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Self-Defense in Schools?

May 26, 2010

Self defense, not allowed in schools?
i dont understand why self defense is not allowed in our school district, and i need to do a speech on it… any ideas would surely help, ty


Your question better phrased is this:

Is it constitutional for a public school to deny a student the right to self-defense by enacting a zero-tolerance policy for the use of violence in the student code of conduct?

That should clear up some of the confusion here among the non-lawyers. If you use that question at the beginning of your speech, you should do well.

Your topic has incredibly recent legal relevance. Right now, our Supreme Court is determining whether the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution can be applied to the states. This is after the recent decision in DC v. Heller which significantly expanded our 2nd Amendment Rights, but only in a federal sense. Should the Supreme Court decide that we have a fundamental right to bare arms, your school policy could be unconstitutional.

The reason why is because fundamental rights enjoy a special kind of treatment in courts known as “strict scrutiny.” For a regulation that impacts a fundamental right to be valid, it must be narrowly tailored to serving a compelling government interest. It is very limited when an action can satisfy this test (e.g. yelling fire in a crowded theater). Your school board would have a very difficult time justifying a ban on a fundamental right were your right to self-defense to be declared fundamental to a free democracy.

I could only find one court case with limited research that involves your issue directly and that is Brett v. Board of Ed. In that case, the trial judge held that a zero-tolerance policy is valid because self-defense IS NOT a fundamental right, but only a liberty interest subject to RATIONAL BASIS REVIEW. Of course, if your state (or the Supreme Court pending the decision in McDonald v. Chicago) declare that it is a fundamental right, then the policy would be unconstitutional.

So your speech should center on the theme of “The Right of Self-Defense is a fundamental right of a free democracy”

Start by asking a question: “Is it constitutional for a public school to deny a student the right to self-defense by enacting a zero-tolerance policy for the use of violence in the student code of conduct?”

Say, “We can answer this question by determing if we have a fundamental right to defend ourselves.”

You should mention our right to self-defense under the 2nd Amendment
Our right to self-defense as a nation to retaliate against terrorists who would attack us

You should mention our right to personal autonomy that goes hand in hand with self-defense
Your right to self-autonomy permits a 16 year-old to seek an abortion without parental consent in most states.

You should mention that a public education system is subject to the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees certain unalienable rights.

You should mention that a public education imparts on you a sense of what it means to be an American and what it means to have rights

Finally, you should declare that the right of self-defense is fundamental and that the zero tolerance policy is therefore not only unconstitutional, but a breach in the schools duty to teach us what it means to be an American with unalienable rights. Do we have a fundamental right to defend ourselves? Yes. Is the school’s policy constitutional? No.

The “in loco parentis” doctrine is not irrelevant here. In loco parentis is not a defense to a claim of a breach of a fundamental right nor for a restriction on a liberty interest.

As a martial arts instructor and a lawyer, I would sue the school if my kid protected him or herself and was disciplined for it.

Brett v. Board of Ed…

District of Columbia v. Heller…

McDonald v. City of Chicago………


Martial Arts hidden knockout techniques

May 26, 2010

This came about with this one video. Then I kept going farther and farther and eventually I reached material that I call “mass hypnosis”.

This is the National Geographic “discovery” of Chi
Funny as hell, if you know what is going on.

Now this is something else. This is an example of how to get attacked.

Best way to avoid getting attacked, if you want to know, is if you:

1) Don’t Insult Him
2) Don’t Challenge Him
3) Don’t Deny It’s Happening
4) Give Him A Face Saving Exit

If you watched the bus fight video before, watch it again with those 4 things in mind.

Where Peyton’s summations won’t do you any good is if
a) you have an agenda.
b) you choose to ignore them in the pursuit of and furthering of that
agenda, your emotions or in the name of personal benefit.
c) you don’t have a basic understanding of boundaries.
d) you’ve overly limited yourself to one social-economic level.
e) you have an overwhelming sense of your ‘right’ to behave a certain
way without suffering any negative consequences.
f) you allow your emotions to hijack your actions.
g) believe you have to dominate or intimidate a potential opponent

Then there is this of a DEA “agent” trying to teach firearms safety to parent-children at a school. That can be termed a Martial Arts Kung Fu, I suppose. The Kung Fu of Stupid, where the better you become, the more stupid you become.

