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Casualty rate for Iraq

May 30, 2007

Recently there was some kind of argument over deaths for Iraq as opposed to accident rate deaths for Clinton. Here’s another piece of data.

Believe it or not it came from 2005, and I dug it up only because it was in my bookmark, under a subgroup (conservatives) that I don’t hit very often. Most of the bloggers I read regularly are liberal bloggers and military bloggers, like blackfive, Bookworm, Neo-Neocon, Synova, etc.

The Power of Al Qaeda

May 30, 2007

To piss people off that is.

Melissa Garvin

May 30, 2007

Story Courtesy of Jimbo at Blackfive

Godspeed Melissa Garvin. May the winds of fate carry you towards what you desire the most.

Molly Pitcher’s story

Beauty amongst the ugly

May 30, 2007

[This is like my continually being edited post, because I am constantly adding stuff to the end]

It is sad in a sense that you have to have such ugliness amongst such beauty. It taints the human experience and the progress of humanity. Towards something better than just our base animalistic instincts and desires. Sad, but justice is not an easy concept. Not for us, and not for anyone else. Not even with the sacrifices of Americans in the past for such concepts.

Michelle Malkin provides greater detail on what the ugliness was and still is.

You can see Miss USA’s answer to the final question here.

Now that’s professionalism people. Her evening dress was very very attractive. Glossy and very slick, it lent her a gliding sort of grace. As if water flew over her.

You can see some other things concerning Malkin’s post as well. Miss USA generally looked sad when I saw her. No big smiles, no radiant face. She mouthed “thank you” it seemed when she got the top 15 nomination. Did she expect her unpopularity with the Mexicans to take away even a nomination at the bottom ranks? I respect her ability and her strength. I admire that. The ability to stand up to a crowd and to be expected to perform, under limitations, never truly expressing your feelings unless those feelings are of joy. While the audience gets to do whatever animals do in the sight of grace.

I don’t like people that treat kind hearted folks unjustly. It really really incites the rage, because I don’t even need the meta-Golden Rule to punish them. Simple manners would be appropriate.

This is Malkin’s latest post on the event in question. A sort of summary.

VDH on Greece

May 30, 2007

He took some tourists to Greece, but got us the goods nonetheless.

War Story

May 29, 2007

Just a little something from WWII with Patton.

Courtesy of Grim Beorn.

At the party, I did what I always do, I got him talking about WW2. He was a heavy machine gunner with the 101st airborne. You know that show “Band of Brothers?” If you saw it on there, he was there. He has hundreds of stories like the time they locked him in the wine cellar of a vineyard to guard the wine because he was Baptist and they knew he wouldn’t drink , only to come back the next day and find him drunk from the fumes. Or the time he destroyed a German convoy from a elevated position with his heavy mg by hitting the gas tank on the lead staff car and then igniting the fuel tanker in the back trapping all the Germans in the middle of a burning bridge. But his best story, I want to tell you right now because it gives you a idea of where I get a lot of my personality from.

Blood of Patriots

May 28, 2007

Whenever I see a rose that red, I always think of blood. And it isn’t just cause of the thorns either, with that “if you prick me, do I not bleed”.


May 27, 2007

US leaves Vietnam. This is the state of the region right now, for Thailand at least.

Given the media’s focus on the 25 something million in Iraq, don’t you have to wonder what else is going on concerning the other 5+ billion folks on this planet?

It might even be said of the media that they were parochial folks that have too much tunnel vision, unable to see anything except their small village like conceptions of the world. The world is their village, their village is their world, that is parochialism all right. But naw, it can’t be, the media travels all over the place, right? Except of course, cosmopolitanism and parochialism is in the mind, not in the body. The body may travel a thousand miles, but the mind may still be in the same place it was at the beginning of the journey. And the same may be said for the progress of the mind in a body that has never moved from that single spot.

THAILAND: Executive decree will not solve conflict in Thailand’s south

I write to voice my deep concern about your decision to issue the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation, B.E. 2548 in three provinces in the south of Thailand. This decree goes beyond the powers of the Prime Minister. Discussion and cross-checks by a government’s cabinet help ensure democratic process are met in a democracy. Your decision to bypass your cabinet and take full control of the rising conflict in the south is a direct violation of these processes.

Particular elements of the decree also raise many concerns. Specifically, Section 17, which guarantees complete impunity to all state officials, is a dangerous measure and one that may see many state officials exploit their power and control. Section 12, which allows for increased powers to security forces, such as the ability to detain persons without arrest for prolonged periods, also leaves room for abuse.

