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Life on Earth: What is it good for

April 12, 2014

I have often thought that no matter who was supposed to have created humanity and life, God or merely a power below God like evolution, the only thing the Earth really cared about was producing a species that was powerful and enlightened enough to protect the Earth from things like that…

And if that life failed, then it was time to hit the Restart button. A real Restart button.

Diplomacy, what is it good for

April 9, 2014

This is an entertaining look into a sector of the war front which I haven’t heard about, the science fiction/fantasy fan(atic) community and writing community. There’s some kind of battle going on there. It’s not merely political individuals like David Brin or John Scalzi being on the outside or as outliers.

Golden Age of Science Fiction nostalgia

April 8, 2014

An introduction to the Golden Age of hard SciFi.

Teaching Kids how to Shoot guns since Ancient days

April 7, 2014

Some people from California that call what we do on the net the same as being in an echo chamber, probably would not understand.

I’m glad that the traditional training knowledge of teaching 6 year olds how to shoot Real Guns still exists in the US. We’ll be needing that firepower soon enough.

Humans only truly understand things via experience and emotion. Logick and words are merely abstractions. Heat and energy are merely figures in a science text, it is in no way comparable to the experience of putting one’s hand over a gas stove. Scientists used to value experience and experiments above all else, including publication of thesis, but now we live in the modern era. So it is good to see the ancient rituals still adhered to. These days, the Ancient methods of martial arts and hunting are more modern than the Moderns.

A Fire in the Heart: Mozilla, Mormons, homosexual society

April 6, 2014

In many ways, people refused to believe the Leftist alliance had the will, ruthlessness, and power to do this because the people themselves never truly understood what Hatred felt like. To them, the common masses of America, “hatred” ended up being like the feeling they got when selecting chocolate over vanilla. Those that never felt true hatred, could not comprehend the Left’s motivations. They misunderstood the Leftist alliance and its members, cannonfodder, and priests (theocracy).

Until you truly feel hatred for your fellow American, you cannot understand the position of the Leftist alliance. For when the Left says patriots are to be hated… they mean it, and only those who understand what hatred truly is, can then make a logickal juxtaposition of that stance.

Now that Hussein has made it easier to localize, freeze, and hate a single Democrat politician, who at the same time cannot be distanced from the majority faithful of Americans since Americans voted in Hussein twice, people are beginning to connect the dots, yes? They are beginning to hate evil. And in hating Evil, they truly now begin to understand what the Left means when they say they hate Republicans.

Eich is beginning to feel the boot of the Left on his head. Others are beginning to feel the boot of the Left on their parent’s health care, population control methods, or on their children’s heads. That is merely proceeding as planned and as predicted by the 3% of humanity. The enemies of humanity, the Leftist alliance for human perfection, will never give up.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Left

March 18, 2014

Or you will come to regret it. Although whether people are right or wrong about Russia and Ukraine are different side issues.

In other news, Bookworm is striving to stake out a share of the book reading market from her base in Democrat Marin.

That’s worth its own tactical analysis, as part of the ongoing and far reaching US conflct (internal). How do you stay under the grid when every neighbor is part of the Leftist alliance for human Utopia and totalitarian ideology? Well…

In still other news, the unified field theory is becoming more practical than 273K+ superconductors.

The Research of Scott Sonnon

March 14, 2014

I had heard of his TacFit demonstrations, but I hadn’t read the background research enough to know that he was the leading researcher on this theory and applications web. I just thought it was a good demo of physical movements and exercise, modeled after normal athletic training. Now that I’m reading his background theories and tying things together, he seems to be the center, the keystone or lynchpin, of a different kind of research and thought experiment.

That interview provides a good chunk of info on the difference between his kind of thinking and conventional exercise regimens.

While I don’t take what people say at face value, I do store them until I’ve experimented on it myself later on. Often times I can detect where people have acquired their theories from, because I’ve done the same kind of research. A lot of Scott S’s research conclusions sound familiar to me, not because I’ve been a part of anything like his exercise groups or instructor cadre but merely because the principles of the science and of human movement are something I’ve learned from another path.