Why the World Hates the US

May 19, 2010

Japanese eroge. Leftist causes. Feminist movements. Legalized prostitution and women’s rights. Freedom of expression and speech.

There is an interesting issue I just came across. It concerns a US based feminist group conducting a psychological warfare campaign against the government of Japan as well as certain private industries there as a result of Rapelay being successfully removed by Amazon from Amazon, in the UK and elsewhere. Nothing like success to breed more success, as they say.

To a certain extent, the Left likes to say that the US is hated because we butt in everybody’s business. In actuality, it is the Left in the US, who interferes then blames it on Republicans and conservatives in order to win local elections. When we have to interfere in Afghanistan in order to fix Carter’s mistakes, when we have to interfere in Iraq because of the Left’s pro-Islamic President, Jimmy Carter, and his destruction of Iranian democracy, then it is said that the US is now Imperialistic and a Hegemony. When the Left and their paid child rapists at the UN interfere, it is always with a justification, a pretext, something that sounds and looks good on the surface. And it works. It works because there’s nobody resisting. No organization can afford to resist given how the Left has designed their terrorist cells for maximum pressure and attack power. A purely defensive, static, institution or organization, one that cannot bend easily, will be shattered regardless of how powerful it is. Even the United States of America, which has lasted 2 centuries, is currently being crippled by the progressive deterioration and decay of the Left. No small time organization can face such brutal firepower and relentless political activism defined by the very existence of the Left.


  1. UN Statistics for 2000: Rapes per 100,000 people:
    Canada 78.08 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned
    Australia 77.79 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga De Jure Banned
    USA 32.05 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned (Constitutionally Invalid)
    Sweden 24.47 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned
    UK 16.23 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga, BDSM to be Banned
    France 14.36 “Simple Possession”
    S. Korea 12.98 “Simple Possession”
    Germany 9.12 “Simple Possession”
    Russia 4.78
    Taiwan 4.08
    Japan 1.78 “Simple Possession” (Just introduced)

An Irish rag on a slow news day picks up the story that importers have been selling Rapelay via Amazon. The theme is that the game encourages rape and is child pornography.

Amazon completely drops the product, including in Japan. Other retailers soon follow suit.

Feminist busybody group “Equality Now”, which organises spam campaigns to keep its members busy without actually having to deal with problems directly, targets the game, accusing it of human rights violations and telling the Japanese government it should be banning this sort of thing, like low crime paradises such as the UK.

The developers tell the foreign feminists to get lost.

Soon after the Rapelay developers cave in and completely remove the game from distribution.

Equality Now’s Japanese lawyer (the group has no presence in Japan) drums up anti-eroge media attention.

A Japanese diet member, an avowed feminist, picks up on the scandal and starts calling for a ban. Objections start with the opposition and minor parties and soon the ruling party jumps onto the bandwagon.

A “study group” is organised to decide how best to ban the games.

Broadcaster TBS falsely reports that the EOCS has banned the games.

The EOCS bans the games.-Source

To a certain extent, the feminist movement is a global movement only in the sense that people like power and they tend to follow whoever has more of it or whoever promises to give them more of it. So a US based group can affect people in Japan, if they can control their leaders and shakers. Of course, that’s how the Left controlled American politics as well. What works here, definitely works elsewhere. Still, there’s a certain problem here. The feminist movement is now actively lobbying for more rape and child molestation. Just as the Communist Party and their Leftist members intentionally infiltrated members into the Catholic Church simply to bring about just such a scandal as those that involved homosexual priests. They engineer the problem, they make sure more rapes happen, and then they come in and expect to be given power to solve the problem. They engineer the crisis first, like the housing crash of 2008 in the US, and then they ascend to power based upon it. After all, they know exactly why it will happen, when it will happen, and they spent a lot of time preparing themselves to take advantage of it while everyone else will be shocked and surprised.

As a student of Target Focus Training’s methodology on violence, as a student of Colonel Boyd’s OODA loop construct, as a student of politics, history, psychology, and human nature, it is not hard to see the reality behind the thin veneer of the Left.

Now I wouldn’t remove the possibility that Equality Now designed it such that other nations would hate the US precisely because Equality Now is pressuring them. This gives the Left more fuel to say that the extremely vociferous Tea Party and their enemies in the Left, liars and murderers, are “dangerous” because they make the US look bad in front of the world. See, Bush was said to have made us look bad, so Obama and his Leftist freaks will then make us look good to ultra-civilized places like Europe. And Japan.

