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The Difference between Self Defense and Fighting

February 26, 2012

To clearly illustrate the differences, so that people don’t mistake real fights for something else of a different nature, we have this.

Fistfighting has never been uncommon, particularly in the beach communities, Long said. Take young men, add alcohol and look out. Fights break out.

“I remember fights from when I was younger. A few punches were thrown,” Long said. “The fights didn’t have nearly the aggressiveness we’re seeing today.”

The thing is, this has always happened before. It’s something Target Focus Training even uses to train their clients. Self defense, plainly spoken, is to defend your life, not win fights. Whereas even in fights that people didn’t intend to kill you, can kill you and has killed others. But that’s not how it started. So self defense automatically must assume every potential fight and incidence will lead to a fatal consequence. Thus it helps people to avoid such issues, especially if they lack the firepower to backup their talk and mouth.

Sometimes not getting into fights is the exact solution to your problem of dying. At the same time, sometimes people will attack you, thinking they can teach you a lesson. That is when you must learn how to use violence, and not simply shun it as a totem pole of evil like many do with guns. It’s not a cursed or possessed voodoo Chuckie Doll people.

Sometimes aggressive and angry 20 year olds will get lucky. They will start a fight with someone that has been trained to kill humans with nothing but their bare hands, so to speak. Then that’ll be the end of that issue once and for all. If they are really lucky, they may even survive that encounter relatively intact. Life’s a box of chocolates. It’s also Russian roulette. You never know what you are going to get.

EDIT: There’s also the story of “more mature” males getting into the same trouble. Having internet evidence that you train in a “combat” style, probably won’t convince the jury that you used reasonable levels of self defense.

Basic Tutorial on Punching Dynamics

February 26, 2012

This has some good tips.

Please don’t think that the boxer’s fracture is one that occurs only in new students or inexperienced fighters. Just the opposite is true. The new and inexperienced person frequently cannot generate sufficient force to cause a boxer’s fracture, whereas with training the ability to deliver force increases and with it the occurrence of boxer’s fractures.

This one usually hits beginners hard, because they develop the wrong habits early on and as they get better, they suffer the consequences of those bad habits trained in early on that nobody corrected them on.

oxer’s hands are taped into the proper position so that the force is automatically aligned to go down the wrist and into the arm. The fixed wrist prevents creating the large hooking punch (try it some time) and helps limit the damage. But, since boxers have relied on an artificial means of keeping the wrist aligned, they have not learned how to do so themselves. So out of the ring they can easily damage their hands because they are not properly aligned.

Taping has become very popular, whether as a result of boxing or muay thai. It is still an external solution, one that does not originate from the user’s mind or even body.

An interesting portrait of modern America

February 24, 2012

The Forgotten Man

They said the world would respect the US more?

February 24, 2012

Is this what they really meant back when they were campaigning for a Democrat regime change. Giving away US territory in return for private benefits?

Falconry and other Birds of Prey

February 24, 2012

If you have never understood while some people hunted with birds, check this out.

Seeing is not Believing

February 20, 2012

Some people may wonder where’s the proof, the power source, of various things in martial arts. For external martial arts, it is often muscle conditioning. For internal arts, it is normally concentration and mental focus.

For this guy, it’s both.

This is a physical demonstration of the results of chi gong, meditation, and physical conditioning. And seeing is not believing in chi gong. In these arts, feeling is believing. If you don’t feel it, you can’t believe it. It’s too hard for the mind to imagine.

Young individuals with low weight can do this as well. About 25% of it. The other reason why feeling is superior to seeing is because in the modern age, video images can be edited and manufactured. Absent drugs, it is very hard to make people feel things that they don’t. Not impossible with hypnosis, but much harder to do than visual propaganda. These young man can do it on 4 fingers.

Modern Developments: Video reviews of games

February 19, 2012

Computer games have been mostly a male dominated craft. They have looked for more women, since that is usually more attractive on screen especially for a male dominated audience, but it has always been usually males who have played console and PC games. Recently, women have been provided more games suiting to their taste, such as the fashion designs of a Sim City 3, but that is only true recently. And speaking of recently, game reviews are mostly done by men as well, even in video reviews, except this one. Which is why I described it as a modern development. In the right direction, if you ask me. The other positive is that she’s more entertaining than the norm. Maybe because women received conversation training early on while men who programmed games and played them did not…..? Naww, couldn’t be.

On a side note, last year Starcraft II did a little something of a plot development with Raynor and his love interest. Romance is not a big selling point of video or PC games. (Gee, I wonder why) The usual “talent” pool for PC games just don’t have a lot of people who are really good at dating, relationships, or romance. It’s not like the Japanese visual novel market or galge (dating sims). That is also a “modern development”. They’re trying to put their hands on new things that have usually not been well explored. Women don’t play games much because games aren’t really about relationships, romance, and conversations. Whereas men don’t usually watch chic flicks precisely because it has no action, and too much about relationships.

