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Baldur Force Ex OP

October 31, 2010

Motivation vids for learning Japanese on my part.

This is an OP for a VN, which is sort of like a graphic novel plus a hardback novel plus an audio book in one. And a computer game user interface.

Juan Williams on Black America

October 30, 2010

Well, Juan, have you ever wondered why they do these personal attacks on this topic?

If you ask me, I would say that they do so because they need to keep blacks poor and in jail. Otherwise, blacks could not be kept voting Democrat. If things actually improved for them, they would gain the independence and the freedom to choose a different political party.

You’re probably not ready to accept that. But you’re beginning to.

And given things in America under Obama now, it doesn’t look like the pressure on Juan, conservative blacks, conservative women, or even the rest of us is going to let up any time soon. Obama’s got some more arse to kick, ya hear. He’s going for yours.

Project Valour IT: Saving the Saviors

October 29, 2010

It is well that war is so terrible — lest we should grow too fond of it.
Robert E. Lee

Humans have free will. It is what sets us apart from what others may consider different species on this planet. Yet that does not tell the whole tale. For it also means people can give up in the face of adversity. They can find excuses not to do their best. They can blame others. They can refuse to blame themselves, thus find people weaker even than themselves to target and lambaste.

But because we are not bound to a predetermined fate unshaken by mortal hands, human beings have the ability to choose. Some choose the aforementioned route in the face of challenges in life and adversity in death. Others made a difference choice. They, instead of facing away from life’s turmoil, confronted it, tackled it, and worked to make solutions. Captain Charles “Chuck” Ziegenfuss was one who was saved, after saving others, and then proceeded to motivate others that have saved, to be saved. Not simply from wounds to the body in terms of incapacity and crippling injuries but to nurture the will to survive and improve. That will is not simply present because people are prosperous and healthy. It is present when one is motivated and supported by other human beings. For the strongest amongst us are never as strong as those who have the hopes and dreams of others resting upon their shoulders.

In the midst of wounds both physical and mental, amongst the physically crippled recovering in military hospitals, soldiers and civilians decided to improve the lives and existence of wounded soldiers.

Consider donating to the branch of the Army in this competitive and cooperative fund raising campaign to enable future soldiers to be given the chance to communicate using internet technology as they undergo the trials of recovery and rehabilitation. True strength rests within the spirit and not simply the body. Let the will to live life whatever the hardship that may come, passed to us from descendants uncounted, grow anew within the hearts of a few.

For more information and background on the origins and goals of VIT: look to the clouds. The HALO clouds, perhaps. Where’s that witty comeback with the right timing when you need it. Can’t do everything myself.

Xandria Music Videos

October 28, 2010


Juan Williams: In the Cold

October 28, 2010

He’s been cast off. Neo makes some comments on this matter.

This certainly has the potential be the spark. After all, Williams has joined the dark side in agreeing to work for Fox. What he has before stepped tepidly in, now he is in for all he is worth. He can no longer be forgiven by the Left. Thus he will have no choice for safe harbor, except amongst the Dark Ones ; )

I have noticed recently, as of the Obama election, that Neo-Neocon is particularly vexed by the events going on in this country. In a way that is different from how she wrote or what she felt during the years before and after 9/11 I would say.

I tend to compare it to my own process. I saw the Left for what it was around 2005, with their deliberate treasonous actions on the Iraq matter. They could not be forgiven after that. I think for most others, moderates like Neo-Neocon for example, it was bad but not that bad of an issue. It could be “smoothed over”, shall we say. But everybody has their limit, a place they refuse to ignore, and Obama has crossed those limits for many a person in this nation.

In the end, people will adapt and persevere, so long as they remain true to their core values.

The Japanese are Strange

October 28, 2010

Not just to Westerners, but perhaps even to their Asian competitors in the region.

Not even I would have guessed how far they would go.

Sharin no Kuni The Wheeled Country

October 27, 2010

Just finished Sharin no Kuni (Wheel Country).

It’s like a hammer. I feel a daze. There’s so much to think about and feel. The same as I have always felt after a powerful story that stresses both mental and emotional resources to their limits.

It’s a great story. A rollercoaster ride with sharp ups and downs. A relatively mature protagonist and a fearsome enemy with strategic skills.

Other great recommendations for VN: Utawarerumono, Eien no Aselia, Fate Stay Night, and Tsukihime. I really got to put those reviews into a schedule. Although I’ve been catching up on anime reviews for awhile now.

Shakei or society. What is society?

