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New Age of Do it Yourself Healthcare

June 1, 2014

I call it New Age, but in reality it is pretty Ancient if you look at Chinese chi gong.

This is more like returning to our roots than hippie weed smoking. Although I must say, I have yet to verify the contents of that article, so do your own research. As usual, think for yourself, by yourself. Voting not included.

Choice: How does it create solutions?

December 2, 2013

This is something I found a few months ago. I imagine the bundling works much the same way as cable channels, where they sell advertisement time based on the slogan that a company has access to XYZ number of viewers. However, unlike cable channels, you get to pay for what you like instead of paying cable networks for the ability to sell you to advertisement campaigns.

Centralized authority creates solutions by making sure people can do A and not do Z. Individual choice creates solutions by exploring all things in life minus the path chosen by authorities.

Even though I avoid social media like the plague, their use of FB and free social networks is a non-coercive ability to spread the word amongst potential buyers and sellers. Instead of making someone buy a cable package of 500 billion channels with nothing good or virtuous on them, so that you pay for the privilege of advertisers sending you commercials, the package is built and then people come and buy it if they wish. Imagine if cable only offered you 2 channels which you wanted to watch and nothing else, at 3% of the monthly price.

In a few generations, successful work from the ground up using free will, ultimately ends up as an authority, a centralized institution. But all things that live will die, so there’s no point refusing to live in the now just because of the future.

The Magic Gaze of Man and the Domestication of Dogs

September 21, 2010

Two pieces, domestication of dogs and the magic gaze of man, put together a complex and thorough history of human-animal relationships.

For cave paintings, form followed from function. The function of how animals behaved were put to artistic work by paint and hand. It served the purpose of educating new hunters and perhaps served as a great backdrop for stories and imagination. To imagine how to hunt well while in winter and then applying the new thoughts in the spring. Such did humans ascend the ladder of creation.

Diet Programs

July 24, 2010

I personally found this explanation of metabolism and weight class quite interesting, as well as true. It combines together a lot of what people may say is common sense with weight loss but it also includes some other details and learning tips.

I recommend it as an easy to understand and easily accessible explanation on what advertisers and scientists have made complex.

AI: Hardware Bottleneck in Artificial Intelligence

May 12, 2010

A breakthrough in molecular computing.

Once we have the hardware capable of creating thought, then we just have to write the software.

Hypnotism and the fear of Rush Limbaugh

April 21, 2010

It is not their minds they are worried about. It is their very identity. To them, the destruction of their vast Utopia is the same as a physical attack. They can neither handle the former nor the latter.

Alpha leaders exist for this express purpose. Throughout evolution, humans were weak, foolish, and all too easily killed by their own foolishness, ignorance, or sheer stupidity. Intelligence back then wasn’t rated on a standard test like the SATs. Intelligence back then was rated at how long it took you to realize that you should be running in front of ole George after George comes out of the bushes screaming in terror. Intelligence back then was rated how much you could imagine a blizzard or a famine or a winter without food, thus motivating one to plan ahead. Intelligence back then was all about how to adapt to ever changing conditions, no matter what they were, because all of them impacted human survival.

Alpha leaders exist to ensure that the people that they are leading gets what they need. Not what they want, but what they need to survive.

The simple reason why your friends fear Rush is because they believe that the only source that can give them what they need to survive is the Democrat party. They are the same as those stuck in cults. They can’t get out, because they believe their life will end. If you actually raised this subject with them, they will automatically shut you out. Because the very idea that their survival is at stake has to be denied, for that is part of their mental defenses. But this has gone on for too long. It is no longer a mental defense but a mental defect. It is not aiding them in survival as it was intended to be. Such mental defenses were simply to help humans cope with trauma in order to survive long enough to re-stabilize conditions. It wasn’t supposed to be there forever after.

There are many who were not invested in Leftist creed and dogma. Robin was. Neo and Book were not.

Without alpha leaders, all you get are a bunch of con artists that can easily sway the views of anybody else. At least the hypnotist in your story produced results. Con artists like Obama can’t even produce any results that are objective in standard.

They live by the cult and they will be used by the cult. It is as simple as that. The cult wants your money. You give it to them because the cult is your route to safety, whereas money is not.

How to deprogram people that has been in a cult? Patty O’Hearst, I believe, would know.

On a related topic, John put up this informative source pdf.

Neuro-linguistic programming works from what I have seen, unrelated to the fields of psychotherapy.

It’s something people have learned to use to con people, pick up women using seduction, or provide security and leadership to a community.

Some few people are very or entirely resistant to hypnosis. This can be because they have essentially created a counter-hypnotic command in themselves that says they, and only they, get to tell them what is or is not true, who or what they are. Others have very well defended personal boundaries that prevent anybody, perhaps even including trusted family members, from telling them what is or is not true, what is or is not good/evil, what is or is not appropriate. People have personal space, defined as their thoughts and emotions which they and they only control. Without the proper defense of such space, one can allow others, therapists or hypnotists, to encroach upon this space and slowly make it their own.