Another lie they sold the masses and the Democrat voters just swallowed it up as if it was the only water in a vast desert.

The real reason the world hates the US is because we don’t exterminate the weaklings and traitors in our presence, who make the US look bad in the world. That’s the reality behind the superficial claims. The Left also gets to make people in Japan less prosperous, by destroying that particular economic sector. It’s a double bargain. Rapes go up, so more women get chained to feminist causes or politicians using feminism to gain power. Economy goes down, more socialism and safety net bonuses are permanently demanded. If that sounds familiar to you, and you’re living in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, or LA, you aren’t the only one.

I hate the Left. There is no method I would be against should it aid in the Left’s defeat. They must be amputated. They cannot be left alone. They certainly won’t leave anyone else alone. Most people when they feel emotions, allow emotions to control them. Thus they lose their way. They can’t figure out a way to get revenge, they can’t figure out a way to protect their loved ones, because they’re too pissed to think straight. Their monkey is driving the bus, giving them a crack distorted view of the world. This is where personal improvement comes in. This is where training comes in. This is where H2H training comes in, given to me by Target Focus Training and their instructors. It all fits together. There are many different things that can be done to eliminate the Left’s rotten visage from this planet. For a time, of course. But even a moment in time is worth it for a world that is free to lift itself up free from the demonic influence of Leftist Utopian ideology.

The Left will increase SWAT raids using “terrorist” attacks by “right wingers” as an excuse. If this builds up the bank accounts of Public Sector unions, that’s just icing on the cake. The Left will increase pornography in order to destabilize marriage and families. Then destroy freedom of expression, while legalizing prostitution, while banning… erotic comics and games? And they will do this in alliance with the religious and conservatives because the religions and the Republican party have been programmed by the Left to think porn and what not the same as indecency? This is just too much of a system. Too much of a con game where every element fits too nicely together.

In order to counter such people, we need just as much flexibility as they have shown. Just as much, if not more, ruthlessness. Just as much, if not more, funding and organization. It will not be a single person that does it. It won’t be a politician like Sarah Palin or Obama. It can’t be a single person, no matter how virtuous or disgusting they are, because this is a problem created by many people and it will only be fixed by an equal or greater amount of people. Leaders are necessary, but only as hubs, as pillars to support those that do the real work. The extermination and amputation of the Left does not have at its purpose the destruction of human potential through death or violence. It is simply a necessary component. It is necessary in order to preserve my people, those working for the betterment of humanity. For them to live, for them to work, for them to have a future, the Left must die. Whether it be a temporary death or a death that continues on for a 1,000 times each year of each millennium, matters not in the least.

For people to live and prosper, the Left must be destroyed. Their allies must be destroyed or absorbed. Their tools must be crushed and melted down so that we can make plows from their weapons of war. There is no other way. There is no compromise that will lead to the new world. There is no potential for co-existence except when the Left has been crushed. You leave them alone and you won’t get the American Dream. You’ll get gangrene and then they’ll come and take from you everything, leaving you an IOU. As in an, “I Owe You” death by euthanasia since you have now become a burden upon the state. Does it matter that you got gangrene because the government messed up safety standards and the ability for people to fix problems? Not really. When the bill is due, it is your problem .When it is time to buy golden toilets and sweet caviar, then it is Pelosi’s problem to solve, with your money. It is never your turn to get the goodies.

Islam is similar in threat, but the Left is far more of a danger. But just as many people refuse to speak of Islam as a mortal danger, even more refuse to say or think the same of the domestic insurgency here in the United States of America. Oh wait, they are no longer the insurgency. They have gained power and are now the occupying forces: White House has a bunch of Obama photographs dropped everywhere. Who does he think he is, Saddam’s replacement? Oh wait.

What it means to be a slave

May 19, 2010

They won’t even let you survive. Your birth and death will be on their terms, not yours. The British person is simply a cog, not somebody that can self-determine their own faith. The British elites won’t let you have the tools you need.

British “peace” solutions are the same as making people into mushrooms. They keep you in the dark and feed you shit.

Sola: Finished

May 17, 2010

I’m finished watching that series. Overall, a very well put together series. It uses the 13 episode format rather than the 24-26 episode format more commonly seen on recent Jap TV.