I am aware that the UN Human Rights Committee has also expressed their concern regarding this decree, particularly in regards to article 4 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Article 4 stipulates that “in time of public emergency which threatens the life of the nation and the existence of which is officially proclaimed, the States Parties to the present Covenant may take measures derogating from their obligations under the present Covenant to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation, provided that such measures are not inconsistent with their other obligations under international law and do not involve discrimination solely on the ground of race, colour, sex, language, religion or social origin? In its recent concluding observations on Thailand at its eighty-fourth session, the Committee wrote that the decree “does not explicitly specify, or place sufficient limits, on the derogations from the rights protected by the Covenant that may be made in emergencies and does not guarantee full implementation of article 4 of the Covenant. [The Committee] is especially concerned that the Decree provides for officials enforcing the state of emergency to be relieved of legal and disciplinary actions, thus exacerbating the problem of impunity. Any detention without external safeguards beyond 48 hours should be prohibited.?[CCPR/CO/84/THA] The Committee has recommended that the “State party should ensure that all the requirements of article 4 of the Covenant are complied with in its law and practice, including the prohibition of derogation from the rights listed in its paragraph 2.?The report also stated that State party should provide information, within one year, on its response to the Committee’s recommendations regarding this.

It is sad that people are still quoting the UN as if it matters to them. Because it seemingly does matter to them, the UN after all does have international sanction given the membership of powerful nations such as Israel, the US, Australia, Britain, and Japan. China as well. I mean, just think about what the above passage might mean. If the author is correct, meaning if his side truly does know what is the best course for Thailand, then they are quoting the UN and acceding to UN authority… which is a bad thing, you know. Which will lead them to anti-Americanism just because of the make up of the Un and all the anti-American programs andi nfluences in the UN. America has nobody but itself to blame for that one. You feed a poisonous coral snake in your house and let it go free, don’t be surprised that you end up with dead animals, pets, and children around, people.

The other scenario for the author of this post is that the leader of Thailand is doing what is necessary and this is just another apparatchik of the UN. Which means… the UN spreads its corruption farther now a days than just New York and Iraq.

Oh, as another look at other places, here’s the Pheonix Program on Vietnam. Very effective and ruthless. It completely destroyed and annihilated, forget decimated, the VietCong in the South. They had no cadres at the end of the decade there.

Here’s two entries. CIA factbook entry on Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Thailand.

Okay, time for some number crunching. You know, objective standards. So let’s see what Vietnam and Thailand won over say Japan and Korea after being occupied by the US. (Still being occupied)


GDP (purchasing power parity):
$258.6 billion (2006 est.)

GDP (official exchange rate):
$48.26 billion (2006 est.)

Labor force:
44.58 million (2006 est.)


GDP (purchasing power parity):
$585.9 billion (2006 est.)

GDP (official exchange rate):
$196.6 billion (2006 est.)

GDP – real growth rate:
4.8% (2006 est.)

GDP – per capita (PPP):
$9,100 (2006 est.)

GDP – composition by sector:
agriculture: 10%
industry: 44.9%
services: 45.2% (2006 est.)

Labor force:
36.41 million (2006 est.)

South Korea

GDP (purchasing power parity):
$1.18 trillion (2006 est.)
GDP (official exchange rate):
$897.4 billion (2006 est.)
GDP – real growth rate:
4.8% (2006 est.)
GDP – per capita (PPP):
$24,200 (2006 est.)
GDP – composition by sector:
agriculture: 3%
industry: 45%
services: 52% (2006 est.)

Labor force:
23.77 million (31 December 2006 est.)
Labor force – by occupation:
agriculture: 6.4%
industry: 26.4%
services: 67.2% (2006 est.)

585 plus 258 I do not know what it equals to but I do know it is not equal to 1.18 trillion.

Notice the Labor Force values. Even more accurate for models than total population. Because as you know, Korea and Japan with high GDP tend to have more older folks. That are not contributing to the work force as much, so you want the labor force values directly.

This is Japan’s file.

GDP (purchasing power parity):
$4.22 trillion (2006 est.)
GDP (official exchange rate):
$4.911 trillion (2006 est.)
GDP – real growth rate:
2.8% (2006 est.)
GDP – per capita (PPP):
$33,100 (2006 est.)
GDP – composition by sector:
agriculture: 1.6%
industry: 25.3%
services: 73.1% (2006 est.)

