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Democrat Rape Culture

April 19, 2014

Something rotten in Denmark.

And it’s not just DC.

It’s also science fiction writers of America.

It’s not like elections will fix democracy

January 13, 2014

Democracy was never designed originally to put power in elections anyway. That was just something in the beginning, for small time setups. Over time it ultimately and naturally allows the ruling 1% elite to determine where power goes. Elections are merely the propaganda cover needed to convince people that they were ruling themselves. A neat con.

The Free Market Works for Sex

January 11, 2014

I used to think this was degenerate and stupid, but while I still think it is a result of decadence and degeneracy, it’s actually not as dumb or inefficient as I thought.

Because judging by the female satisfaction rating from “hook ups” and various high school sex affairs and orgies, these girls would actually get more value if they sold their virginity than losing it at a party while stone drunk.

If every girl is getting stoned, drunk, or opening her legs for any useless and cowardly male out there, then this would of course raise the value of virginity for some idealists. But it is still extremely devalued as a form of currency or product, because the supply is not restricted. Virgins are born every year, after all, and males just have to keep prowling bars for college and high school kids. As they are doing now.

When women figure out that sexual liberation was in fact a way to keep them enslaved and get rid of First Wave Feminism’s advancements… I wonder what people will think and feel at that moment.

The Power of GLAD: Phil Robertson suspension

December 27, 2013

When the Leftist alliance declares you a non-human, watch out, there will be consequences.

Corruption of the Youth

December 27, 2013

Wait a moment, I thought only religious folks like the Catholics were responsible for gay homosexual child molestors? How can it be possible that anyone else trafficks in such things?

There’s the fantasy the US Leftist media feeds us via tubes. Then there’s reality.

Human beings crave authority. And so long as there is an authority, there is also evil and corruption. The only counter against that is to get people to make their own judgments as much as feasible. Or re-engineer humanity into a livestock slave race, like the Left wants to do.

Gay Activism: Anti Humanism

December 22, 2013

There’s a problem with Western civilization and it’s not due to cowboy American war adventures.

Feminism: Hijacked by the Left

December 10, 2013

Well, that’s to be expected of the police that they sit around and do nothing. They are soldiers, of a kind, under authority after all. But don’t take that to mean if you terminate the feminists, the police won’t be ordered to get rid of you. They act under authority, so when no orders come, fear paralyzes them. But when you start standing up and resisting the machine of the Leftist alliance, then the orders will be cut to suppress your group of peasants and slave revolters. Those under authority will then obey, gladly now that they have a justification to do something, just like the park rangers did.

Household Troops: Secret Service in America

November 18, 2013

I suspect the prostitution and soon to be child prostitution, are just favors given out to keep the loyalty of the new Praetorian Guard.

Whether Obama declares himself President for Life at the near future won’t prevent America’s destruction. The Left always has a replacement 1000 times worse than the current tyrant in power.

Gonzaga University: Self Defense Outlawed

November 10, 2013

It’s a sad thing when not only do you have to fight the invaders and zombies, but also the system itself you live under.

Strategically, it might have been recommended by the ancients to reduce the number of potential fronts you are doing battle on. Either focus on eliminating criminals… or focus on eliminating their enablers in society.

Of course, some of us think society should go to hell, figuratively or literally, and others think there is no such thing as society (as a construct, it is merely an individual + another). The latter would be similar to the concept that there is no “matter”, just elementary structures composed of energy.

American Military reconfiguration and the draft

October 14, 2013

Never did like the draft. Bill Clinton and the various other Dems either skipped to Canada, got exemptions, or went in like Kerry in order to bulk up their resume.

They also kept trying to push it in the 21st century. Their motives were suspect.

Now, their motives aren’t suspect. It’s almost guaranteed that they are up to no good, draft or no draft, with the US military.


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