt satisfied, then I would go back into the building and get a hot shower (similar to a Japanese hotspring). These girls have to put one foot in front of the other for the long duration, and at the end, all that may await them is defeat. The world is an unfair place, and that is why it is beautiful. Beauty only results from hard work, effort, and a difference in abilities, performances, energies. (It was too dark to make out things at a distance, but I heard children playing in the snow. If people saw me outside, their reactions would have been interesting to see: entertaining.)

‘I wish to offer my abilities to bolster AK48′s (deployable) strength’ is what the first video candidate said at 3:30 minutes, at the very end. Senyoku is generally used to mean military strength or total military troop capability and numbers.

AKB48 is a training group for idols, more or less. Generally idols are stand alone “talents”, with their own agency, but this is more like a coalition or alliance. They produce music works like that one.

Evangelion OP: English Audio Fan

January 4, 2014

Now that’s a hack.

Band Wars

January 2, 2014

I get the feeling we’re getting beat by the Japanese on this score.

Still like Evanescence and Enya, though not sure if those can be called bands.

25 anime music tracks you should hear

January 2, 2014

It’s the New Year, might as well listen to some music. I had no idea what the lyrics were when I heard them, but the emotions and intent communicated through.

Steins;Gate Opening song

December 16, 2013

It’s good. Violins sound really nice to me, especially when arranged and orchestrated by the Japanese/esthetics.

Lia: Musician hired by projects such as Clannad

March 11, 2012

The ending line, arigatou gonzaimasu, means “thank you very much”. Cute, isn’t it.

Meanwhile feminism in the US has produced the desire for private individuals to pay for thousand dollar contraceptions for feminist activists: they didn’t even bother to say this was a tax on the rich. As well as women selling their bodies for cash, hailed as the glorious progress of NOW, to pay for college (tuition costs that conveniently goes to pay for activists and permanent retention of Leftist staff at colleges)

I don’t know about you, but the Japanese cultural perception and reinforcement of femininity is a lot more attractive than American political power maddened policies. It hasn’t had 40-50 years of Leftist feminism to poison it, perhaps. To know beauty, you must first witness ugliness, and boy, do I understand that.

Skyrim: Music of the New Age

February 10, 2012

A little something old with a little something new.

Efficient Use of Time: Nekomura Iroha in “Only my Reagan”

November 29, 2011

If this is what the Japanese spend their time on, no wonder they wish for Number 1 status in everything.

And achieve it in many fields.

The song in its original version.

The AMV for the anime is here

Really good composition on that one if you ask me.

Xandria Music Videos

October 28, 2010


Ichinose Kotomi: Violin rehearsal

September 27, 2010

This is the piece she was practicing for. It wasn’t until I realized that the clacker and the bell were coming from the instruments shown in the rehearsal that I realized… this song was it.

And I spent several periods of time near the ending of the visual novel wishing I could have heard her after she had improved. It felt like one of those plot twists at the FIN, like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Sixth Sense, or Matrix 1. In this case, Kotomi from Clannad, had a special surprise, on top of all the other surprises, in reserve. It was seeing the triangular device. Suddenly, I remembered that the song itself had this dinging sound that was not from a violin. That was the connection. Given Kotomi’s arc focusing so strongly on music, it was an interesting easter egg to find.

If I recall correctly, the “violin of death” on the school grounds was organized (and paid for) by Kyou as a sort of practice session before her real recital. Which was never presented in the VN.


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