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Life on Earth: What is it good for

April 12, 2014

I have often thought that no matter who was supposed to have created humanity and life, God or merely a power below God like evolution, the only thing the Earth really cared about was producing a species that was powerful and enlightened enough to protect the Earth from things like that…

And if that life failed, then it was time to hit the Restart button. A real Restart button.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Left

March 18, 2014

Or you will come to regret it. Although whether people are right or wrong about Russia and Ukraine are different side issues.

In other news, Bookworm is striving to stake out a share of the book reading market from her base in Democrat Marin.

That’s worth its own tactical analysis, as part of the ongoing and far reaching US conflct (internal). How do you stay under the grid when every neighbor is part of the Leftist alliance for human Utopia and totalitarian ideology? Well…

In still other news, the unified field theory is becoming more practical than 273K+ superconductors.

The Research of Scott Sonnon

March 14, 2014

I had heard of his TacFit demonstrations, but I hadn’t read the background research enough to know that he was the leading researcher on this theory and applications web. I just thought it was a good demo of physical movements and exercise, modeled after normal athletic training. Now that I’m reading his background theories and tying things together, he seems to be the center, the keystone or lynchpin, of a different kind of research and thought experiment.

That interview provides a good chunk of info on the difference between his kind of thinking and conventional exercise regimens.

While I don’t take what people say at face value, I do store them until I’ve experimented on it myself later on. Often times I can detect where people have acquired their theories from, because I’ve done the same kind of research. A lot of Scott S’s research conclusions sound familiar to me, not because I’ve been a part of anything like his exercise groups or instructor cadre but merely because the principles of the science and of human movement are something I’ve learned from another path.

Global Warming is here

February 13, 2014

Yesterday was pieces of ice dropping and clinking off windows.

Today, it’s shiro from the trees to the power lines to the streets: white snow.

Generally around this time, things start heating up rather than cooling down.

Western civilization is more like a religious cult

January 28, 2014

It really is more like a religious cult than a rational society.

Want to know a sure way to be seen as immoral, unethical and unlikable? Raise $1 million for charity. Want to know how to have people think a lot more favorably of you? Raise nothing at all. If you think that’s entirely irrational, you’re right. Welcome to the human condition.

The key to being thought of as a louse for helping the sick or the poor is not the act of giving by itself, but the act of benefiting from it. That million dollars looks a little less princely if, for your troubles, you kept 10% of it—even if you made that intention clear from the start and even if $900,000 still went to the folks who need it most. Fork it all over or don’t expect any applause.

This has the effect of either making sure people can’t sustain their economic life via doing jobs for donation drives, or it will actually draw in con artists that look like they aren’t benefiting but are taking 90% of the pot. Such as Arafat + terrorist charities or union organizations + 501s in the US.

When Bears Kill

December 21, 2013

I really think you shouldn’t have kept your hands in your pants against a bear trained to bite down on someone’s arm when wrestling.

Also, don’t grab the neck and push him, he thinks you are wrestling him.

Also, don’t smack a bear on the back of the head with a 4 by 2. It won’t do anything except cause an adrenaline spike via pain, and the bear will tear out whatever he is gripping. To the bear, whatever he is wrestling with is the threat. He doesn’t “see” you, whacking him on the head. Pepper spray seemed a lot more effective. The guy who has the fastest reactions… also didn’t use the spray. Does that make sense to you?

In a combat scenario, maybe it does. You know, the whole KISS principle, Murphy strikes again, and Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Randy had prepared to be attacked, but that kind of mental focus was perhaps a problem in this situation. Even though Randy is personally around the bear all the time, he should try to diversify his scenario training beyond just self defense, mentally speaking. All that experience wrestling with the bear, 1v1, does not apply to rescuing somebody else wrestling with a bear. Randy perhaps placed too much trust in an amateur. Randy did misread the risk, but I don’t think it was a lethal mistake. The lethal mistake was probably the 4 by 4 (2) hit to the back of the bear’s head. That must have hurt. So he clenched down his teeth. Don’t you get stressed if you feel pain, and then rage/anger at the one that inflicted it on you? Crippling and maiming injuries (to the eyes) cause us to retreat, but painful hits just make us angry. Bears don’t react any much different.

These are my conclusions from analyzing the entire video and their retrospective look.

People in the comments are talking crazy stuff as usual: animal rights, lawyering up, destroying people’s lives because their precious bears are in a cage. If humans are so bad, then the youtube comments just proves it. They don’t treat their fellow humans as human. They treat an animal as being superior to a human. And they think the problem is with people like Randy? I don’t think so.