Global Warming is here

February 13, 2014

Yesterday was pieces of ice dropping and clinking off windows.

Today, it’s shiro from the trees to the power lines to the streets: white snow.

Generally around this time, things start heating up rather than cooling down.

Japan has more violent media but less violence than GTA in UK

February 12, 2014

One wonders, why is that? How come Japan, with much more violent media material for entertainment, has less crime than Britain? It’s mostly a matter of law and order. Japan, after all, actually believes in the police’s responsibility to uphold law and order so they put officers in these box stations every few miles. They’re not all huddled together at the station, together, having donuts and conversations about the latest APB on the radio. Which is often the case in Democrat controlled cities like NYC, New Orleans, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Coincidentally, the highest gun, rape, and murder assault capitals of the US.

Japan trains their next generation strictly with a lot of discipline. That social conformity is actually good for something. Normally in the US, our freedoms are defined as we are either for individual expression or we are for traditional social conservation and inflexibility. Japan has somehow combined the two cultures into one working nation. That’s why I think law and order in Japan hasn’t deteriorated (much) even though Japan has some pretty violent movies. True liberty is seen in having a third option, one that doesn’t reject traditional morality but also doesn’t reject individual sovereignty. What most individuals in the West are experiencing, in the US knock out games and the UK get drunk and raped games, is not individual liberty but individuals training themselves to be good little slaves on the tax farm or the pimp farm.

Gays in Japan

February 10, 2014

The original Christian aversion to homosexual acts was a combination of the Roman era usage of slaves as sex slaves and the tendency of The Roman/Greek aristocracy to indulge in gay sexual orgies as part of public entertainment.

While one doesn’t see that kind of decadence in Japan, except on a tightly regulated non mainstream, the United States of America is definitely seeing it hit hard.

There are plenty of GLBT organizations that market themselves as something designed to make homosexuals more tolerated by the US community, but in reality they do the very opposite. They transgress against normal social boundaries and use heresy burning tools against individuals like the Duck Dynasty. Plenty of less popular and less economically independent individuals have been suppressed, even though they are part of the mainstream and gays are part of the minority by several orders of magnitude. In Japan, that would be categorized as a great “trouble” made unnecessarily. In the US, it has been tolerated, to a certain point, but I predict the next US civil war will undercut most of those organizations and operations. Without funding, they cannot achieve their social justice aims.

Two terms, yaoi and yuri, were mentioned in the video about gays in Japan. My comment at Bookworm’s post should elucidate the meaning of those subjects vis a vis Japanese culture. In short, the Japanese genres are romantic depictions about love between person A and person B, without regard to the social considerations for sex and rank. The American GLBT organizations are designed to shatter mainstream conceptions of social order, in order to replace it with the Left’s conception of social justice and Obedience to the Left’s Utopian Human Perfection, aka Totalitarianism. As such, the Left requires that the bond between person A and person B to be shattered and redistributed towards Loyalty and Obedience to the Regime, only. Marriage derives its power from an alliance born of love and economic dependence upon another human being. Since the state wishes to enforce economic dependence of everyone on the Regime, love and marriages must first be broken, so that a woman will never recognize or obey the authority of her man. She must be made to Obey only the Authority of Her Government.

If woman Y accuses her boyfriend A of rape, it is up to the bureaucracy, the school board, or the Regime to determine who is guilty or not. It is a redirection of power from the people in a relationship, to people outside of it. People are easily fooled and believe in the propaganda that this is “best” for society. The results speak for themselves. We’ve seen incidents like that play out in various colleges, universities, military officer academies, etc. Far from reconstructing society and rebuilding civic virtue, it has done the opposite. As it was intended to do, all along.

So long as two people feel love for each other, the state can never fully control the people’s motivations and loyalty. The people will always be able to refuse at least one order when it comes to killing their loved ones. That cannot be allowed by the Society for Totalitarianism Utopian Perfection under the Left’s Deus Ex Machina, man made god. The government desires full control of a person’s mind, body, and soul. And that means complete and utter obedience. When the government commands a husband to kill his wife and children, they expect the husband to obey.


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