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Yin and Yang

July 19, 2014

Some people must constantly wonder how these concepts even apply to the modern life of a Westerner.

Well, for me, yin is me doing this for several years while ignoring Hussein between 2008-2012.

Oh wait, that’s the funny wrong gif.

I answer questions and help people out. That’s yin.

And if I can’t do that, I find something to smash, break, and destroy or bite people’s heads off while online. That’s yang, applied strength and force to overcome the World Itself.

When things are unbalanced, go for the opposite. Then swirl it together, mix it, and you got something of an interesting drink concoction there.

Abortion for profit mass murder doctor’s son shot in burglary

June 5, 2014

Ironically hilarious, if accurate.

The Power of the Dark Side

April 20, 2014

I’ve been finding this particular memory very funny. After all, the white guy shouldn’t have talked back at the Black Vader or scorned the power of the Black Side of the Force, right?

They should make parody videos using this template, the Hitler one just isn’t as applicable. This must certainly be what Hussein’s administration looked like on the eve of Benghazhi.

Mini 14 gun groupings

April 1, 2014

I haven’t researched that particular gun, but for those that have, this may mean something.

Yu Gi Oh

February 21, 2014

Yu Gi Oh

[Language filters needed if others are watching]
This is absolutely ridiculous, but still amusing.

In the context of more serious problems like this,, I find it funny that people would pay so much attention to a trading card game.

Whether that’s good or bad… well, that’s a different issue.

Earth war plus space war

February 19, 2014

That’s what I said at Neo’s blog as well, that the planet killer asteroid are cloaked up and that’s why astronomers miss seeing their regularity.

Given there’ll be a land war in America soon, it’ll be interesting and fun to pair it up with a space conflict as well.

The Japanese are insane with janken

February 3, 2014

Janken, as in Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Personally, I think their batsu or punishment games (penalty you agree to obey if you lose) is scarier. A lot scarier.

2 things David Brin shouldn’t have written

January 2, 2014

Suppose the pattern holds — and remember this is just a thought experiment — what might it mean about the true 21st century?

One, what might it mean for an Obama fanatic in 2008 to talk about the century starting in 2014?

Remember what he said in 2008? Neither do I, I have to look it up.

Grayfort, we respect and welcome you here. We honor your service and your viewpoint.

And, yes, ask anyone around here. I was among the first in America (2004) to speak up for the hard-pressed United States Officer (and NCO) Corps. (Ask anyone!) The US Officer Corps makes up the 3rd best educated clade in American life and by far the most dedicated. I am irritated by (some) liberals who reflexively fail to notice that.

As I am irritated by “conservatives” who reflexively keep calling Democrats “socialists” (back it up!) and who refuse to recognize just how much damage has been done to America — and Pax Americana — by the monsters who have taken over your movement, lock stock and barrel.

Yes, you do seem very much an ostrich. Typically, you repeat mantras that bear no scrutiny. Clinton left a military in which every brigade was ready for full scale combat, the reserves were in top shape, special forces were all over the world, making useful contacts (that we used in Afghanistan. Re-enlistments soared after the incredibly successful Balkans tiff and standards were high.

To nurse resentment over the Balkans is to zero in on minutiae in order to maintain delusion. All major war aims were achieved swiftly, professionally, and according to military advice. With not one US life lost to combat and all equipment/supplies replaced within six months.

The proof is in the outcome, a Europe at peace for the first time in 8,000 years, with US popularity skyrocketing across all of the continent except Russia and Serbia. And, yes, higher popularity in muslim lands!

And no, popularity is not everything, but it is how to keep allies (and we have pretty much lost all of ours.) It is the fundamental bulwark upon which Pax Americana rested. It reached a pinnacle under Clinton (as did every other measure of US strength, from military to fiscal to economic). And our world popularity, and all other metrics of health, and power, and success, have plummeted under Republican rule.

Socialist? Then why do small business startups thrive under dems, while monopoly soars under gops? The stock market does better, 90% of our national debt was accrued by gops. What the ###$ do you need, before you’ll stop pressing your hands over your ears yelling “NAH!” in order not to hear?