As for why I came to these conclusions… it’s not because I’m a bear expert or someone who works with animals. It’s a combination of learning from the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, and learning about how the human body reacts to kill or be killed situations: the adrenal system. There are experts on animal behavior, and I learn from them not just what to do and when to do it, but why: the theory behind it all. Then I adapt that theory to my practical experience fighting with the human body. So I get the benefits of excellent theory with excellent personal experience.

Stanford Students on Taiji Chuan

December 9, 2013

Good independent research. At least, they are trying. It’s better than a lot of other things they could be studying, I suppose, like Global Warming or Gender Studies.

Their conclusions, specifically torque, sounds about right.

Human Ingenuity

November 22, 2013

At its best

Quantum Physics: Reality is not simple

November 17, 2013

The lower the human eye searches for things below the sub atomic plane, the more irrational the constructs become. The more macroscopic the scope, the more irrational things become.

From both ends, the explanation goes towards entites equivalent to gods.

From a biological perspective, the argument can be that simple proteins formed molecular and cellular systems by accident or the argument is that the complexity of the proto-cellular system is too complex to be formed from simple ingredients alone. So evolution is supposed to take simple systems and make them better or more complex. But what if evolution is merely making something that was originally complex and reducing it to a simpler frame of reference by downgrading the scale of complexity via increasing the scale of size?

God created the heavens and the earth, is what the prophets declared and wrote down, in one form or another. Is the creator of a simulation not equivalent to God? But if divinity is not found in the cosmos, then you can also search for it by delving deep within the ingredients of energy and matter, below the sub-atomic plane of existence where will itself is more powerful than atomic energy.

If divinity is found within the small things, then evolution merely makes them work together as something that is greater than the sum of its part or evolution removes a creation from the origin source: divinity.

If divinity is found out in the cosmos, at a macroscopic or higher dimensional level, then the question becomes why did divine power go to the effort of creating a universe. Just to simulate what life would think of things? To simulate how to create life, how to sustain it? To create DNA computers called humans, that will use crowd sourcing and distributed calculations to figure out questions that the Divine Creator doesn’t have the time to figure out? All kinds of things become possible to think of, that is not limited by the concept of evolution vs Genesis. There are more threads in the fabric of reality than two simple theories.

Mystery of Human Biology Systems

October 12, 2013

One of the reasons individuals are resistant to authority telling them what to do in life is because at a certain level humanity knows that its future success depends on mutual benefit and symbiosis, not parasitism or slavery.

If you gain no benefit from obeying a US President’s order to give up your money so he can spend it on his cronyies, not much other than force can be used to make you obey. Force then exerts energy and wastes it, energy that life needs to sustain itself.

The individuals that are resistant to hypnosis, resistant to obeying authority, and resistant to interrogation are a small minority in any country. For the most part, humans obey orders. If they don’t have a God as an authority telling them what is right and wrong, they will look to a man made god, a messiah, to tell them what is right and wrong, who needs killing and who is righteous. They will then obey. The US park service did obey in enforcing the order to make sure Americans aren’t allowed on Obama’s public property. The IRS obeyed orders to audit Tea Party activists and authorize funding for Obama’s supporters. The ATF obeyed when Eric Holder told them to force gun sellers to ship assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels. SWAT teams obey the order to fire on innocent people, because they had a gun in a house the SWAT raided by mistake due to getting the address wrong. Anyone that points a gun at a LEO gets what they deserve, was the reply from the police union bosses. When Americans in Libya requested military assistance as they held out for day and night, were met with the obedient military response of “we are told to stand down, we obey and the officer that wished to disobye was relieved of his command”.

Judging by how human biology works, whether you think nature created humanity or God created nature to maintain the system, it doesn’t work in the long term this “coercive” experience of ours.

The scientists can tell us the “science is done”, that there will be no new data. But we know there’s always new data and that science is never done. The authority of scientists to tell us what to think because we’re too stupid or uneducated to get it, is the same authority telling us how to live our lives.

Many people are satisfied with this in the world, because their family/clan reaps the benefits and riches of resource redistribution. It’s redistributed to them, stolen from those that earned it. This coercive, parasitic relationship is never healthy in a human organization. Just as it is not healthy for a human body.

It is now more important than ever that people learn to think for themselves, by themselves, instead of relying on authorities to tell them what is what.


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