I also got a great workout by reading this site. It is really funny if you keep browsing until you come across tropes that shows you have watched has.

Working on reviews for Heroic Age and some other anime that I have finished but not yet written about.

Anime Review: The Third (Hitomi)

May 15, 2010

The Third


Now this is an interesting series. The main character, Honoka, goes through some adventure like episodes where her strength, both physical and mental, are tested to their limits and then beyond.

It is also an exceptionally fine and subtle portrayal of Alpha strength, the strength that Alphas have as leaders and front line troubleshooters.

The science fiction setting, with the post-apocalyptic environment, are very well done. Never does the series fall into the special effects or mechanized robotic SFX trap, where glitz is viewed as a good substitute for human drama, emotion, and self-determination.

The episodes are linked chronologically. The next one starts the second after the ending of the last episode in the chain. However, some creative editing has been done by the director of some episodes to present a mystery like environment where tidbits of information are given out about one episode’s plot while leaving the viewer (you) to figure out what is going on as more things become clear. It is like mystery shows in this venue.

The music isn’t as soul impacting as Clannad, Pandora Hearts, or Utawarerumono. However, the OP and the ED are still pleasant mini sound tracks for the endings of various arcs of the story.

On the nature of Alpha leadership and Alpha strength, the show definitely is a uniquely excellent portrayal of these issues. Alphas are trusted, diverse in their resources, focused more on protection than attack or revenge, and are not stressed or emotional when the shit hits the fan precisely because they know they have the resources required to solve a situation.

It is the scared person, the out of control person, that has so much stress that he explodes in a situation that he knows he cannot handle. Reference Ivy League Gates for an infamous example.

Alphas also conserve their resources because they know that problems cannot be solved with a simplistic solution of “more power” or “more money”. Alphas are always looking to learn from different sources and attempt to diversify their resource base so that they can handle various different situations and problems. Alphas are resilient. Whatever bad things happened to them in the past, they overcome their personal problems or weaknesses by focusing on the present and doing what it takes to survive until the future arrives.

Honoka is a very good example of a person that is mostly an Alpha yet has some insecure parts to her personality as well. I loved the various episodes that touched upon this theme, this philosophy. It was very entertaining and interesting, especially because unlike what the Left’s Hollywood likes to do, series like this treat the viewer and the characters as real people mature enough to decide for themselves what their fate should be. Hollywood and the Left thinks they know best, that everyone should, by the authority of the Left’s blue blood, connections, and power, obey the Left’s path to Utopia.

Honoka is a happy warrior. There were two episodes which somehow got the animation style wrong with the characters, but those just demonstrated how close of an emotional connection one had reached with the main characters to the extent that a difference in their animation style showed up as “wrong” on a facial recognition level.

Curiously there is a lot of life experience and philosophy tied up in life when contrasted with the post-apocalyptic scene. The apocalypse produces sci fi themes such as Ancient Technology=High Technology/Magic as well as a Vampire Hunter D style Western feel with guns and swords.

I gave it 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars, using the half gradation system which allows for a rating of 1-10. This makes those that got 5 stars rather than 4.5 stars or lower:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Other reviews of LOGH
Starship Operators
Seirei no Moribito
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion + R2
Voices of a Distant Star
Stellvia of the Universe
Pandora Hearts
Heroic Age
The Third – Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo

More or less the order I viewed them in.

I clicked on the possibly related links because I was curious. I didn’t expect to find something actually related to this post, but I did in that link.

Both physical and intellectual strength require a strong mind and heart to succeed for both face limits that they must push through. Results too can be seen, though at times the intellectual ones are less tangible. The biggest difference and the one I find myself struggling with is how to improve to get better so that I can exceed my limits. There is no set training one can do to make oneself better to overcome a challenge, no way to tell whether the thing that you do will truly help you overcome the challenge. Sure you can always do research, but if you are facing a completely new problem, all the research may not help, it could be days, weeks, years, decades before you find something that puts you on just the right track. To make matters worse, is the constant loses, every new attempt at a solution is struck down with failure, at least with physical strength you can find small wins, race here, a performance there, but with solutions there really is one answer that you seek. I guess some comfort is found when you can say you make an ad hoc solution or believe you are making some progress, but how does one keep trying after failure after failure?