Look, you seem a bright guy and I will grant you that there are some liberals who are the fruitcake lefties that you envision. But they do not control a political party. The democratic party is (for now) run by its pragmatists, while yours is run by a pack of raving loonies.

And that includes the same horde that McCain now surrounds himself with, while promising (with no details) reform.

Please try this experiment. Go to
and don’t just skim it. (Which is what human nature would have you do.) Actually read it all… aloud.
And I mean aloud! Because (as you know) we humans have a million tricks that let us scan-dismiss things we don’t like reading.

Okay, skim down to the section that begins “Which President…?” and start aloud from there.

If you do this, it may not change your mind. But at least you’ll see why we moderate/independents and centrist liberals are riled up. (And that’s only the stuff up to last May. There’s been lots more, since then.)

You will have proved your openmindedness and given the moderate opposition a chance to lay out their case. And we will honor you for it.-David Brin

Damn, even I can’t believe it. And I was part of that blog warf (barf?).

Brin boyo probably should have deleted that like his idol Obama did with the Obama healthcare promises and website propaganda.

Wait there’s more.

It would be one thing, if these were normal times. Goldwater’s version of conservatism had much to recommend it… though even he, late in life, looked with chagrin at the things that he opposed, like civil rights bills and environmental bills, with regret.

But these are not normal times. By any stretch og the imagination, Republican rule has been catastrophic for the United States of America. The US army has been nearly destroyed, the reserves demolished, our allies driven away, our finances ruined, our credit gone. There are NO metrics under which the previous democratic administration was not better.

That’s the problem with guys like the two (above) who come in and wave a general and theatrical statement, without offering a single reason why it would actually be so. Even worse than the harm done to America has been the harm done to Pax Americana. In 2000, the US was the unipolar leader of the world, respected, admired, and apparently all-powerful. All of our brigades were combat ready (none are today), were were strong by every possible metric.

I invite these fellows to offer one unambiguous and clearcut-provable way that things are better. Instead, we have seen a tsunami of outright corruption and theft.-2008 David Brin

A few years after 2008, I wrote something else there. Facts and detailed analysis are not tools that can reached a brainwashed Leftist zombie. So it was easier to just leave things as they were and come back later.

So the US military was well funded and prepared for combat under Clinton, but not in 2008 after fighting 2 wars and sustaining operations in two foreign countries across the globe. So they voted in a “pragmatic” Democrat that isn’t controlled by the Leftist loonies on the fringe, to… what fix things? To make America the unipolar power, Pax Americana, of the world? This is too stupid to talk about, so I’ll just stop. Even zombies are expected to do better than this.

Here’s your unambiguous, clear cut, proof that things were better under George W. Bush and Sarah Palin than under Brin’s messiah, Obama, and his non-socialist, non-left wing, non-US power vampires. Can’t even get the grammar for that streamlined, since the healthcare website just none none nommed numbed us all to death.

Time machines are great. You don’t need to prove anything. You just go leap back to the past, write something, then leap to the present and voila.

Plenty of people look like they did the same thing. Oracular and prophetic powers.

Japanese Joy?

December 19, 2013

As crazy as the Japanese entertainment process is, it can’t help but put a big fat smile on my face. English subtitles included.

These Japanese game shows scare the heck out of me. You never know what they’ll come up with.

Sling Blade: Movie Review

December 9, 2013

Pretty good. It’s set in the South by a producer/writer/director that is Southern I believe. So it has that unique flavor.

The main character is very silent and other people do most of the talking, but the juxtaposition of events makes it clear what people are feeling. It has good values concerning individual will and society. I like it.

It also reminds me of those Japanese fire and heart shows about various things like courage, happiness, sadness, etc.

I read the wiki article on it so I knew the ending, but it didn’t actually spoil the movie for me. Btw, I was eating some cheetos at the very end, just like the main character. So I felt similar as well. But that’s probably me being weird.


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