Labor force:
66.44 million (2006 est.)

So. How much did Vietnam win when they were the proxies of the Soviet Union? As compared to US proxies, Japan and South Korea? How much?

These are not feelings or thoughts, these are hard numbers. Currency. Money. Power.

Here is China’s sheet.

GDP (purchasing power parity):

$10 trillion (2006 est.)
GDP (official exchange rate):
$2.512 trillion (2006 est.)

GDP – real growth rate:
10.5% (official data) (2006 est.)

GDP – per capita (PPP):
$7,600 (2006 est.)

GDP – composition by sector:
agriculture: 11.9%
industry: 48.1%
services: 40%

Labor force:
798 million (2006 est.)
Labor force – by occupation:

agriculture: 45%
industry: 24%
services: 31% (2005 est.)

Yes they are cheating. You know there is some jiggering of the books when you produce 2 trillion, but you are able to purchase 10 trillion.

GDP (purchasing power parity):
$12.98 trillion (2006 est.)

GDP (official exchange rate):
$13.22 trillion (2006 est.)

GDP – real growth rate:
3.4% (2006 est.)
GDP – per capita (PPP):
$43,500 (2006 est.)
GDP – composition by sector:
agriculture: 0.9%
industry: 20.4%
services: 78.6% (2006 est.)

Labor force:
151.4 million (includes unemployed) (2006 est.)

Labor force – by occupation:
farming, forestry, and fishing 0.7%, manufacturing, extraction, transportation, and crafts 22.9%, managerial, professional, and technical 34.9%, sales and office 25%, other services 16.5%
note: figures exclude the unemployed (2006)

So if China has about the same PPP as we do here in the US, how come they can’t get the high tech stuff if they have the money to purchase it? Cause they don’t make it. You see… They make other things, which is why they have 2 trillion GDP and the US has 13 trillion.

The question of “which country would you want to live in” almost directly translates as “which country has been occupied by the United States and is still being occupied by the United States”.

What does this have to do with Thailand? Oh just that instability isn’t caused by the US. It is caused by those reacting to the rule of law and order.

Democrats: Burning their Slave Trade

May 26, 2007

Anne Coulter believe it or not, agrees with me.

That and this other post was also fun.

Spreading the Misery Around

May 26, 2007

Taking responsibility for their behavior is exactly what all the terrorists of the world expect you to do. Their implicit message is that somehow YOU are the one responsible for THEIR murders. If YOU had behaved differently, then YOU would not have CAUSED THEM to behave the horrible way they did. THEY are the victims, and you are the perpetrators. That is of course the ultimate weapon of the terrorist, isn’t it? To make you feel that you cause their murderous behavior? That the beheadings would not have occurred IF NOT FOR YOU?

This is the reason why you cannot negotiate with them no matter how hard you try and how much good faith you put into it.

You must put the responsibility for their actions back onto them and not permit yourself to be manipulated by their threats. If innocents suffer, it will not be because you don’t pay the ransom or do what they want. Innocents suffer because the terrorists choose to make them suffer.

And those who appease and justify such behavior; or rationalize and empathize with it must ultimately share responsibility. It is they who have created the environments in which the deluded fantasies of the terrorists are able to flourish; it is they who have willing put a weapon into their hands of those who would murder and destroy; as they babble on about “root causes” and “compassion”.

We know this, and yet the issue comes up over and over again, as we suffer the remorse and pain that these fanatics inflict. It is helpful to remember that terrorists inflict this pain deliberately and consciously; and that they exult at the idea of having so much power over us. As the now defunct animal Zarqawi once said very compassionately, “What is laughable is the insistence of the ministers of all infidel nationalities on the phrase ‘no negotiations’. As if there was any question of negotiation. Far from it – they must obey the demands of the Mujahadeen. If you refuse, we slaughter.”

The emotional connection between patients like Chris who, believe it or not function at a far far healthier level than a typical jihadist, is a simple one. The essence of both the borderline’s and the sociopath’s psychopathology is that they will try to make you feel as empty, worthless and dead inside as they themselves are.

Their sickness is that this behavior is the only pleasure they are able to experience in life. By accepting responsibility for their behavior and failing to hold them accountable, we have also placed ourselves on the path toward madness.

Read the rest of Dr. Sanity’s excellent post.


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