Epitaph for the eighties? ‘there is
no such thing as society’

Insightful Relationship Details

October 26, 2010

Now that’s interesting.

What brought me to the path of martial arts

October 25, 2010

My goal was an ideal. After I was six and before I was 15, I wondered why it is that truth, honesty, and justice were valued, yet the tools of killing and deception were superior in generating their preferred consequences.

I can’t say I got such ideals from a person or a philosophy. They were internal to me when I observed an action or a person. I felt negative when people won because of deceit and violence. I felt positive when honesty was paid its due and compassion/justice won the day.

The disharmony between the positive and the negative facets of humanity was a constant mystery and puzzle for me. The culture I was brought up in taught that the use of violence or of killing was a crime against society. That there was never any justification for it. On the other hand, I would often see those who were honest and who didn’t hide their intentions suffering in the popular media of the day as well as in my daily experiences.

Why was it that honesty and justice were deemed virtues to be pursued by humanity, yet deception and cruelty were still superior in getting results. Shouldn’t The Good actually be better than the Evil? And if the Good is not better, more powerful, and more successful than the Evil, then what is truly good and what is truly evil here.

I could no longer find the answers simply by puzzling over the ideal. So I went and looked at reality to see if real life experience of the day or the days of ancestors long gone could provide me the answers I sought. I found it in the lives of those who fought in wars uncounted throughout the entirety of human history. Whether the goals were durable or not, their stories never changed. Their decisions varied from one person to another, yes. That was all. A very clear sight it was when I saw a way of thinking and acting that cut through the Gordian knot of violent methods and compassionate goals.

Sun Tzu. Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than mountains. Thermopylae. The Alamo. Valley Forge. Clausewitz. The Crusades. Saladin. The Second and Third Punic Wars. Hannibal Barca. Cannae. Charles Martel.

What was it that they all sought. And how did they seek to accomplish it. Eventually, while absorbing the lessons of the past, I came across something I could learn in the now. I sought a philosophy and a training that mirrored my own values and priorities. I had finally found it, after almost a decade of seeking. It never answered why people behaved so inconsistently with what society purported to value, but it led to that answer eventually. It formed the foundation at least.

My motivation was essentially entirely internal. Nobody pushed me towards the goal, other than myself. Nobody punished me for failing, other than myself.

Only when you know how to kill can you afford to be a pacifist.

Compassion and mercy are the privileges of the strong.

The Sacred Blacksmith

October 25, 2010

I haven’t read the light novels but judging from the initial 12 episode series, it’s an amazing story about the ties that bind.

It’s described as “unconventional fantasy”. It’s similar to Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy worlds in which there is a consistent and detailed magic and political system but the main focus is on the growth and challenges each character is up against. Even the most detailed world is of no value without special people in it. It is hard for humans to care about abstractions. It is very easy for humans to relate to other humans, however. An evolutionary imperative.

This series deserves further seasons, sequels. Fun Animation, the US distributor of licensed anime products, has picked up Seiken no Blacksmith. It was a new title in Japan too. This will tilt the scales a bit America’s way in terms of determining which shows are given licenses in Japan for anime production. Costs and profits are still a big consideration in such matters. And if the American market can provide an immediate boost to certain products, more of such will be made, like Baccano. It should specifically help in the decision to make sequels since sequels compete with other, newer, work for air time and production costs.

There is one interesting aspect. Japan has recently released several titles that are about European or American settings in the non-modern age. They are exceptionally detailed and full of individual character. These titles are mostly derived from light novels authors. Light novels would be a combination of short stories and a novel series in America. A novel series contains several books, a trilogy with 3, that deals with the same characters and world over a long arching plot. Japanese light novels do the same thing, except each integrated story is in the form of a short story. That means the beginning, middle, and end are designed to have more impact immediately. I find the result quite pleasing. You don’t have to invest a large amount of time only to be disappointed by the ending. You could read one light novel and enjoy the setting and ending, but not have to read the rest to “find out what happened”. There are no cliffhangers designed to “lead into” sequels, translation suck in viewer hype.

Authors in America that make their novels self contained stories are worth mentioning. Brandon Sanderson. Michael Z. Williamson. David Weber is normally known for his series, but his novel Excalibur is of the integrated sort. A novel is supposed to be a story like a short story, but it doesn’t seem to end up that way often. It’s mostly due to the adherence to the book publishing standards that they do it that way. Publishing companies preferably buy an entire series from an author if they deem a single book sells well. Thus the entire thinking is to produce and market multiple novels. The economic factor isn’t designed to make each story unique and exquisite in its own fashion.


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