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Western relationship with Japan in WWI

September 25, 2014

A connection between Britain and Japan, which probably influenced Japan’s colonial policies later. But before the bad news, there is a lot of good news concerning Britain’s focus on Eastern martial arts, especially when women got involved.

I knew of some American connection to the export of Japanese jujutsu around WWI, but this video gives a better and fuller picture of Western relations.

Modern Re-Education and how the internet helps people re-think their education

September 25, 2014 Courtesy of Texan99
I reversed the standard orthodox curriculum, where it was about 90% lecture and 10% work or homework. Out of 60 minutes, lecture was now 6 minutes and work was 52 minutes.

All the homework and problem solving replaced the lecture. Not watching people do it, but actually doing it and figuring it out for themselves. Then the 10% lecture would be interspersed to answer questions and deal with individual issues, while the rest of the class worked at their own pace or particular issues. That’s so the geniuses aren’t told to watch the slow ones take up their time, and the slow or average don’t feel lost because the geniuses already know all the answers (so they are the only ones capable of asking questions).

Then at home, is where they get the rest of the lectures via video, where they just repeat it all the time, like their personal music ipod of speeches and video.

The orthodox method only made sense in that the originator of the methodology, the teacher, couldn’t be accessed most of the time. He had to live his own life, so the only way students could access him was in the class room or lecture hall. To make it more efficient to distribute information, the teacher then got stuck in a mass communication model, where each student was averaged out in favor of dealing with them in total, rather than in particular. Explaining one thing to one student for 30 minutes, when you have 100 students is not going to take up your lunch hour. It’s going to take up more than that.

Martial arts in Japan, for the importation of karate from Okinawa, got into the same degradation of education through mass market appeal. While the Okinawan masters could easily teach a single student or a set of 5 or 10, in 10-20 years, the art itself. Trying to teach 100 students, and 300 students at the end of the month, the same thing in 20 years wasn’t going to work. They got partial knowledge. They either figured it out for themselves or they traveled the world gaining experience so they could develop their own art and self. But the ones that stayed inside the dojo for 10 or 20 years, or branched out in America and Europe to teach, may or may not have gotten any real idea of Okinawan karate to begin with.

The North and South Korean Taekwondo suffered a similar episode of knowledge discontinuation. The ancient and traditional lineage and art got lost or killed by various wars and invasions. WTF and ITF (I think that’s what they called it) became competitors, even though both had to import Japanese karate teachers to teach them the Korean roots. That didn’t work, so TKD borrowed a lot of karate stuff, that was already diluted, and explained it away as being traditional knowledge to save face.

America’s education system right now is inferior to either incidence. Or rather superior in the amount of degradation people can intentionally and unintentionally cause in their generations. It truly is an amazing human artificial feat.

Medieval Broadsword

September 1, 2014

Courtesy of a Sword Buyer’s Guide Online notice.

The Strategy to Destroy Iraq from the American Presidential desk

June 18, 2014

Well, this is merely to note the occasion by linking a 2007 article for victory in Iraq. I also made several long comments there.

It’s interesting to look back on the time stream.

I believe between that moment in 2007 and 2008, I came across information and did enough research to realize that the Leftist alliance had enormous strategic assets that once activated, would destroy American power and thus by extension Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

I did not forsee that the American President would actively arm and side with the Islamic Jihadists against Afghan and Iraqi security forces, however. That was a detail my crystal ball did not hold.

Once I realized that the Leftist alliance, if left hidden in the US, would break American power and destroy our gains in Iraq and Afghanistan, I began to stop reading mil blogs like blackfive. I could not countenance watching the stories and pictures of people who died for a mission, that I knew the Left would soon cripple or destroy. I had no positive comments. Lead, fight, or get out of the way. If the Leftist alliance in the US was not destroyed, defeat was inevitable in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is what I soon came to believe after 2007. But at this point, I don’t think I had connected all the dots just yet.

Bush II left a safe and secure Iraq to his successor, Hussein O. Look what has happened since. It is not a mistake or mere incompetence, this is engineered destruction. Americans will take a few years to accept and deal with this… incident. Whether Iraq falls or not, to ISIL, Syria, Turkey, Kurds, or the Shia in Iran, doesn’t matter. Just the perception that the US has failed is enough. For six long years I did not reveal my prediction and my growing belief. There won’t be any self fulfilling prophecies from me. If the Tea Party insurgency had succeeded, if the IRS had failed to block their funding, perhaps 2012 would have been different. Perhaps. But so long as the Leftist alliance exists, so long as their power remains unbroken, the United States of America will suffer as it has Never Suffered before.

Islamic Jihad: War on Humanity

June 1, 2014

Although some of us already knew the gist, it’s nice to have a ready source of numbers for the people who need to snort statistics.

Vietnam History Necro

May 1, 2014

Necromancer resurrection of the dead topics.

The comments were particularly interesting. Diem in Vietnam, Iraq 03, Afghanistan, it all ties in together with the Leftist alliance’s war on humanity.

Now that there are few to none enemies abroad that the Left can ally with against the US, they have turned their sights on domestic opposition, what Reid calls domestic terrorists and Hussein calls a need for a civilian security force as strong and well funded as the US military.

That won’t be hard after they gut the US military of parts, manpower, and resources.

This video, though, is kind of funny. Well, funny to people who study violence perhaps. But it’s an example of what happens when war isn’t about bombing foreign brown people, when it becomes a war about foreign brown people at home fighting you then it’s different.

Richard Nixon saw how Vietnam was a waste of lives and how the draft was corrupt, so both were ended. But he somehow got the blame for Vietnam, a “Republican war” as the Left likes to think of it.

Master Archery

April 22, 2014

They don’t show the “secret” technique on those wikipedia photos. But for those that want to go back to a sort of Wildfire type Hunger Games setting, that’s what you should be aiming for.

Smaller bows are better, using modern construction. Leave the long range stuff for the .50 caliber sniper rifle users.

General human mastery needs around 10,000 man hours of practice. A repost of something I got from

Highest mastery feat for handguns is to be able to shoot from the hip or from non conventional angles, and hit a target at about the same range accuracy point as regular people using two hand stances on stationary targets. Same concept. Cross wind calculation with 2 km sniping targets, same concept. Same concept, different applications though.


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