Origins of Target Focus Training

May 15, 2010

An audio podcast will give you more of the story on this issue. It is an interesting tale of Tim Larkin and others. It also provides some light on why people go into Martial Arts, why they sometimes become disillusioned, and why skill does not equal Alpha Leadership.

Podcast link

What is Self Defense?

May 15, 2010


Self defense is a legal term that means you have the right to use force, if it is justified, to prevent harm to yourself. Depending on where you are at, your particular local or national laws may also include the use of force in protection of property or loved ones.

The same is true for what level of force you are justified to use. In the US most places allow justified lethal force in a number of situations. In Australia or Canada, the law is more slanted towards “proportional force”. So if he has a bat, you can’t shoot him. Regardless of whether he is 300 pounds and you are a 100 pound woman. This is only one reason Americans are called gun obsessed by the world. The world normally handles security through police. And individual citizens only have a self-defense recourse to the police, not much else going on there. To use a weapon against a burglar, the burglar must either have an equivalent weapon threatening you, or a more powerful weapon. Doesn’t really stack the odds in your favor, legally or otherwise. Anyone other than police in Japan cannot legally have a gun, at all, for example. Your level of “justified force” then conforms to the local laws and conditions. Assuming you are in the US, your options are greatly expanded.

Now that you know the bare bones definition of SDt, you can start on tactics, the “how to” side of things.

Self defense is composed of many different layers that are usually defined in terms of range and time. Is the threat happening now? How far away is the threat from you? Two basic, very simple questions.

Let’s say you and your friends decide to go out on the town and you have a choice of picking a spot close to gang infested neighborhoods or you have a choice of picking a more upbeat and expensive place. Your decision as to where to go has already decided your self-defense situation. By choosing high risk environments, you have not only made the threat closer to you in space but in time as well. It’ll happen sooner rather than later due to some random happenstance. It’ll happen because you engaged in high risk behavior. Same is true for a girl getting drunk at a party and thinking she’ll be okay because she can trust the rest of the strangers and drunks around not to do anything bad to her when she passes out. It is high risk behavior. These decisions are taken way before the threat gets close in space or time. It’s before you got drunk. It’s before you got jacked. It’s before you got caught in an ambush. It’s before you got angry. It is before all of that.

Now if you are taking money out of your ATM account and 3 guys who were watching the machine now comes up, surrounds you, and wants the money, welll now the threat is much much closer in range and time. Now the distance is about 5 feet or 2 feet. The time is NOW, not later, not days away or even hours away;the threat is here. It is happening NOW.

Self-defense takes into account the different ranges and time, and has different solutions for threats that occupy different zones and periods. For long range defense, you need avoidance, awareness, common sense, and being prepared (like a gun or long rifle). For tactical solutions that must be handled Now or you are ending up in the hospital or morgue, you need to learn effective movement and striking.

The objective in tactical self defense is to incapacitate, disable, or kill the threat. And the threat isn’t the knife or the gun, but the person wielding it. If you are taking more than 15s to do this against one-two people, you’ve been trained badly. Ineffective movement and strikes makes things into a sort of boxing match that lasts however long it takes them to kick you to the ground and stomp on you. Effective movement and striking means your tactical solution will destroy enemy attacks before they disable your ability to resist. That is the core difference between effective attacks and ineffective attacks. Ineffective attacks may do some damage, but it does not cripple, incapacitate, or kill the target.

Self defense courses are usually either geared towards avoidance strategies or they are geared towards tactical solutions. Both are necessary, of course, although if you don’t live in high risk environments, you will probably only ever use the avoidance and awareness strategies. But tactical H2H training is like swimming or CPR. When you do need it, nothing else will substitute for that ability. It is not like you will use it all the time.

Also, much of the avoidance strategies of not allowing your ego to dictate your actions in a social setting comes only from having the self-confidence that the person you are dealing with cannot harm you physically. This decreases tension internally in order to reduce tension externally. Total control over a situation will steer the result towards an approved one. If the approved result is a defense of self, then so it will be. However, total control over a situation depends first and foremost upon control of the people in that situation. And first amongst those that are there, is you yourself. Without a control of your own mind and emotions, you cannot expect to control the behavior of other people. There will often be situations where you can talk your way out of having to use violence, but only if you have violence ready as a backup. There will be more situations where people get angry at you, than there will be situations where they will ambush you out of the blue. By learning and using long term strategic verbal and body skills, you can prevent people from getting angry enough that they will start thinking about ambushing you.