Others voluntarily abdicate part of their personal space for social reasons. Such as to get help from a therapist. To confide in a friend or family member. To obtain lovers and create long lasting relationships. Family and kids. Careers and goals.
There is also the scientific factor. There are 3 primary drivers in your brain. The neo-cortex, or rational mind. What the document may refer to as the critical factor. Then there is the sub-conscious monkey brain, the emotional level. The monkey brain has a lot of imagination. It is the part of you that tells you that you are going to die if you let that other guy humiliate you and not do anything back. It is the part that says winter is coming so you should store food now, while the grass is green. It is the part that controls all the social aspects of how you perceive life to be. When the monkey is driving the bus, your neo-cortex is not. While you may think you are in control and acting rationally, the one really in control is the monkey, a crack addicted monkey even.

The third driver that can be driving your bus is the lizard brain. This is the machine, the killer, the mother that goes werewolf to defend her child, the men and women who survive extreme physical hazards and conditions. It has nothing to do with your monkey brain. In fact, it will push your monkey brain right out of the driver’s seat and even throw him off the bus and then under the bus. *Bump*

The third driver, what can be commonly called the lizard brain, controls much of the adrenaline, endorphin production, and epinephrine production of the body. It also controls unconscious breathing, heartbeats, and various other autonomic processes. It is not so much that when you feel emotional, that your body then responds, so much as when you feel emotional your body starts undergoing a state change. A state change that will inevitably put you into behavior modes such as fight/flight/submit/x once your body and brain gets to a certain status. At that point, your pride, ego, and feelings of social discomfort goes away and is replaced by pure instinctual survival.

Hypnosis must always seek to place the monkey in the driver’s seat. Things like 9/11 tend to put the lizard brain in the seat. And things like reading philosophy, hearing conservatives, and using logic tends to put the neo-cortex into the seat. Hypnosis has to bypass those two things first, to work. But once bypassed, then it is easy. Once the monkey is in the seat, it is easy to tell the monkey something about what “could happen” like “right wing violence” and the monkey automatically imagines this in the future and then believes it to be true.

“If I turn my back on this guy facing me down, he’ll chase after me and I’ll be hurt”

That’s the kind of thinking going on. It has nothing to do with rational judgment. It has nothing to do with your survival, since leaving the place would preserve your safety. So would running. But your monkey brain tells you that you shouldn’t do this. Because it is on crack, obviously, and also in control of you.

Note About Life, Happiness, and Goals

January 16, 2010

While the designation ‘Alpha’ is normally applied to men, it does apply to women. Only if you isolate it to the harem situation do you exclusively single out the male gender, otherwise it is encompasses far more. Since people normally speak of dominant sexual roles for men, it’s easy to get into a habit of conflating the two. There’s another way to look at it, however.

The process of evolution resulted in behavioral modifications. But those models, such as the harem, buck, rooster, pack, herd, water buffalo, prey, or predator routines are not ends in themselves. They weren’t created, adapted, or modified just to be. They were there to do something: a job, a goal, a function.

Essentially, nature has no preference for some style or form of power or order. If things work better, that is the way it is. There is no self-deception in the fabric of reality. It does not have fetishes, preferences, or ideological goals. It doesn’t need things to be one way rather than another, for fear of the things we fear.

If you review modern Hollywood esque culture, you might notice that sex is marketed almost as an end in itself. Money, fame, glory, lack of inhibitions are all designed to produce pleasure, but only one specific type: sexual.

People who have grown up with this dream or utopia in their minds, tend to judge worth and value, especially self-value, in the number and quality of sexual partners. Anything that gets in the way, inhibitions, religious mores, self-control, self-discipline, awareness of risks, must be bypassed to get to the End Goal: sexual pleasure.

When they encounter the harem situation, one man being orbited by many attractive or young women, they immediately make the value judgment that this is high class or high value, something equated with strength or survival or whatever jumble of emotions one would call serenity/happiness.

Regardless of how many times they may speak with their mind about seeking the one thing that would make their life worthwhile, these archetypes, illusions, and utopian esque dreams are embedded in their unconscious thoughts from the time when they were very little and had no resistance to external stimuli. Children do not reject the world, but rather embrace it in the form of curiosity. They have no inhibitions, normally, that would prevent them from learning. They lack a formed political or self identity that would be threatened by the presence of new, counter-factual, or inconsistent datum. Because this was absorbed early on without question, the conscious and logical mind has a difficult time when it is necessary to challenge such premises. These were accepted as reality, with no resistance in the core of the self, much as one accepts that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Not only is the answer not sought, but the question never even comes up. There’s no point questioning the fabric of reality, so people don’t do it. Not even when they should. Fables are at least recognized as not entirely true by adults. But when the whole world agrees that sex sells, there is an implicit assumption of power and validation there. There’s no reason to question, if one has imbibed this philosophical premise from an early age. But there is a reason.

The very act of life requires basic necessities. To get a clump of organisms together such that they are working together, providing security, food, water, and reproductive capacity for sustainment, requires functions: jobs that must be done. Cooperation requires more than just the intention or agreement of need, it requires an actual function or ability, a bridge, that must be created and then used. Over the eternity of this universe, this work in progress has been done, whether guided or unguided by a conscious determination.