If producers and coders keep branching out like this, they may see an inter cross exchange between different demographics. The Sims 3 has already proven that with the female demographic. So has casual games like Bejwelled. They are missing out on a lot of the market segment if they cater only to males.

EDIT: Here are some more entertaining thoughts on the same venue. Golden Age article

And a Mass Effect meme page. Of course, the Skyrim 3 meme even got to Yahoo Answers, days after their launch, which in my view is pretty amazing for memetic viral reproduction.

Police Training Standards

February 16, 2012

One thing I’ve mentioned concerning SWAT and police procedures is how very low quality they are. The issue isn’t funding. They have the money, but refuse to spend it on quality training. What is quality training?

This would be a start

The police departments in question where “mistakes” happen, just don’t use the money for training. They don’t even try. And people wonder why politicians get bought off by police unions and why incidents happen that those politicians then later cover up. Given the way they operate, they have to do that otherwise too many people will figure out just what’s really going on. The opposite side, the anti-LEOs working for the same Leftists and politicians, they haven’t figured it out either. They’re part of the problem, not the solution.

Freedom: Comparison of Different Human Endeavours

February 16, 2012

A lot of people wondered in 2004 whether people, Arabs or Americans, really wanted freedom or not. They even questioned what that was. Was freedom democracy? Was freedom imposed from outside or grown locally?

In the end, the debate is pointless. People want freedom because they want the power to change their own destiny, according to their own preferences. If a person doesn’t like something, they want the power to change it, irregardless of what it costs them. They don’t want to be told “it’s impossible, the way it is is the way it is and nothing you do will change it”. They don’t want to hear that. So they want “freedom”, to choose. Even if they choose to say the price isn’t worth it, they want to make that choice for themselves.

This is why things like the Creation Kit for Skyrim (Elder Scrolls sand kit play single player RPG, number 4) and Minecraft are so popular. The popularity demands the attention of the naysayers. People want freedom because people don’t agree. That’s just how it is. The imposition of any one Will, whether it be Divine or Government in nature, will always be against the will of others. Thus the solution the centralized government usually has is to nail down or pull out anyone standing higher or lower than they were decreed. Global Warming religion’s answer to contrary evidence is to suppress it and use money to bribe their way to truth. Freedom, on the other hand, is about harmonizing the differences of individuals so that they can work together, yet at the same time also work according to their own will. Nobody can get everything that they wish or desire, but they can get what they “need”. And what they “need” is not really what they often say they want.

In this day and age, what people “need” is simply the power to change things, if they put in the work. In Minecraft, if they want a house, they have to build it themselves. They have to do the work of collecting the resources and BUILD it themselves. They can’t put a gun to somebody else and tell them to do it for them, or else. Like how the US government currently behaves. Skyrim’s creation kit isn’t a welfare check to the players, giving them what they “desire”. The players desire anything and everything, but Bethesda, the company, cannot give it to them and even if Bethesda did, few players would be satisfied with something someone else made that was given to them. They won’t like it. It won’t be what their heart’s desire sought. It will only satisfy them if they are given what they need: a creation kit so that they can put in the work to make what they want to make. Only then will people be satisfied.

You can satisfy people’s surface desires for an entire century. They will still be dissatisfied, because at heart, they got what they wanted, but not what they needed. I hope I pounded that point with enough repetitions.

Work for what you want, otherwise you won’t get what you really wanted. Don’t accept hand outs, because you’re still not a master of your own destiny. Read and play Minecraft or Skyrim and comprehend for yourself how a lot of the things you wanted to change, were already modded in or added in by other people. You got that service for free, but you have to pay the government taxes for stuff the government can’t even do right. Does that sound fair to you.

Gurren Lagann: Drill through the Heavens!

February 16, 2012

My explanation of spiral energy is simply a combination of linear movement, such as in xingyi, with circular movement, such as the tangents in Bagua.

Something that showed the extents of spiral power would be the anime series, Gurren Lagann.

As funny as that may seem, it is true.

These are some things that may help people conceptualize spiral energy: DNA helix; Tornados; Black holes; Planetary rotation and seasons; Thunderstorm and hurricane cells; Electromagnetic fields of magnets and electro magnets. These arescientific counter parts to spiral energy. For physical skills, it’s a combination of linear movements in xingyi and rotation movements in baghua. Tangents are part of circles and rotation. That’s the “mental concept” people need to grasp for this part of Taiji Chuan.

EDIT: For those looking for a more entertaining and interesting interview, go here. The articulation of the concepts here from Chen Zhonghua and two students which took a full time 3 month course from him in China, is very good. Especially for those of you reading this that wish to do Taiji Chuan or have practiced it.


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