That’s the basic formula. Avoid using indirect methods when you can. Annihilate the enemy when there’s a conflict on going with you as the center. That is Self Defense.

You’re Obsessed with Sex: You’re pathetic and I spit upon you all

May 12, 2010

Get accused twice of rape (Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh), repeatedly abuse your wife (Michael Pittman, Tampa Bay), regularly strangle and drown hapless dogs (Michael Vick, Atlanta)? Ah, well, boys will be boys, it is society’s fault — and besides, women and dogs don’t wear Super Bowl rings. But pray, work with the poor, and refuse to engage in casual sex — there’s something seriously wrong with you. Or, as one Sports Illustrated writer put it, you are a certified “wackdo.”


With rare exception (Denver Post columnist Woody Paige predicted stardom, maintaining that murder and mayhem are not the only qualifications for NFL success), the journalists have delighted in disparaging the Tebows as too “Christiany,” a journalistic synonym for “fascist.” You know, the kind of people whose vocal love for Jesus conjures up thoughts of a “Nazi rally,” as the largest Boston sports radio station described a family gathering.


Positively un-NFL, so much so that one front-office executive announced to Yahoo Sports that “I don’t want any part of him” and his nutty views. Yahoo Sports columnist Les Carpenter, reacting to this, noted that Tebow, “known for his goodness[,] has actually drawn a more visceral reaction [from the NFL and sports journalism establishment] than those players who are at their core, truly bad.”

But Tebow continues being Tebow. He responds with good-natured humor to a jeering press that accuses him of being a virgin with a simple statement: “Yes, I am.” And he goes on to explain the importance of commitment and marriage and ends with noting the discomfort in the room: “I think y’all are stunned right now.”

…To which Pro Sports Daily responded “Don’t be shocked if some of these guys want to take him out and kill the legend that is Tim Tebow.” NCAA Football Fanhouse expressed dismay that “the most popular player in SEC history is saving himself for marriage.” “Unbelievable” when he can have any girl he wants.

What is wrong with this guy? The Washington Post brought in professional atheist Richard Dawkins to reassure its readers that the NFL has nothing to fear. Too many hits from the blind side did not produce this “dummy.”


Let’s not forget some appropriate comments from myself here.

The sportscasters are not only idiots, they are wannabe cultists. They just want to lap up the KoolAid. They have no filters. They have no inherent value of themselves.

If women throw themselves at them, they see it as great, because in their heart of heart’s, they know that they don’t deserve the attention of real people. Thus it validates their own existence when women accept them.
Tebow needs no validation from random people. Unlike this cheap, decadent, and weak civilization revolving around huge money and indiscriminate sex, inner strength requires that one have value. And one has value because one is rare and nobody has equal access just because they came off the streets.

Tebow has essentially leveled up to the point where he has value and he knows it. You can’t just walk off the street and look hot to have the privilege of being with him. You have to have that “something” else. This elevates the value of the man but also that of the woman because women now start to understand that their body isn’t the only thing desired in the market place by high status males.

But these people with money in Hollywood and sports? Their souls have decayed. And they seek to corrupt the rest of us because their misery loves company.

Unfortunately for them, on a personal level, the power equation goes my way. On an institutional level, they can command more resources, but they lack mental fortitude, emotional strength, and the focus of a true man. They are cultists and they follow their cult of sex and money. That is all they are. Their favorite defense mechanism of telling those with high values that their values are invalidated, de-legitimatized, because they can’t get any woman they want, doesn’t work here. And they know it.

They are nothing but crabs in a bucket. Pulling any other crab down and preventing it from escaping. Well, I’m not a crab. I’m a human. And we have things called brains. And if a crab is weighing me down, I’ll simply smash it with the force of 100 pounds with my foot. Next I’ll go get my flamethrower and boil them in their own shells, those spineless socialites talking trash and smack on television. They embody the worst elements of the Left. And I would dearly love to purge them all from existence. Sonzaiyo

What is an Alpha?
Let’s start with the fact that being an alpha is a whole lot more than just ordering people around or intimidating people with the threat of violence (that’s called being a bully). And it’s definitely more than just being able to beat people up.