Our single cell progenitors didn’t do their work for aeons just so we can reproduce ourselves. If reproduction was the end goal, that could have been accomplished a long time ago. Yet, single cells sacrificed their own existence for something greater. Never aware or aware in a way that cannot be perceived, during the aeons of existence on planet earth pure existence was sacrificed in favor of shorter, more complex, states. Reproduction, the sexual act and the incentives for it, is a means to an end. Because the ultimate goal of life cannot be accomplished in a year, or a thousand years, preparations must be made to continue beyond mortality. And while it would have been simple, in comparison, to simply reproduce a cell endlessly through copying and reproduction through splitting or duplication, it would not have produced more complex life. It would not have been able to serve the function of adapting to the world or to the fabric of reality. It would not have gotten stronger, nor have become self-aware.

It would be a mistake to lose sight of this goal in favor of what got us here in the first place. What got us here isn’t the end goal, it was the means to allow us to get here and it is the means by which we can use to create better functions to get us even farther. Getting stuck now, wasn’t the Game Plan to begin with.

When you see it that way, when you can look into the future and draw a line from where you are at to that point in the future, regardless of how nebulous the initial vision was, then you can reverse engineer what sex, relationships, and alpha leaders were supposed to be. There were seemingly unsurmountable problems dealing with how to create cooperation where there lacked a will or desire. But they were solved. If a plant cannot reason, it at least has one clear desire: sunlight. Its very being is designed for it and it will change itself to better acquire it. Failure or success is almost beside the point compared to that all encompassing desire.

The concept of hierarchy can be seen as a tool designed to deal with the problems of getting life together and making something out of the raw material. No single cell could produce, on its own, the necessary functions of life. Cooperation was mandatory, not an ideological whim. The moment the laws of the universe cooled down to this state, it became so. Yet, it was one thing to tell a hive or a clump of obedient cells what to do, another thing entirely to convince people with complex self-aware thoughts to do something specific. An alpha role was adapted for this purpose: the more complex the life, the more complex the coordination required. Any systemic failure will result in warfare, where organisms destroy each other rather than cooperate. This deficiency in resources could mean ultimate failure, so there preserves a motivation to fix failures using whatever was available.

If your cells could sing, all you would need to do was to listen to your own blood to see an example.

If it wasn’t for the magnetic shield this planet has, life would either not exist here or would have taken a different form entirely. Yet the end goal would never have changed, even if at the end of the universe, final entropy, that goal was still without concrete and precise form.

Rats in High Density Populations

December 22, 2009

It’s an interesting story of what happens to social organisms in high densities.

Using Crows as Bio-Support tools

March 24, 2008

Otherwise known as bioengineering solutions into being. Just like electric engineering and other kinds of engineering, it uses the field and the knowledge to solve problems. Humans have long been proficient at bio-engineering. Back in the day when a man needed to shoot a bow while moving very quickly, he couldn’t just get into a car with a driver and ride shotgun. He had to ride a horse, by himself, while using both of his arms to shoot and carry the bow. In effect, he had to control the horse without using his hands. The people from the Asian steppes were born in the saddle, which wasn’t far from the truth.

For counterparts closer to American ancestors, many Europeans caught and trained horses and made use of cattle, domesticated dogs as hunting aides, and so forth.

Civilization chose mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering because they were more efficient. A car running on gasoline could produce more power than a horse could. And you didn’t have to feed a car if you weren’t using it, unlike a horse which has to be fed even if you aren’t riding it.

Now a days with worries about energy and pollution, there is this tendency to go backwards biologically engineered solutions, seen in the advent of corn fuel and bio-diesel. Now you can read a story about domesticated crows.

Spambots: Evolution in Action

August 19, 2007

Neo has up an amusing piece.

I’ve got various kinds of spam blockers on this blog. They don’t work perfectly. but if they didn’t work at all, I’d have hundreds of spam comments here a day. As it is, there are probably fifteen or so, which I remove almost as soon as they come in.

It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of the spammers. Like the replicates of science fiction, over time they’ve become more and more like real commenters—at least, they become better at mimicking what they think real commenters sound like.

Still, they’re not all that good. It’s easy to tell a spam comment from a real one because the former come in waves, repeat, often have odd syntax and grammar (non-native English speakers?), and tend to be posted on old threads.

And, of course, the websites they list in connection with their comments are always advertising something: sex, drugs, (no rock and roll). Instead of rock and roll we have gambling and, of all things, lots of garden equipment.

I thought I’d share a few spam comments with you so you could appreciate, as I do, their style and variety.

First there are the sycophants. They figure we bloggers are suckers for praise; perhaps they’re right:

I love your site. They really look very nice. The articles provided are long enough to provide great content but not so long as to be totally engrossing, if you know what I mean….

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know what a great site you have. It is a great resource and a great place to drop by….

Your blog posts are insightful. I will take them into deep thought and consideration. Your point of view is very smart and intellectual. Charlie…

Suzy told me you wrote nicely, I am glad I visited this page now….

Just stopped to say hello. I like your blog and it came from your heart. Beautiful!…

If only all articles were written equal… then all would be written like this. Thanks!

It gets better. Or worse.


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