Being an alpha has to do with one’s involvement in a group. More specifically, it’s about the helping develop and maintaining a group dynamic, hierarchy and the functionality of the group. And this not just for your own benefit.

Being an alpha is about leadership and taking care of others.

Below are a list of traits that you will see in human alpha leadership. These are the traits that those engaged in the macho parody of manhood just … don’t … get. And because they don’t ‘get it,’ not only will they not be respected, but they won’t be trusted. Instead of being looked upon as ‘warriors,’ they’ll be looked upon as loose cannons on deck.

Alphas Look Out For Group
Before you can understand what an alpha is, you first need to understand something about the nature of power. Namely: Power is granted to you by the group. You don’t have power unless other people give it to you.

Here’s the catch, the group gives you power on the condition that you look out for their needs. That’s the deal. You get extra power to serve them. If you violate this trust then you will be stripped of your power by the group.

That simple point is the biggest stumbling block for people who want to be leaders but are not cut out for it. Such people are incapable (or unwilling) to look out for anyone’s interest except their own. And that brings us to the next point.

A layman’s definition of stress is: The belief that you don’t have the resources necessary to deal with a problem.

Now that’s pretty simplified, but it does convey an important point. And that is if you don’t think you can handle something — or you feel it is too great of drain on your resources — you’re going to get stressed. And when you are stressed you drop into an adrenal state. When that happens your brain start functioning differently. When you are stressed you get nervous, agitated, angry, aggressive and fearful. You tend to over-react, engage in threat displays and invade other people’s space. In short, you do all the things that are likely to get you attacked.

What’s ironic about this is that you are getting attacked because your stress created the same in the other person.

We thought about calling this section “Alphas are calm in the face of adversity” but the simple fact is, the reason they are calm is that they know they can handle it. They have the resources.

To be more specific, they have diversified.

It is not uncommon for betas to believe in simplistic solutions. In other words they commonly believe that if they become the ‘best’ at something they feel everything else will fall into line (e.g. the idea that becoming the best fighter will make them an alpha). Another common failing among betas is the belief that they are ‘good enough’ (i.e. because I’m good enough I don’t have to try to improve myself). Because of this when a situation occurs that taxes their limited resources they tend to overreact.

Alphas on the other hand have experience looking at problems from several perspectives and seeing alternative solutions. This allow them to be more calm and remain in their logical brain instead of their emotional one.

Insecure Alphas
Insecure Alphas is a term we picked up from the Dog Whisperer Caesar Millan. (Who, if you want some really good insights into how alpha/beta behavior works in pack animals, we highly recommend that you watch his TV show).

Basically Caesar’s summation of an insecure alpha is a beta dog that is thrust into a leadership position. This dog lacks alpha attributes. Most of all it doesn’t have the calm assurance of a true alpha. As such it is unstable and overly aggressive. An additional problem with this is other dogs in this situation also become unbalanced and aggressive.

Now it doesn’t take much imagination to take this out of the kennel and imagine the same dynamics occurring under a bad manager. A stressed out manager, gets the entire department upset and on edge.

This concept is especially applicable in a street confrontation, where fear of perceived loss of ‘respect’ will often motivate a beta (who is trying to convince everyone he is an alpha) to over react.

Here is where you get into a problem common among what if monkeys, lacking inner calm they project their insecurity onto everyone and assume they will act the way they would.

Let’s give an example, often violence can be avoided when you take ‘the bad guy’s advice.’ A great deal of violence would have been avoided if, when the bad guy said “You better get out of here,” the other person had just done so.

The person was given the option to leave or alter his/her behavior … but for whatever reason, decided not to. Believe it or not, the ‘bad guy’ is trying to avoid violence by giving you the chance to leave. Unfortunately all to often the soon-to-be-victim decided something else was a priority and refused.

When we talk about this in seminars, despite the offer to leave safely (remember trust?) inevitably someone pops up with the question “What if he follows you?” Usually by someone who is the sort who would refuse to leave for this very reason. Stop and think about that, he could have avoided violence by leaving, but his fear of violence following made him stay, thereby guaranteeing violence to happen!


One guess what I think of Leftists and their social apparatchik side kicks in the media.

AI: Hardware Bottleneck in Artificial Intelligence

May 12, 2010

A breakthrough in molecular computing.

Once we have the hardware capable of creating thought, then we just have to write the software.


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